Best outdoor work headphones

Today we’re checking out one of the new color options for the Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones! Best headphones for outdoor work.

All right what’s going on guys so today
we are taking another look at the shocks
open run pro as you can see so these are
excellent especially if you spend a lot
of time outdoors uh whether it be running
jogging hiking cycling any of those
types of things these are excellent because
they don’t have anything in your ears
which allows you to stay
fully aware of your surroundings alright.

Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones review

so right now what you’re listening to
is a microphone test high-quality audio recorded
with these headphones so this
is pretty much how you would sound if
you decide to take a phone call alright
so just in time for summer
shocks have come out with two brand new
colors of their open run pro headphones
so we already had the black as well as the blue
well now they have beige and they also
have a pink color so you’ve got more
options and you can really pick the
style that suits you the best so inside
the box you’re going to get a carrying
the case which is great just to keep track
of the headphones and you can also you
know make sure that they stay protected
and you can use it to store your charging cable
moving over to the headphones themselves
they are super lightweight.

if you’ve had any of the previous models
these are actually 20
smaller they’re using a titanium wire
a frame that is going to give you
excellent strength and just durability overall
on one side you have a multi-function
button which is going to allow you to
play and pause.

10 hours of battery live

it’s going to allow you to skip forward
skip backward as well as activate your
voice assistant and then over on the
other side you have a volume rocker
which is going to allow you to adjust
your volume so the headphones are
running Bluetooth 5.1 as far as battery
life you can expect around 10 hours on a
single charge and these do feature fast
charging so if you ever pick them up and
they’re completely dead

10 hours of battery live
10 hours of battery live

just 10 minutes will give you roughly an
hour and a half of listening time and
then these also feature an ip55 dust and
water-resistant rating which means they
can withstand any and all of your
intense workouts so as far as the fit
these are super comfortable like i said
they’re very lightweight and they just
kind of go over the top of your ears and
since there’s nothing actually entering
your ear you can wear these for
extremely long periods of time with no

Outdoor Headphones

so in addition to allowing you to be
completely aware of your surroundings if
you’re the type of person that just
doesn’t like the feeling of things
inside or on top of your ears these
would be an excellent choice but
definitely, the main attraction here is
the fact that you can enjoy your music
enjoy your podcast
enjoy your audiobook all while being
completely aware of your surroundings
which is very important, especially for
safety reasons so if you live in a big
city and each day you like to go for a
walk you need to be able to hear your
surroundings so that you can be in tune
with what’s going on around you or maybe.

you like to go for a walk on the trail
um again you need to be able to hear so
you’ll know if somebody is coming up
behind you so as far as the sound
quality’s kind of like having a small
speaker right there next to your ear
they also feature bass enhancers so if
you’re listening to anything with any
sort of intense bass you’re definitely
going to feel it so overall it’s a very
enjoyable listening experience but just
don’t expect the same level of audio
quality that you would get with a more

Brand new color

Traditional pair of headphones or
earbuds because again there’s nothing
actually going in or on your ears so
make sure you check out the brand new
colors of the shocks open run pro if you
plan on spending a lot of time outdoors
this summer you definitely need to check
these out so if you’re interested make
sure you click the link down below.

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