Best Monitors For Photo & Video Editing 2022

Best monitors for photo editing will make your photographs look they are the very best and are important purchases for photographers, no matter if you’re a professional, or just getting started. But finding the monitor that will work the best for you can be a pain.

color accuracy for your photo and video
editing is essential if you don’t have
the right monitor your photos and videos
may not look the way you want them to
look but which monitor is right for you
in this article, we’ll break down the top
three monitors for photo and video
editing on the market this year based on
price versus performance and situations
they’ll be used in so whether you’re
looking for something for casual video
editing professional photo retouching or
anything in between stay tuned we’ll
have the perfect option for you all the
links to find the best prices on all the
products mentioned in this video will be
in the down below the products
mentioned in this article are in no exact
order so be sure to stay tuned till the
end so you don’t miss anything first up.

BenQ PD3220U — Best Monitor for Editing for Most People

BenQ pd3220u is our pick for the best
monitor for editing for most people
there are differences in what photos and
video editors want a pro-level
monitor but the BenQ pd3220u offers
the sweet spot for both and delivers
exceptional value for money when it
comes to performance versus price if
you’re considering stepping up to a 4k
resolution photo monitor or just need a
larger color-accurate display for
editing video the BenQ pd3220u would
definitely fit the bill nicely and has a
number of features that focus on both,

BenQ PD3220U
BenQ PD3220U

photo and video editing in fact the
pd3220u comes factory calibrated for
image editing video editors and graphic
designers alike will find the 31.5 inch
IPS panel 3840×2160 resolution and 140 PPI pixel
density provides fine detailing even at a
comfortable viewing distance
color accuracy is excellent covering 100
of the RGB color space and 95 percent
of the dc ip3 gamut further color space
modes include rec 709 along with an hdr
cad cam animation and darkroom modes
all with 10 bit per channel color.

Hdr with correct colors

speaking of hdr the pd3220u has hdr10
content support which really means that
while it isn’t true hdr capability you
could still view hdr with correct colors
which is very useful from a content
creation perspective a pair of
thunderbolt 3 ports let you daisy chain
another monitor allows you to drive
two monitors with a single cable from
For your Mac or PC, a KVM switch is included
which is handy for sharing the pd3220u
across two machines and Benq’s hotkey
puck allows quick jumping between color,

spaces and other presets if you’re
looking for a professional photo and
video editing monitor that strikes
the right balance between price and
performance you really can’t go wrong
with the BenQ PD 3220u while there are
cheaper 4k 32-inch monitors on
the market you won’t get the same features
performance and quality that’s offered
by the pd3220u.

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q — Best Monitor For Editing For The Money

Dell ultrasharp u2720q our
pick the best monitor for editing for
the money with gorgeous image quality
excellent color accuracy good range of
ports and a flexible design the dell
ultra-sharp u2720q is a great value the
u2720q features a 27 inch flat IPS panel
with a 4k resolution of 3840 by 2160
pixels at a 16 by 9 widescreen aspect
ratio pixel density at 163 PBI is a bit
higher than the BenQ pd3220 use 140 PPI,

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q
Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

offering slightly better sharpness and
detail the panel is set in a cabinet
that is black in front and gray and
black in the back it has a very thin
bezels at the top and sides and is well
equipped ergonomically with up to 5.1
inches of height adjustment a tilt range
from 5 degrees downward to 21 degrees
upward swivel control of up to 45
degrees to either side and it has the
ability to pivot 90 degrees from
landscape to portrait in either.

Including display hdr movies and games

direction of the u-2720q’s port selection
includes one HDMI port one DisplayPort
connector two USB-c ports a hub of three
USB type ports and an audio-out jack
one USB-C and one USB type a port are
easily accessible on the left side and
even the downward-facing ports in the
back are not hard to reach like the BenQ
pd3220u color accuracy is excellent
covering 99 of the RGB color space it
also, has vasa displayed the hdr rating of
400 and has several hdr settings
including display hdr movie hdr and game
hdr both still images and video are
handled well in addition to being,

accurate colors are bright and vibrant
as is the video with movie hdr enabled if
you’re shopping for a monitor
specifically for photo or video editing
the dell ultrasharp u2720q is a very
good choice and will give you the most
for your money, you’ll get good
performance and color accuracy and
flexible ergonomics that will keep you
working accurately and comfortably.

BenQ SW321C — Best Overall Monitor for Editing

last but not least the BenQ SW 321c our
pick for best overall monitor for
editing the BenQ SW 321c is a superb
monitor for image and video editing its
near faultless image quality offers wide
color space coverage and exceptionally
accurate color reproduction of the SW-321c
the stand allows for 150 millimeters of
height adjustment 5 to 20 degrees of
tilt 45 degrees of left-right swivel and
90 degrees of pivot adjustment to switch
orientation also included in the box and
unique among the monitors we’ve seen so
far is a very well made five-piece
modular hood to surround the screen to
prevent glare and reflections,

BenQ SW321C
BenQ SW321C

just like the BenQ pd3220u this monitor
comes with the hotkey puck a wired
remote control that lets you switch
between input sources presets and
settings connectivity options include
HDMI and DisplayPort connectors behind
the monitor as well as a USB-c port
supporting thunderbolt 3. this allows
video data and power to be transmitted
over a single cable the core of the
SW-321c is a 32-inch 4k IPS display with
a native resolution of 3840 by 2160
pixels the 137 PPI is the lowest among
the monitors we’ve looked at so far but
is still crisp and offers good detail
this 10-bit display boasts excellent
color space coverage representing 100 of
the RGB 99 of the Adobe RGB and 95 of
the dc ip3 color gamuts.

Professional feature

like the BenQ PD 3220u, this monitor is
factory calibrated to ensure color
accuracy and incorporates hardware
calibration using an external
colorimeter to keep it performing
perfectly another professional feature
is paper color sync this enables you to
choose the color gamut printer model and
the paper you’re working with than the
monitor adjusts its color to match what
you’ll see in print if your focus is
photo editing the combined color
accuracy features and the included
monitor hood makes the BenQ SW 321c a
the superb choice you’ll also benefit from
the high-quality adjustable stand and
hotkey puck remote control that further
add to the overall value of this monitor.

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