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Hi guys, in today’s article, I’m going to be sharing with you my Amazon best buys that
I’ve made since being in quarantine. I am still turning to Amazon for pretty much everything
and in today’s article, I’m going to show you my favorite things that I’ve bought over the
past two months. I have some clothing to show you, kitchen gadgets, some things for the
kids and cleaning products as well. So I hope you really enjoyed this article and if you do
like the content like this, I’ve actually also made to previous Amazon best buy articles, so
I’ll link down below if you want to check them out as well. But first, off I

wanted to show you a cleaning product that I bought that I’ve been using more than I
thought I would. They are these are magic silicone gloves. They come in all different
colors, they’re just under (price maybe change when you buy) pounds to buy and they’re mostly for washing dishes.
The idea is that you put them on and that they protect your hands but they also have
these little bristles on the palms. So they act as sponges and you can just be holding
the dishes and washing them really easily. So I liked the look of that, but I’ve actually

Cleaning product

been using them for so much more now that I have them, you may have seen in my recent
cleaning articles, I’ve been using them to wash the windows, I’ve been using to wash the car,
I’ve been using them for all sorts of outdoor furniture. I really like that when I’m wearing
them and washing them, especially windows, I can actually feel the dirt through the gloves.
And I know like where to really scrub, so I found that I’m using them a lot and some
of you guys will know, I never normally wear gloves but these ones I really, really like,
so that’s the first cleaning product that I wanted to show you

And the next one is one that I have gone on about for a while, this is a brand new one.
I’m just loving the Marigold Squeaky CleanCloths. I have so many, this is what they
look like once they’ve been washed. I used to love cleaning mainly with e-cloths and
I still do really like them but I feel like the Squeaky Clean Cloths are even more streak-free and they’re so good at just cleaning just with water or of course you can use the product,

Amazon products FOR UK

but I feel like whenever I use them, they don’t leave any streaks, so they’re great
for our surfaces, mirrors, glass, anything. I’m finding that it’s really sped up my cleaning.
yes,’ I know it’s just a random cloth. I think they’re (price maybe change when you buy) pounds each, but really like them.
also wanted to show you two items of clothing that I got on Amazon.

don’t normally buy clothes on Amazon, but this came up is recommended for me and I’ve been living in it.
It’s a big sweatshirt that says quarantine queen on it. It came in all different colors,
pink, black loads of different ones and it’s very oversized, but I also got it in a large

Amazon must-haves

because I really wanted it to be like this big slouchy jumper that I could wear with
leggings and I just love it. I know it’s warming up in the UK but I’ve worn it so very much,
so I wanted to show you guys that. And then I also got this tee shirt with a little rainbow
on it that says lockdown 2021 and again, I think I got it in a medium and I’ve just been
wearing it so much while we’ve been at home. It’s great for lounging around the house.

I also wanted to just show you my youngest son’s favorite game since we’ve been in lockdown,
it’s called OranguTwang and you basically get this Orangutang and it goes onto a vine
and then you have to put on as much fruit as you can on him before the whole vine goes
twang. Super simple to play, anyone can play it.

Cool thing to buy on Amazon

All of us have been, and it says that it’s four and up but my youngest is actually
three and he really loves this game. So yeah, it’s really simple. I think it was about (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds. He’s really enjoyed it. I also got a waffle maker on Amazon. I know this might
seem a bit extra to some of you but I love making pancakes for the kids and while I’ve
been in lockdown I’ve been trying to do just little things that cheer the boys up.

So I’ve been making waffles maybe once a week just with berries and maple syrup and they’ve really
loved it, so I just make up my normal pancake mix and put it into the waffle maker. It just
plugs in and it’s on, it’s super simple to use and to clean. So if you’re looking for
a bit of an extra breakfast or just something to brighten up someone’s day, I’ve really
loved this. Another activity that my kids have really

Cool stuff to buy on Amazon

loved while we’ve been in lockdown is we did a tie-dye kit. I will put a photo here because
we’ve actually used up the whole kit. So I don’t have it to show you but I’ll show you
that in some of the shirts that they made but it was really easy to use. You do have
to do some prep to protect your table and your furniture and get ready for the tie-dye
and it is a bit messy, but it definitely takes up a good afternoon and the boys are just
so proud of the t-shirts that they made. So if you have older children, it’s been really,

really fun and I actually ended up tie doing one of my own tops. So on Amazon, I bought
the kit, and then I bought the 100% cotton shirts from Fruit of the Loom. I bought
them on Amazon as well. They were (price maybe change when you buy) pounds, but yeah, it was a really fun activity, so
if you’re at a loss of things to do, that’s a good one.
And then we also did this one over here, which was a bath bomb kit. I’ll insert some footage
of us making the bath bombs. Again. I saw this on Amazon and I thought it was a nice

Amazon must-haves 2021

creative thing to do with the kids. I’ve been buying a few things like this because we can’t
go out and the kids aren’t doing their normal clubs and stuff. I’ve kind of justified the
cost of things like this because of that and we could not believe how much this kit made.
It made so many bath bombs that we actually ended up having to use some of our cups at

home, some of our egg cups, just to make places to have the bath bombs, and then for weeks
and weeks we had bath bombs for the boy’s to use in the bath and it was just really fun.
I think girls would love it as well, but my boys really enjoyed it. And yeah, it was really
cool. I also wanted to show you some new plates that we got for the kids.

Cool Amazon Products

I know this might seem really random, but when the boys were really little, I used to
love the bamboo plates that had a little ridge on the side because I feel like whenever they’re
eating pasta or rice they can take it to the side and it makes it easier for them to eat.

But now the boys are having such bigger portions they’ve grown out of those plates. So I needed
a bigger version and I found these on Amazon. They were about (price maybe change when you buy) of them.
You can microwave them, you can dish wash but the only thing is they are a bit of an awkward

Amazon must-haves for women

shape for the dishwasher. So I tend to handwash them, but they’ve just been great and
I’ve also discovered they’re really good when the boys are doing Lego, I can fill up a plate
with some Lego, and then they can build with that and it’s been quite handy. Some of you
asked me on Instagram stories where these were from for Lego, but yeah, they’re great
for eating on as well, so I thought I would show you.

We’ve also got a few new outdoor toys that have been a godsend while we’ve been stuck
in quarantine. The first one is Caleb’s gymnastics bar. He loves the monkey bars at the park
and he just loves climbing and obviously, at the moment we can’t go to the park, he can’t
use the monkey bars. So I was feeling really sorry for him. So I saw this on Amazon and

Most bought item on Amazon

I just went for it. It was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds, and I was really nervous because it was quite
a big investment but it’s been amazing for him. He’s really into gymnastics. He runs
out there all day and Fraser uses it as well and they do flips, front rolls, and back rolls
and they just climb all over it. And its just a great place where they can use up some
of their energy at home, so we’ve loved it and then we also got a little gymnastics mat
to go underneath it, just to make it that little bit safer.

So I’ll link those down below, if it’s still in stock did keep going out of stock, but
if I can find it, I’ll put it on there. And then we also got a new sand and water table.
Again, it’s been out of stock for months, but it is back in stock now. It’s just the
Little Tykes sand and water table. The old one that we had was 10 years old and it had
just had it, so I decided to get this for Jackson, especially while we were at home. And

The cheapest thing to buy on Amazon

then I also bought the sand on Amazon as well and it’s really good because you can have
sand on one side and then you could open it up and you can put water on it and it’s also
got drainage. It came with shovels and boats and things to play inside it and he’s forever
burying toys and then finding them again and I’m really glad that I’ve got it for him.

We also got some new glass storage from Joseph and Joseph for meal prepping and leftovers
as well. Apparently, glass is better to store food in and to reheat food in, so we decided
to get this. There are three different sizes in it and they’ve been brilliant. And my nine-year-old son has also really enjoyed reading this book. It’s the brand new David Walliams

A good thing to buy on Amazon

book. He’s read all of his books, so when this was coming out, I pre-ordered it and
he read it in two days and then he wrote a book report on it for school and he just really
enjoyed it. This is not the original cover, it’s actually a green original cover, but
it’s gone somewhere. So yeah, he really loved this, if you have an older child. Something
else that has had so much use since we’ve been in quarantine but it’s actually an old
Amazon purchase is the boys’ Lego table. We got this on Amazon for about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
a few years ago, but they have been using it nonstop and it’s a really good way to store

Lego because it has one huge compartment forego and then the top it slides back and then
your child can build Lego on top of it. And it’s just really simple and yeah, Jackson’s
been using it every day. We also recently did a make-over on my eldest son’s room and
for that, we got him some new bedside tables on Amazon. I really love the way they look.
They’re very urban, very industrial. They just look really cool. The only downside is
they did take about five weeks to arrive. So they’re not a Prime purchase, but because
I couldn’t find anything else like them on the internet, they were worth the wait and
I really love them. And the last thing that I wanted to show you

cool thing to get on amazon

is another activity for the kids. We got the big Loom Bands box. I used to love stuff
like this as a kid, you can make bracelets and necklaces out of these little Loom bands.
And when it came, it was all very organized and colorcoded. But my three-year-old has
mixed them all up and they’ve been using them a lot, but it’s a really good activity to
calm the boys down before bedtime. They will sit there making bracelets, they’re really
simple to make and yeah, they really like it. I love it as well. When I was little,

I used to love to make bracelets out of gimp. I don’t know if anyone remembers that in Canada.
Let me know if you do, but yeah. Right, so that’s it for this article. I really hope you
enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what your lockdown favorites have been and Ill
see you in my next one. Bye guys.


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