Best non-gamer laptops | Top 5

Best non-gamer laptops | Top 5

We’ll break down which non-gamer laptop would be best for you, and what you can expect to get in return for your money. We’ll help you decide if one of the non-gamer laptops on our list seems like a great purchase.

Non-gamer laptops are very stylish and well

designed but they offer more than just

nice aesthetics but which one is best for you

in this article, we’ll break down the top 5

best Non-gamer laptops on the market this year

based on price versus performance and

situations they’ll be used in so whether

you’re looking for a non-gamer laptop for

schoolwork casual use or anything in

stay tuned, we’ll have the perfect option for you

all the links to find the best prices on

all the products mentioned in this article

will be in the down below the

products are in no exact order to be

sure to stay tuned till the end so you

don’t miss anything first up the.

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1. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 is our pick for the best non-gamer laptop for most people

the dell XPS 13 comes with intel

latest 11th generation CPUs that offer

speedy efficient computing performance

and long battery life

and at 2.8 pounds it’s one of the most

portable non-gamer laptops you can get

the XPS 13’s 13.4-inch touchscreen

display offers two configuration options

choose from a 3.5 k OLED with a

resolution of 3456 by 2160 or the UHD

plus version with a 3840×2400 resolution

Dell XPS 13

the keyboard offers enough travel to keep you feeling

comfortable larger more responsive keys

and a touchpad that feels quite solid

with smooth accurate operation

when it comes to the internal hardware

you could choose to go with an intel i3

i5 or i7 processor each of which is the

latest tiger leg 11th generation

integrated graphics are in place and you

can select either intel UHD or iris xe


Dell XPS 13 battery life

one of the most important components in

determining your system’s performance is

the amount of ram you have installed and

with the XPS 13, you can go with either 8

or 16 gigabytes for internal storage you

can select an SSD with as little as 246

gigabytes of storage all the way up to a full terabyte

a simple selection of ports includes two

thunderbolt 4 ports a 3.5 millimeter

headphone mic combo jack and a micro sd

card slot

battery life will give you up to 12

hours on a full charge easily taking you

through a full day of work

if you’re shopping for a non-gamer laptop with

a premium look and feel that offers

options to tailor the display and

internal hardware the dell XPS 13 is

the best choice for you is this incredibly thin

and a light non-gamer laptop is super easy to

take anywhere that has a bright color

accurate display and is able to handle

any task you throw at it next up the.

2. HP Spectre x360 14

hp spectre x360 14 our pick

for the best overall non-gamer laptop

the hp specter x360 14 combines elegance

with powerful performance gorgeous

visuals and long battery life in a two

in one design that adapts to the way you work

the specter x360 14 features an aluminum

chassis with sturdy hinges that enable

you to transform the x360 into a tablet

and back again

and when you’re in tablet mode you’ll

get a better overall experience using

the included hp zendo tilt pen

use the tilt pen for easier interaction

and a more natural feel similar to a pen

and paper while the display size of

HP Spectre x360 14

The specter x360 is basically the same size

as the dell XPS 13’s display the x360’s

13.5 inch wxga 1920×1280 touchscreen

display offers a 3×2 aspect ratio this

gives you additional height for better

browsing working with spreadsheets or

any other productivity application

the keys on the backlit chiclet-style

the keyboard offers shallow travel but the

action is snappy and bouncy giving a

good level of comfort while using it

the trackpad supports gesture controls

including pinch to zoom swipe and tap

Intel xe graphics 16 gigabytes of system

The screen and quick scrolling

computing power stems from an intel i7

processor with integrated intel xe

graphics 16 gigabytes of system ram is

in place and for file storage the

specter x360 gives you plenty of

capacity with a one terabyte SSD

connectivity options include two

thunderbolt 4 ports DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI

2.0 a super speed USB type a porta

headphone mic combo jack and a micro sd

card reader, you’ll get up to 12 hours of

battery life and fast charge are also

supported providing about 50 percent of

a full charge in just 45 minutes

if you’ve been shopping around for the

best overall two-in-one your search ends

with the hp specter x360 14. it offers

excellent performance all-day battery

life and the included zenfo tilt pen

offers greater value and will make your

interaction in tablet mode a lot more

intuitive next up the.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9)

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon gen 9 is our pick for the best non-gamer laptop for

business with more than 15 hours of battery life

generous screen real estate and great

usability of the 9th generation Lenovo

ThinkPad x1 carbon remains the non-gamer laptop

of choice for productivity on the go

if your primary uses are editing

documents working with spreadsheets or

writing code you’re going to want

a laptop that feels comfortable to work on

and helps you get more done in less time

Lenovo Thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9

definitely fits that bill

flipping up the lid reveals the 14-inch

IPS touchscreen that offers fhd

resolution and 400 nits of brightness

making it suitable for most lighting

conditions unlike the more shallow key

travel offered by both the dell XPS 13

and hp specter x360 the Thinkpad x1

carbon has excellent key travel with

roomy key spacing

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9)

The trackpad is very responsive and

supports finger gestures and swipes to

control the cursor and scrolling you can

also, use the red track point button

that’s centered between the g h and b keys

business users will also appreciate the

x1 carbon security features including a

fingerprint reader a shutter on the

webcam and a Kensington lock slot

internal hardware includes an Intel i7

processor backed with intel integrated

iris xe graphics

16 gigabytes of ram is installed and for

storage there’s a 512-gigabyte SSD

connectivity options include two USB-C

thunderbolt 4 ports two USB ports an

HDMI 2.0 port and a 3.5-millimeter mic

headphone combo jack

Battery life is exceptional at 16.7 hours

Battery life is exceptional and is rated

for up to 16.7 hours on a full charge

which is great if you’re a frequent

business traveler

if you’re looking for a powerful

a non-gamer laptop that’s well suited for

Businesses use the 9th generation Lenovo

ThinkPad x1 carbon laptop is a solid choice

this laptop is built to last offer

several useful security features and has

the portability that makes it perfect

for commuters business travelers or

anyone who wants productivity on the go

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4. Dell XPS 17 (9710)

Dell XPS 17 9710 is our pick

for the most powerful non-gamer laptop

the dell XPS 17 9710 is an impressive

a non-gamer laptop that’s a capable choice for

creative professionals looking for a

powerful machine with a large display

that will make their intensive workload

a little lighter

you’ll get workstation-grade power in a

thin sleek chassis and with the infinity

edge display the thick bottom bezel is

greatly reduced giving you more screen

area that’s just as perfect for serious

multitasking as it is for enjoying your

favorite movies and tv shows the 17-inch

UHD plus touch display has a resolution

of 3840×2400

Dell XPS 17 (9710)

a 16×10 aspect ratio and is even

brighter than the lenovo thinkpad x1

carbon gen 9 at 500 nits

the keyboard offers a deep 1.3 millimeter

travel and the comfortable feel you’ll

get from using it is further enhanced by

its snappy feedback and soft-touch

coating the large six inch by 3.5 inch

touchpad supports gestures and offers

smooth operation

The best intel i7 processor in Dell XPS 17

For great performance the XPS 179710

runs an intel i7 processor that will

give you the computing power you need

for almost any task this non-gamer laptop goes

beyond the integrated graphics that we

saw with the hp specter x360 14 and the

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon gen 9 with a

discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050

graphics card to keep the system fluid

the xbs 17 is equipped with a whopping

64 gigabytes of ram and for internal

storage a 4 terabyte SSD is installed

if you want to keep the price down there

are lower configuration options

available starting at 16 gigabytes of

ram with a one terabyte SSD

For connecting peripherals and other

devices this non-gamer laptop is equipped with

four Thunderbolt 4 ports and a universal

audio jack battery life will give you

about 8 hours of uptime

if you’re looking for a non-gamer laptop with

a large screen and plenty of computing

power it’s hard to beat the dell XPS 17

9710 not only is it powerful it’s thin

and light too so you can plow through

your productivity and creative tasks on the go.

5. Asus ZenBook 13

Last but not least the Asus zenbook 13

our pick for the best non-gamer laptop for the

money with a stellar performance from an intel

i7 processor the latest Asus zenbook 13

is an excellent blend of lightweight and

maximum performance in a non-gamer laptop

with a thickness of just half an inch

and weighing in at just two and a half

pounds this is a seriously lightweight

non-gamer laptop opening it up shows the 13.3

inch full HD OLED display that delivers

excellent brightness and stunning color

one of the display’s most prominent

attributes are its contrast ratio at one

million to one the zenbook 13 offers

Asus ZenBook 13

many times the contrast of a typical led

panel creating inkier blacks and richer

colors the ability to display the entire

DCI p3 color gamut will definitely

appeal to professionals who need super

accurate color correction

the keyboard is comfortable and stable

with 1.4 millimeters of travel which is

on par with the Dell XPS 17 9710’s 1.3

millimeters the touchpad is large which

is nice and tapping and clicking proves

to be fairly accurate the touchpad also

offers a handy calculator function with

virtual buttons embedded in the pad that

light up when you press the upper right


Asus ZenBook 13 internal hardware

internal hardware includes an Intel i7

processor and like the Lenovo Thinkpad

x1 carbon gen 9 hp spectre x360 14 and

dell XPS 13 is equipped with integrated

graphics in this case intel iris plus graphics

16 gigabytes of ram is installed and for

file storage the zenbook 13 offers a

speedy 512 gigabytes SSD

the port selection includes two USB-c

ports a USB a port a full-size HDMI 2.1

port and a micro sd card reader the

battery capacity will give you up to 13

hours of use on a full charge

if you’re looking for a non-gamer laptop

that’s super light and has a very good battery

life and all the power you need to

handle your multitasking and

productivity work the Asus zenbook 13 is

a solid choice the only downside is the

lack of a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack

but that’s nothing a pair of Bluetooth

headphones can’t handle.


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