BEST SCRUNCH Seamless leggings at an affordable price

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BEST SCRUNCH Seamless leggings

what’s up you guys welcome back to the website it’s been
a heck of a hot minute since our last amazon
legging haul under (price maybe change when you buy) that is obviously
okay we’re all on a budget here
so today I’m coming at you with an
amazon legging haul seamless
of course edition under (price maybe change when you buy) for each legging
that’s what I’m talking about affordable.

so the absolute fun part about this
the article is getting to test them out
for you guys all right testing out to
see if they’re either a home run
or a major freaking strikeout could be
one or the other we don’t know and I’m
not gonna lie i already tested these leggings out
I’ve got a little bit of both here some
I’m like okay some I’m like the trick also a huge
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OUDOTA (RED) leggings

so let’s go ahead and get into this article and if
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for all things fitness because together we got this
all right guys so i bought my true size
and everything you see today which is a
size small right
that’s my true truth my true blue size
so we about to see um
how things freaking fit up in here my
measurements are down below for you
to reference and everything you see
today is also linked in case you want to
take a closer look for yourself girl
so without further ado let’s dip and
dive into this shall we

these are all seamless these are all
high-waisted and they are
all four-way stretch so you do have like
baby gussets about that bit nothing crazy but that big
we got first up baby okay
from the brand udota
i ain’t that good at pronouncing things
as it is so just bear with me with the
names okay
do we got a high-waisted seamless
red legging oh we are on fire today this
baby came in at 16.99 the most affordable
legging you’re gonna see in this haul
mind you first things first although
it’s labeled as red
looking at it right here right now in

glorious scrunch butt

natural daylight I would give it more of a like
pinkish vibe super light almost pink
that’s what I’m a go with we got marl up
on this here bad boy
and lots of contour lots of movement
specifically around the
right where i want it just so you know
okay so we’re off to a decent start
it has a glorious scrunch butt
but we gotta talk about that scrunch
butt real quick so here’s the thing
the actual scrunch butt goes from
the band all the way down to the gusset
it’s not a tiny scrunch it’s a full
on straight-up highway

at first, I was like what the actual but
when i put them on i literally couldn’t believe it
i was shocked to see my own glutes look the way they did
so a few things though the actual scrunch itself
is not really stretchy
so it feels like something’s kind of
riding up there a little bit
but damn if it doesn’t make them shizz is
look good though
oh i wanna make a note that i gotta i just
gotta size up in this it was a little
too tight i literally had to get on the
floor to put these on i
somehow made it happen i don’t know-how
okay bae was reading me laughing haha
bae yes it was a little bit of a

comfortable Seamless leggings

totally size up with that being said me
squatting in it wasn’t the most
a comfortable thing in the world
the band though I have to say i do like
the band’s pretty thick actually it’s
thicker than your actual normal
four-inch I believe it’s more like a
four and a half-inch so a little bit
the ribbed band no dreaded ct in this one
can you believe it with how tight it was
on me

it wasn’t giving me a freaking
frontal hump if you know what I’m saying
if you look at the back of these
leggings without me wearing them
look at how the booty takes a kind of come
out with extra
baggy material you see how it does that
to allow room
extra little material for the cheeks
i thought it was really great they know
not to slam in the cheeks and make you
look like
freaking flat pancakes it is awesome
minus the fact that it feels like

Seamless leggings of perfect length

somebody’s taking a floss
and just kind of flossing in places i
don’t really want I really wish they
made this scrunch a little more
stretchy to stretch with your body a
little bit
but i do have to say they come in at a
24-inch inseam so a perfect length for me
being five foot three key it really
is an overall

beautiful legging and I can’t stress
enough how I literally saw my glutes in
a light that I’ve never seen before
which means they actually looked good for once
the material is 66 nylon 14
spandex and 20 polyesters okay
so they’re not like buttery soft by any
means they still got that
slayer ruggedness but nevertheless they
are wicking I’ve not worn them to the

SUUKSESS (GREY) leggings

obviously I pretty much just got these
babies in but just from
the first impression they have is a little bit
of a stretch but they need to be sized up

i have to size up in these all right
guys next up from the brand
success the gray leggings
that are literally identical to the ones
that you just saw
except for the better freaking quality and true to size
so these are a little bit pricier
they roll in in 1995.
so only a few bucks more but I gotta say
to me, it’s worth it
because you get your true size and not
for nothing just by feeling it, this is a little bit

thicker so you can tell it’s not as thin okay
fragile as the other ones this one’s a little more
got that little thick effect that i like
okay these may last you longer so keep
With that in mind, a few extra bucks goes a
long way apparently
on amazon so the band on these babies
are a little bit
shorter than the other ones you just saw
so these are three a half-inch
band okay so if you kind of prefer a
smaller brand

highway scrunch

go with these but nevertheless
everything else is the same the booty
contour that kind of hugs in it’s a
a little bit of a compressive booty
contour kind of
perks the bum up and you still have that
same exact
a highway that’s what I’m gonna call it
highway scrunch butt
um again it’s not really that elastic so
even with a true size
when I bend down low into a squat i
could feel ever so slightly
tuggy pull i feel like if i were to
really do something crazy in these
i might just split right down the middle
i don’t know but that’s the feeling i

so i think that’s the only downfall to
these leggings other than that
oh my freaking god girl
Its conglutination it literally separates
the two buttocks away from each other
and literally gives you
the best curvature I’ve ever seen in my entire life
it is like Moses parting the sea up in here
i swear to god when i see girls on Instagram
where the like leggings just ride up the whole
the thing i don’t know is how it’s possible
perhaps they’re wearing these amazons

particular brand leggings

but yeah other than that everything is
pretty much the same as the leggings you
just saw this is made out of 78 nylon and 22
elastane so um there’s no polyester in this i
mean i don’t think that really makes a
freaking difference this feels a little
bit better
than ones you just saw and to be honest
a little bit more stretchy
so these are a definite go and the plus
about this legging
and the other one is that they’re both
freaking squat proof
so for under (price maybe change when you buy)squat proof holy grail
bum leggings

yes i would say the only downfall is the
scrunch needs to be more stretchy
and then there would be freaking top
tier in my opinion
dang dang ps this particular brand of
the legging has a lot more color options
then just this gray
i only went with gray to mix up the
colors but you best believe that i want
to try
some bright colors girl this also does
not give me the dreaded camel toe
so overall if you want to spend a couple
more bucks to know you’re getting your
true size a little bit higher quality

TSUTAYA (GREEN) Seamless leggings

it’s definitely worth it definitely all right
now we’re getting into some vibrancy
right now are you ready man you want to
see some summer
vibes here we go
okay so this is from the brand satiaya
okay and i paid 17.99 for these leggings
but literally right before i filmed this article
i looked up just to make sure i had like
the material and everything correct
and they upped the freaking price to 23.99
I’m gonna tell you right here right now
i was mad that i even spent 17.99 on this

so do you remember in the beginning of
In the article when I said we had some home
runs and some strikeouts
strike number one baby so first and
foremost the color is beautiful
let’s not get it twisted up in here this
was completely obviously inspired by
gym shark’s vital seamless
it looks almost identical except that
these dotted contours
are a little more emphasized there’s a
lot more of them
too but everything else pretty much
looks the same you got that same
the tone of green that sour pistachio
they came out a couple of years ago
that I’m obsessed with yes so this is
the same

extra baggy material

deal you totally have to size down
in these, they had a little more of that
extra baggy material
so um right off the bat it’s definitely
like lower compression
to moderate at best but definitely lower side

so don’t get it, twisted man, just because
it looks like the vitals don’t mean it that high
impact okay this ain’t high impact or
high quality for that matter I’m gonna
be honest with you guys
it’s not even like really close to squat
proof i think on their

they said it was like 70 to
80 squat proof but
me personally my opinion i would give it
more like 50 squat proof
so i pretty much saw everything through this

and uh hey what do you
know what are you gonna do
but for over (?) bucks now
there’s not really much i could do with this thing
what can I do girl i mean i have more
success making a bandeau out of it
Do you know what I’m saying girth no but for real
it’s a four-inch band standard 25 inch
inseam not too


too bad you know what i mean it’s still
okay and acceptable for me
and you still have that signature raised
seam contour
down the middle of the back but um
it’s just not working for me at all i’m
sorry i went from those leggings where
it literally showed
my peach looking like a real peach and
then i went to this and it just like
it just like laid over me just like laid
over my body
so um it’s a lot softer than the other
ones i will give it that
it is 65 nylon 25 polyester and 10

so it does feel a little bit softer but
nothing crazy they are very very very
thin leggings you can feel it like i
feel like overtime I might slip
up I might poke a hole through these
babies I just don’t know
why are you raising the price though it
does give me a slight camel toe but i
think it’s just because of the overall
the thinness of the material all right guys
so the last legging we got here today
is from the brand fit2 rolling in at

navigation leggings

still not 20 yet though this is in the color
smiling booty navy i will give it to them
it is a smiley booty you got a freaking
smiley face contour booty
I’m gonna be real with you looking at
them i said holy shiz
they look like navigation leggings right
i always wanted to try navigation
i never have because they’re always
freaking sold out when i go to buy anything
but always wanted to so i said oh we got
a little similarity here

it was misleading the
the picture on their site it pretty much was
like the same as the navigation you know
the whole pose the signature pose where
the glutes just are popping everything be
looking real fine and divine
well um this gave me a freaking pancake ass
definitely out of the bunch so far i
think this was the one i kind of saved the
shiesties from last the contour is really nice
the color is very beautiful it’s a nice
moral breakup

Workout leggings

definitely too big though it had a baggy
look so i would have to size down to an extra
small if i ever wanted to retry these again
but here’s the thing is there was no
divide down the uh the booty not even
not even a little bit and girl i gotta
be honest with you like
i forgot what it’s like to wear a
legging that doesn’t have
some kind of help where i need that help
so the fact that i tried a legging
without him

my confidence
so um mad discouraging like I took them
off pretty much right away
okay you see I’m twitching and that amazon
the picture they used it misled me so much i
really had high hopes like I thought
this was going to be it the grand
the slam of them but
not so much so these were a little bit
long on me too
about 26-inch inseam they gave me the
slight camel toe
but I gotta give it to them they were
squat proof

BEST SCRUNCH Seamless leggings

okay so maybe if i sized it down
they’d be all right but nothing in this world
will be acceptable about uni but I can’t do it
i just can’t I’m sorry like leggings
should be working for you in your favor
like that girl and if they’re not
okay if they are not doing that for you
and working for you you spend money on
them leggings
then what the frig you shouldn’t have to
work for the leggings
no these are a four-inch waistband
they’re very low to moderate compression
and there’s no material listed that i
could find so

um i feel like they got that slight
little ruggedness to them they’re not
buttery soft or anything like that so
not the end of the world they’re just
probably your basic material
and i really do love the contour those
swoopy doofy lines and the
under booty contours is beautiful they
just didn’t live up to
um what i thought or what the picture
made it seem but it’s okay this is why
we do articles like this
so that we could share and have girl
talk okay it’s freaking amazon you never
know what you’d be getting


all right guys so that concludes another
amazon seamless under (price maybe change when you buy)
haul i hope you guys enjoyed this article
and most importantly found it helpful
Amazon can be a big black hole of
uncertainty sometimes
so articles like this i just hope they can
help you make informed purchases
but these are all just my very own
opinions of course every single time
so take it for what its worth and
definitely comment down below if you’ve
ever tried any of these brands for
yourself i want to know

what your thoughts are on these leggings
and if there are any amazon likings that
you swear by
that you want me to go over or anything
like that comment down below okay
so i can get ready for my next amazon
legging haul thank you all so much for
reading and Ill catch you in my next.

♡MY MEASUREMENTS: SMALL in (almost) everything! *Height: 5′ 3″ *Bust: 31″ *Waist: 25″ *Hips: 37″ *Inseam: 25″


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