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Best AMAZON PRIME DAY Deals are still available. The best fitness and lifestyle deals to shop for Prime Day 2021. A lot of Product reviews are available in this article, Save Money Deals.

– Well, hello everyone, happy Amazon Prime Day,
it’s today, it’s tomorrow, it’s Monday, Tuesday,
June 21st, 22nd.
It’s a celebratory day, I have been planning this article
for so long, man, I have had these deals for the last month,
and I’ve been ordering so many things, testing them out,
trying them out, curating the best deals in fashion, beauty,
and home for you guys.
I have a lot of things to get through,
so I’m gonna go through them pretty quick,
but I’ll have everything linked down below


that you see on the screen.
I’ll also even link more items per category,
because there are even last minute deals that will go live,
and I’ll spend time finding the top-rated,
best-selling things to consider.
You can save so much money on Amazon’s Prime Days,
today and tomorrow, and I do wanna say,
this is not sponsored by Amazon, okay?
I’m doing this myself, okay?
I just love Amazon,
let’s just get started and lemme just show you
how prepared I actually am.
I have a clipboard, a handy dandy clipboard here.
All of the deals.
Yeah, it’s, goes me.

Basic T-Shirts (Crewneck, V-Neck, many colors)

Let’s get started with the first thing.
As I said, I have to go through things pretty quickly.
These are just things to consider,
but let’s start with theAmazon essentials basic tees.
So I’ve been talking about these for the last two years now.
Normally they’re a two-pack,
well, they are a two-pack for $ (price maybe change when you buy)
which is already an amazing price.
You can get them in v-neck crew neck,
so many color combinations, but today and tomorrow
for a prime day, they are only at $ (price maybe change when you buy),
just at a must-have essential for everyone’s closet.
Next, we have some undergarments by Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Seamless Bra

So this is a push-up bra, it’s normally $ (price maybe change when you buy)
and it’s only (?) today, tons of colors
and then there’s the seamless bra, oh my gosh!
You guys know how much I love a good seamless bra.
It’s honestly what I wear most of the time,
so this one again is a Calvin Klein one,
normally (?) bucks, today it’s $ (price maybe change when you buy),
so many colors to choose from, so you can really find one
that matches your skin tone.

Leopard T-Shirt Dress (many colors)

Next, we have an everyday t-shirt dress.
This is by Amazon essentials.
I have it in a size, extra small.
The price, you cannot beat the price.
It’s normally only like $ (the price maybe change when you buy), but the material is so good.

But today it’s only $ (the price maybe change when you buy).
Check out the different color options
and the different patterns.

Quick-Dry Pocket Shorts

Next, we have some athletic quick-dry shorts and pants.
So first up we have the shorts, they are so comfortable,
just super easy every day.
Again, they are quick-drying and they have
a cute little pocket in the back, which is really handy,
so normally they are $ (price maybe change when you buy), but today they are.
And then let’s go to the athletic joggers,
which are also quick dry.
To me, these are honestly very stylish looking.
I love them for athletic, like outdoor use, but I actually
just have been running errands in them
for the last couple of weeks.

Biker Shorts

So anyway, they are normally$ (price maybe change when you buy).
Next, we have a big bestseller, these are biker shorts,
they are so comfortable, they’re great for exercising,
running, yoga, just lounging around in your house.
I have sworn by biker shorts for quite some time,
so these are, you know, big bestsellers,
it’s a really good brand, normally they are $ (price maybe change when you buy),
They come in different lengths
and many different colors as well.

New Balance Sneakers

Next up, we have these new balance sneakers, which honestly
I’m not even positive they’re on sale for Prime day.
I think they are, but I’m not sure how much,
so I will have them linked down below,
but I wanted them to bein this article regardless,
because I love them so much, they are so comfortable,
they’re true to size.
They look good with athletic outfits,
or more casual outfits, and they’re just amazing sneakers.
So even if they’re not on sale, I highly recommend them.
But what’s absolutely on sale,

Best-Selling Winter Coat and Trench Coat

I am positive are Orolay coats.
So I have been raving about the best-selling,
Orolay winter coat for so long, the green one,
I have it in beige like I love this darn coat.

It’s normally $ (price maybe change when you buy),
but for the prime day, they’re bringing it down to.
So I know it’s summer in the U.S it’s not
the best time to buy a coat, but honestly, it’s the best time
to buy a coat, it’s such a good price.
And then the trench coat donut forgets about the trench coat.
This particular one is super stylish.
It fits me really, really well,
it’s such a pretty neutral beige color,
I think they even have other colors to choose from,
that is normally 100 and they brought it down to.

Levi Jeans

  1. Ribcage Jeans
  2. Skinny Jeans
  3. 311 Shaping Jeans
  4. 721 High-Rise Skinny
  5. Classic Straight

Next up, we have just Levi jeans
and there are so many styles
of Levi jeans on sale, like majorly on sale,
so I’m just going to link so many of the best selling styles
below, the rib cage are my favorite, just so you know,
they’re, high-waisted, they’re more straight leg,
they’re normally $ (price maybe change when you buy), but on sale for (?) today,
there’s also a pair of Levis skinny jeans
which you’re seeing here now.
They’re of the signature lines,
so they’re a little bit lower priced normally.

So they’re normally only$ (price maybe change when you buy) but you would never,
never know that, and they’re on sale for (?) bucks.
And if you’re into skinny jeans, just like a classic,
good looking pair of jeans, consider those
at an amazing price.


1. Lace One-Piece
2. Blue Striped One-Piece
3. Hybrid Bikini/One-Piece
4. High-Waisted Bikini
5. Crochet Cover-Up

Next up we have some swimsuits and coverups to consider
and they’re all so comfortable,I really narrowed them down
to my personal favorites, they’re all almost normally $ (price maybe change when you buy),
but on sale for around $ (price maybe change when you buy),
you can not beat the price, the quality is awesome
they’re super comfortable
and flattering, and they’re really great booty coverage
if you’re concerned about that.
So I’ll just go ahead and start flashing them on the screen.
For instance, this blue striped one, I just love it.

It is so comfortable, you don’t have to get it in blue,
all of them come in many colors and patterns.
So really you can just click around and find what you love.
I also love the one that kind of looks like a bikini
but it’s still a one-piece.
Then there is the bikini options, and then there’s this,
the cover-up, it’s like a crocheted coverup.
I love how you can kindly of see your swimsuit peeking
through, you can get it in different colors,
I went with peach, but they also have black, but either way
it just makes you feel comfortable when you’re walking
to the pool or maybe to the beach, definitely, a must-have.
So those are all of the fashion deals
I have to visually show you in this article,

but there are so many more amazing fashion deals
that I’ll have linked down below, but let’s move on
to the beauty deals.

PMD Facial Cleaner

Okay, so here we are in front of my vanity
and I have so many makeup and beauty deals for you guys.
And I do wanna say though, unfortunately
I don’t know the exact sale prices,
they’ve really kept that tight-lipped, but I do know
the savings are insane and everyone thinks of Sephora
and Ulta when it comes to beauty,

they’re great, but donut forgets about Amazon.
They carry many of the same brands that you know
and you love, so let’s just get started with the first one
which is this PMD facial cleaner.
It’s like the Sonic cleaner that,
it just really gets in the nooks and crannies
and really cleans your face well,
so I love this, but a lot of other people love the Foros,
which this is also majorly on sale,

Foreo Facial Cleaner

so if you’ve had your eye on one,
or maybe you need a new one, even though these last
for so long, you probably don’t need a new one.
Yeah, definitely consider that.
And then another device that people swear by,
is this Nuface.
So if you’ve been on the fence about this,
I don’t personally use it myself, but I know a lot
of people swear by it for fine lines and wrinkles
and really noticing a visible difference.

3-Barrel Waver and Hair Straightener

Oh, this one, I think I actually do know the sale price.
So this is a Revlon three-barrel hot tool styler,
so I’ll insert some footage of what my hair looks like
when I use this, it’s super summery and beachy, I love this.
So this is normally, on sale.
Oh, and if you are interested in a new hair straightener,
there are a Hot Tools one that has really good reviews.
It’s normally $ (price maybe change when you buy)
and it should be on sale for around.

Body Hair Trimmer

Now, with that said these sale prices are definitely subject
to change, don’t hate me if they fluctuate a little bit,
or maybe there’s no longer on sale.
I know a lot of this has to do with inventory,
so if you love something, jump on it.
Speaking of hair, but unwanted hair,
there’s also this Panasonicbody and facial trimmer
that will be on sale.

Jade Roller

So you just put an AAAbattery in and turn it on
and you can shave like on dry skin.
So many places like your bikini line underarm at your face,
and it’s just like really quick
and it doesn’t give you any bumps or razor burn.
Another thing to keep in mind is this Revlon Jade roller.
Oh my goodness, I love these.
I think these are great gifts, the price of this normally
is already fantastic.

I can only imagine what it’s going to be like for the prime day
put this in your freezer, it feels so good on your face
and even after your skincare routine.
Another beauty product that I did see the sale price for
is this Oral B

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

electric toothbrush, which is normally $ (price maybe change when you buy).
This is like a really good model.
It’s going to be on sale for(?) bucks, which is awesome.
Again, great gift for yourself or for somebody else.

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

Next, let’s talk about that. Tropez tanning mousse,
which St. Tropez has been one of my favorite tanning brands
for, like ever.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

So the moose is definitely my favorite,
I love the mitt as well.
The mitt is actually lined really well
so it doesn’t get all over your hands,
and it really does blend everything seamlessly.
Living Proof is another brand that I love,
so many of you guys love it, I’m sure.
This is the classic bestselling
dry shampoo, it’s the perfect hair day, dry shampoo
save some money and stock up.
Also, this is the dry volume blast,
so if you want to add some texture to your hair,
give it a little bit more oomph, go for this.

Color Wow Dream Coat, Shampoo, Conditioner

Next, we have some Color Wow products,
which this is the Dreamcoat, I’ve raved about this
on my YouTube channel, on my Instagram.
You spray this on wet hair and it literally transforms
your hair into humidity-proof, glories,
like it’s really a dream, like I love this stuff.
And then also their shampoo and conditioner,
but this is
the color security shampoo and conditioner.
So if you have color-treated hair,
this really makes it last.

Facial Scrub

So I really want the price points to be all over the map,
so this is a facial cleanser by The Body Shop.
It’s in the tea tree scent, it’s so minty,
it’s kind of like a scrubby exfoliating texture.
The price is like normally only like (?) bucks,
but I’m sure even way less for prime Day, today and tomorrow
this a really good facial cleanser at a good price.
Another very affordable option, but works like a charm,
is this Bioderma cleansing water,
or basically, it’s like a makeup remover,

Make-Up Remover

but again, it works so well,
and it’s like a huge bottle,
so it’ll last you a very long time.
Okay, we have to talk about Elemis.
Now, this is such a good skincare brand.
Like I just love so many, I have so many things,
so there’s definitely a lot on sale,
I’m sharing some of my favorites,
this is the resurfacing pads, so that’s what it looks like.
Oh my gosh, all the scents are just so great.
There’s also this Marine collagen cream,
it’s like a really good moisturizer.

Elemis, Resurfacing Facial Pads, Pro-Collagen Cream, Cleansing Balm

This is the second tub of the procollagen cleansing balm
I’ve had, so again, check out the Elemis.
If you’re an Elemis fan then you totally know
what I’m talking about.
These next two products, I haven’t been using that long,
but I quickly fell in love with them.
They’re by Sunday Riley, I’m not sure if you’ve heard
of that brand, I mean, it’s really well-known brand.
I’ve just never tried it before,
but these are two different oils like facial oils.
This one is for during the day,

Sunday Riley, Vitamin C + Tumeric Facial Oil, Sleeping Night Oil

it’s like vitamin C, turmeric facial oil,
this one is actually a sleeping night oil.
And this has more of like the retinoids in it. Or as you can see, probably from the footage,
it’s super packed with just tons of color
and lots of nutrients for your face.
Super quickly, this is another very affordable,

Murad Facial SPF 30

but well-known brand Murad.
So this is actually
a day moisturizer with SPF, so this is not
going to break you out, but it will protect your face,
has an SPF 30.

Oh my goodness, if you haven’t tried this Mario Badescu’s,
this is like facial water but it has herbs and aloe
and rose water
and I think the rosewater is what does it for me,
but this facial water,
the purpose of it is to either set your makeup.
You can refresh your makeup even later on,
it’s also really good for anybody that has dry skin.
super hydrating, but it doesn’t make you oily, it’s just one of those holy grail products.
Next, we have some makeup I’m going to start off with Nyx,
which is very affordable,

NYX Powder

kind of like a drugstore brand, and I’m very picky
when it comes to makeup, so I narrowed it down
to what I really love and use.
And this is the Nyx, mineral matte finishing powder.
So I use this to set my makeup,
I use this to refresh my makeup, it’s awesome.
This is actually the pore filler primer.
I normally am not a fan of primers,
but when I use this, Ido notice a difference,
so that surprised me.
And then also these two lip products.
This is just basic, like clear lip gloss.

I think it does have other colors, but I really like the clear one,
and then this, the butter gloss,
this is like under (?) bucks.
This particular shade that I really like
is the creme brulee, but check out the other colors,
you can’t beat it.
Next we have House of Laboratories makeup,
which is actually lady Gaga’s brand,
So again, there’s a lot on sale,
I narrowed it down to my two favorites,
starting with these eyeshadow palettes, it’s like a four-way,

Eyeshadow Palette (Lip Crayon)

everyday eyeshadow palette it’s literally
like my colors to a tee, I’m wearing it today, I love it.
And then I also love her lip crayons,
so this shade is in the shade influencer.
It’s my personal favorite, but I just love how
you can kind of like line your lips and then fill them in,
and it’s just kind of like many lip products in one.
So now we’re moving on to home products.
I know we’re in my kitchen, not everything has to do
with the kitchen, but first up

Air Purifier

we have one of my favorite home deals
which is a Levoit air purifier.
This is such a good brand, this is a really smart one,
by the way, you can connect it to your wifi, through an app
and then you can control all the settings,
the speeds, the modes, there’s a touch screen,
it’s just really good, my kids love this,
they actually keep it in their room
and it honestly just really good for your home
and cleaning your air.

Storage Bin

There are also so many storage bins and baskets
and organizational items
on sale for Prime Day, again, I’ll link some of my favorites
but I recently picked up this one that’s on sale,
it’s striped, there are a lot of colors and patterns
but you can throw blankets and pillows,
you can put this in your pantry or your bathroom,
there’s so much you can do with it.
Okay, next up we have one of the coolest things
I’ve seen in a while.

Grout Cleaner

This is actually like a grout cleaner, but you can use it
for so many different things. It’s honestly like a big, big toothbrush, but it spins,
it’s super powerful, you can clean all of your tiles,
like around the grout, clean your rings,
you can go around the sinks, get in all the nooks
and crannies, this thing is awesome.
Here’s another thing that I recently picked up
that will be on sale for Prime Day.

Sink Caddy

It is an over-the-sink caddy.
And all you do is kind of lay it horizontally
across your sink, and it gives you like a little shelf.
You can put, the scrub brushes, the washcloths,
the different utensils, you can lay to dry,
like this is just way handier
and it actually looks kind of cute.

Glass Charms

These citrus charms will also be on sale for Prime Day,
which you might not even know what it is,
but it’s these little silicone glass markers
that you can use when you have
family or guests over everyone has their own color
and then you don’t get confused.

Stainless Steel Trash Can

I also saw that this Kohler stainless steel trashcan
is going to be majorly on sale.
I don’t need a new one, but it’s so beautiful,
it has really good reviews, and it’s just such a big savings
that I wanted to mention it.
Oh, and then certain stant pots will also be
up to off
I believe, so, again, I will link the ones
on sale down below, they have all kinds of different sizes
to choose from, mine’s like a 12 gallon,

but definitely like a time-saver if you don’t love to cook
like me, maybe consider this.

Shark Vacuums ( Amazon Basics )

A few other notable home deals to consider are vacuums.
So Shark, Bissell, and Irobotvacuums are up to % off.
But again, it’s not every model,
so I’ll link the best deals down below.
Amazon Basics which is Amazon’s own home brand
is up to % off, so you can find hangers,
you can find storage cubes, towels, and bedding,
it’s all amazing quality, and again, up to % off.
And then finally there’s rugs and mattresses
and different furniture, I’ll try to find
some really stylish options, but if you’re in the market
in one of those categories, save some money.


Woo, so that is everything.
I hope you found this article helpful.
I know Amazon PrimeDays can be really fun,
you can save so much money,
but it can be really overwhelming,
it was overwhelming to me, so I hope I narrowed it down
to like the best things to consider.
I’ll have everything linked down below.
If you enjoy this article, give it a thumbs up,
maybe even subscribe,
maybe you’re new and happy shopping.


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