Best floor standing speakers under $1000

We’ll break down which speakers would be best for you, and what you can expect to get in return for your money. We’ll help you decide if one of the floor-standing speakers on our list seems like a great purchase.

Whether you want to spend a few hundred
dollars or a few thousand the best
floor-standing speakers can level up
your hi-fi system and deliver awesome
room-filling sound in this article we’ll
break down the top five floor-standing
speakers on the market this year based
on performance and situations, they’ll be
used in so whether you’re looking for
the best floor standing speakers for a
home theater for music or anything in
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1. SVS Ultra – Best tower speakers

svs ultra is our pick for the best floor standing
speakers for music the svs ultra floor
standing speakers are built for
discerning audio files their dual
opposing eight-inch woofers command a
room with a deep articulate base while the
innovative driver design premium
materials and optimized cabinet geometry
combined to convey incredible resolution
absolute transparency and crisp powerful dynamics
these floor standing speakers feature a
proprietary SVS force factor woofer
array for room-filling low frequency
output working in concert with the
woofers are dual 6.5-inch mid-range
drivers that feature composite glass
fiber cones that offer the necessary
stiffness for enhanced voicing that
doesn’t color the sound

SVS Ultra - Best tower speakers
1. SVS Ultra – Best tower speakers

The ultra’s aluminum dome tweeter is
highly accurate and the fee optimized
diffuser aids in broad dispersion for a
wide and convincing sound stage
to manage all the frequencies the ultra
features svs’s sound match 3.5 way
a crossover that intelligently routes the
frequencies to the correct driver while
crossing over the top mid-range driver
over to the tweeter and the bottom
mid-range over to the woofers to
minimize the potential for sound beaming

Best Features of SVS Ultra

This creates an expansive focused and
precise sound stage with accurate
frequency response and imaging at all
listening positions in the room and
ensures pinpoint accuracy from sparkling
highs down to subterranean lows
every feature on these speakers have
been designed
with sound in mind
chamfered edges on the cabinet’s front
baffle minimize edge diffraction for
clear and precise sound staging while
the sweeping side panels are
non-parallel so each of the eight-inch
woofers fire in different directions to
fill your room with a deep accurate base
the interior of the cabinets features two
separate enclosures for each of the
mid-range drivers to optimize
performance and minimize interaction
between the drivers

if you’re looking for a set of
floor-standing speakers that will
reproduce your favorite music accurately
and without a lot of unnecessary
the coloration of the svs ultra is exactly what
you’re looking for everything that goes
into the construction of these
floor-standing speakers are meant to
convey music the way it was intended to
be heard next up.

2. Q Acoustics 3050i – Front ported tower speakers

Q Acoustics 3050i is our pick
for the best floor standing speakers for
small spaces if you want a set of
speakers that will deliver the base you
crave but have a limited amount of space
you might think that a set of floor
standing speakers is totally out of the
question however q acoustic’s 3050i
floor-standing speakers have a small
footprint taking up only one square foot
of space

Q Acoustics 3050i - Front ported tower speakers
Q Acoustics 3050i – Front ported tower speakers

like the svs ultra floorstaining
a great deal of attention has
gone into the design and construction of
the cabinets of the cute acoustics 3050i
improvements in material rigidity
translates into tighter more controlled
sound while thicker baffles on
the driver supports incorporate a hollow
tube packed with damping material known
as a helmholtz pressure equalizer it
reduces overall resonance making the
sound cleaner and clearer

Best floor standing speakers

The drivers include a 165 millimeter mid
the base driver along with a passive
a radiator that sandwiches a 22 millimeter
high-frequency driver
the mid base
driver cone is precision formed from
the coated paper giving it balanced stiffness
and damping so it can flex with little
resonance the high-frequency driver uses
a baffle and suspension system to
isolate itself from vibrations from the
mid base driver reducing interference
and allowing better performance when it
comes to sound quality the 3050i
speakers offer excellent dynamics and
good detail in the highs and the mids
without any harshness or distortion
instruments like violins and female
vocals really shine with these speakers
low frequencies are delivered with high
energy but don’t go so far as to swap

the soundstage letting the mid-range and
highs cut through so that all the
frequencies are represented accurately
if you crave the big sound of
floor-standing speakers but don’t have
a lot of room to spare the Q acoustics
are an excellent choice the small
one foot square footprint is more
conducive to smaller spaces and the
sound quality is powerful and detailed next up the.

3. Klipsch R-625FA standing speaker under $1000

Klipsch r625 fa our pick for
best floor standing speakers under a
thousand dollars the Klipsch r625 fa
works like a regular floor standing
speaker but it’s set of upward-firing
drivers built into the top of the
cabinet reflects sound off your ceiling
and expands your home theater sound
stage vertically using a dedicated height website for an enhanced surround sound
experience these high-quality speakers
have a sleek black finish covered with a
magnetic grille integrated into the
enclosure are both conventional
forward-facing speakers as we’ve seen

Klipsch R-625FA standing speaker under $1000
Klipsch R-625FA standing speaker under $1000

with speakers like the svs ultra and q
acoustics 3050i but builds on that
premise and innovates with the addition
of upward-facing speakers for Dolby
atmos effects that fire toward the
ceiling and provide a sense of height
and a 360 degree surround sound
the front-facing speakers feature two
6.5 inch spun copper injection molded
graphite woofer cones while the upward
facing speaker uses a single 5.25 inch
woofer using spun copper and img gives
some excellent low-frequency response
with little to no distortion both the
forward and upward speakers are then
paired with a loaded lot tweeter
tractrix horn technology reduces any
artificial reverb or filtering resulting
in sound aimed at the listener with
greater detail and dynamics

Crystal clarity of drummer symbols

Even when used on their own without a
center rear or sub these speakers sound
incredible music sounds crisp natural
and precise everything from the deep
driving bass notes to the crystal
clarity of drummer symbols is accurately
reproduced with the entire spectrum
covered from low to high frequencies but
when it comes to watching movies the
r625fa really shines especially with
Dolby atmos encoded sources having audio
surround you is almost surreal knowing
that there are only two speakers
connected but when combined with a
complete 7.2 website surround sound
the package they create a remarkable and
an immersive experience that you’re sure to

if you’re looking for a great set of
floor standing speakers that will keep
you are under the one thousand dollar mark
the Klipsch r625 fa will keep you on
budget while delivering fantastic
the performance they create an immersive 360
degree experience on their own with deep
clear bass without the need for a subwoofer
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4. SVS Prime Pinnacle

svs prime pinnacle our pick
for best overall floor standing speakers
the svs prime pinnacle floor standing
speakers really do live up to their name
providing warm and engaging sound
quality in a top-notch high-quality
build this three-way floor-standing
speakers feature a five-driver array
that consists of three 6.5 inch high
performance woofers a 5.25 inch
composite glass-fiber cone mid-range
driver similar to the svs ultra but just
a bit smaller and a one-inch aluminum

SVS Prime Pinnacle
SVS Prime Pinnacle

dome tweeter that renders crystal clear
highs with revealing clarity and
lifelike realism also like the svs ultra
the prime pinnacle features svs’s sound
matte crossover to create an expansive
sound stage with accurate frequency
response and precise imaging picking out
different instruments or elements in a
movie comes naturally with the different
audio elements occupying clear positions
in space, so you can easily tell where
specific sound originates from to
connect these speakers up to a single pair
of binding posts on the rear of each

Best Features of SVS Prime Pinnacle

The speaker can accommodate both bananas
plugs and bare wire but doesn’t support
by amping or by wiring so if having that
ability is a must the klipsch rp8000f is
coming up later in the article and offers
four binding posts on the rear of each
speaker to support these configurations
also on the back panel, you’ll find three
open base ports one for each woofer that
help boost the low frequencies
because of the nature and placement of
these ports it’s important to position
the speakers at least a foot away from
any wall otherwise there may be a
noticeable decrease in power from the
low end if you’re looking for the best
overall floor standing speakers you can
get right now the.

Svs prime pinnacles are an obvious choice they’re well
designed solid and deliver an expansive
sound stage that makes your favorite
music and movies are more exciting and engaging
and entertaining last but not least the.

5. Klipsch RP-8000F – klipsch rp-8000f review whathifi

klipsch rp8000f the klipsch rp8000f features spun copper
woofers for a deep powerful base and
mid-range and a horn-loaded tweeter for
smooth detailed highs these
floor-standing speakers deliver dynamic
high impact sound that brings movies and
music to life the speaker cabinets
feature a scratch-resistant finish and
sit on cast aluminum feet that minimize
contact with the floor and reduce
overall resonance like the Klipsch r 625
fa the copper spawn Sarah metallic
woofers add a lot of visual pop to their
appearance and in the case of the
rp8000f are configured with two
eight-inch woofers along with a one-inch tweeter

5. Klipsch RP-8000F - klipsch rp-8000f review whathifi
5. Klipsch RP-8000F – klipsch rp-8000f review whathifi

base and mid-range frequencies are
handled by the dual woofer set aided by
a tuned rear port that is similar to
what we saw on the svs prime pinnacle
while the highs are website through
the titanium lts vented tweeter housed
in a hybrid tractrix horn waveguide
If you’re a fan of bass you’ll definitely
appreciate the 32 hertz to 25 kilohertz
frequency response that delivers a
punchy low end that doesn’t require a
lot of power to drive even at lower
volumes music comes across with a life
presence and a more natural overall feel

Floor standing speakers

if you’re a vinyl aficionado or have
high-quality digital downloads the
rp8000fs are ideal for serious music
listening and if you add a dedicated
subwoofer these floor standers take your
favorite music and movies to a new level
and unlike the svs prime pinnacle the
rp8000f’s dual binding posts allow by
wiring and by amping if you prefer to
use multiple audio amplifiers for each
audio frequency range

if you’re discriminating when it comes to audio
quality the klipsch rp8000f are an
excellent choice and will definitely
satisfy your need for refined accurate
audio these floor standing speakers
won’t add a lot of coloration or over
the top emphasis and offer the ability
to buy wire or by amping them.



Q Acoustics 3050i

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