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which one is the dupe which one is it
it’s this one what’s up to you guys welcome
back to the website so today it’s super
exciting a little bit different but
we’re still talking gym shark but this
time it is none other than a freakin
Amazon dupe of none other than the
energy and seamless it’s actually one of

June sharks very popular collections
that have been around for quite some
time so very sought-after we’re looking
at an Amazon brand today testing it out
comparison left and right all the good
details you know how I do but before we
get into it if you are new welcome my
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Gymshark leggings

color holo purple is from the brand
normal norm of something like that they
also have army green black and red okay
just in case you’re interested in these
maybe I’ll have everything linked down
below for you so let’s go into the
details here as far as the similarity goes
from far away you would never know
the difference I’m gonna say that right here

right now obviously this baby does not
have Jim shark logo at all other than
that it still has the ribbed waistband
the ribbed texture paneling the
contoured movements the laser cuts holes
they have the exact same booty contour
that’s a big one
alright same identical bootay contour so
let’s be an honest girl we all want our
glutes to look the bomb right so in my
opinion the energy and seamless does
that it’s still a compressive legging

Gymshark leggings flex

but it still shows off the curves
that’s just me and they both do that
they keep those curves going they are
both true to size okay I’m wearing a
size small in both true to size I don’t
have to size up or size down the perfect fit
it’s got all of the aspects of what the
actual authentic energy and seamless has
but there is slight differences between girl Chi
there there I’ve tried both of them on
back-to-back bent around did everything

in them to test everything and when I
put these babies on the dupe has a
slightly very very very very slightly
rougher material than the actual energy
and seamless they are both soft but if
I’m getting super picky with it
there’s an ever so slight ever so slight
the difference in the texture even the
inside of the energy and seamless the
authentic one is softer a little little
a bit softer than the dupe

Gymshark vital seamless legging

so overall slightly softer but it has
the same exact wear guys even my slight
an issue that I have with this collection
in general where I squat and the Rabanne
kind of recesses back and kind of kind
of looks a little funky Dunky back there
the Duke does the same damn thing I
noticed the Duke actually gets a little
a bit more wrinkly around that crotch
a region that’s a big deal to me the Duke
just has this weird bunched up Miss I
the wear it around that or region that
the sensitive region is a little bit

different the bottom of the band to the
gusset part of the legging on the dupe
is one inch more material than the
actual gym shark okay so from the bottom
of the band to your crotch region you
got more room which I believe is the
cause of that little wrinkle action I
could be wrong that’s just my thoughts
here I also notice that the doop is okay I
got real up close here I noticed

Gymshark camouflage leggings

Dube has a little bit of pilling and
I just frickin got this thing so right
In the front, you could see a little bit of
material pilling on up here alright
where I’ve had the energy and seamless
for about a year or so and there’s no
pilling going on here
so I mean it’s very slight don’t get me
wrong so if that doesn’t bother you but
it’s just enough to get me like what the
frig so let’s talk squat proof for a hot
SEC Jim sharks energy and seamless has
always been for me

squat proof it’s always been okay the
dupe however though it’s for the
most part on me is pretty squat proof
slightly not squat proof slightly it
does depend on the lighting of course
but I squatter right you know that
window and there’s like a little percent
where you can kind of see something
going on there so for the most part
though I would totally wear these to the
gym and squat heck yeah

Sharks leggings

it’s when you’re in the direct freaking
sunlight like you’re outside then didn’t
weigh over that these might give you a
a little bit of trouble so that’s just me
But well let’s talk gusset baby you
know four-way stretch they both have got
it’s okay that’s what’s up but the energy
and seamless original there gusset is
smaller than the dupe the Duke

has a wider gusset good solid inch
At least that’s interesting a little more
stretch maybe I don’t know so as far as
cameltoe goes I’m not gonna lie both of
these do give me a slight camel toe the
dupe is definitely worse that’s for sure
like this one is pretty much camel toe
a nation where’s the energy and seamless
sometimes I’ll catch a camel toe but
compared to the original Jim shark the
camel toe on this is a lot worse

Best gym shark legging

definitely better off with the original
energy and seamless okay guys I’m gonna
start at the top and work my way down
with these leggings
okay guys getting real up close and
personal here as you can see look at
this the dupe has a longer
banned here you got more to it alright
okay about a good half-inch to an inch
here now we’re looking at the swooping
lines notice how it’s vertically straight
and then the doop is all curved it’s got
a little more curvature you’re also
looking at the Moto rib that they have
going on here

where juice arc they have a little bit
going here a little bit of the paneling
but not too much right you also have
that like rib this tiny tiny thin rib on
this site where this does not so minor
differences so we have this swoop that
comes all the way down to like right
above the kneecap whereas Jin sharks
come straight down straight straight
straight and then swoops on in similar
but instead to your thigh level I
would say so the swoop on the Duke comes

Gymshark set

all the way down and this one comes
A little bit alright you also have the
Moto rib coming down the do whereas Jim
shark has the rib coming straight down
and swooping oversee the difference
here as far as the laser cut goes the
Duke has more laser cuts on this leg in
here is a lot of freaking laser-cut going
on around here whereas Jim shark it’s
just been like a little contour going
down the leg, you also have this other
like little contoured raised texture
here okay

gives it a little bit of dimension
similar to this one but a lot less Jim
shark has very very small smooth here
whereas the Duke comes all the way
around look at that like a crescent moon
Jim shark picks up that logo and rip right
at the eye level

right at the thigh, they take it on back
up straight on down the whole leg until
you come to some more of that laser cut
see that baby the dupes moto comes all
the way around here so as you can see
they start at different levels and while
Jim shark covers the entire leg with the
Moto the dupe only covers half of the
leg kind of has a more of like a yes

Women’s gym shark leggings

some normal fabric here so it’s
different slight little differences on
the bottom here right out the ankle you
have a little more laser-cut on the Duke
gym shark not so much as far as the
ankle band goes it’s very similar to this
is just normal material whereas Jim
shark keeps it ribbed on the bottom
little things like that see Jim shark
also, has the raised contour going

straight down the outside of the leg
here whereas the dupe does not
there’s no raised surface to contour
okay just knit just the laser cutting it
say we got raised here and we got no
raised here all right guys now we’re
looking at the back of the leggings so
now Jim shark has that smooth to raise
contour just like the dude okay so now

Gymshark ultra seamless

the backing is very similar however Jim
shark has that breakup of the Moto and
rib here okay
nice little panel little minor panel
right goes on notice when looking from
far away you would never notice but I do
I’m up close I see it they both have the
little itty bitty contour arrow pointing
to your booty, they both got that
so it’s both there I see it as far as
under booty contour, they’re practically
identical I would say there are pretty

much identical contouring going on so
that’s the same as the raised contour
strips are different here you have the
dupe that swoops all the way around and
touches your knee whereas Jim shark goes
straight down all the way to the end of
the and you also have another one of those
raised pieces here
the Duke does not have that they just
have the Moto going straight around the
side okay so the Duke has a lot lot lot
lot more moto going down look at this
all the way down all the way down kind
of swoop in like a curvy road all the

Legging whereas

way to the bottom of the legging whereas
Jun shark they keep it to just the side
of the legging here and everything else
is bare and plain then you have a little
bit of the laser-cut right behind your
knee area whereas the dupe doesn’t have
that at all it isn’t until you really
get to the bottom third of the leggings
where Jim shark brings that leg moto rib
back here alright and then same as the

front of the leggings Jim shark has a
a little bit less of the laser-cut whereas
the dupe has some more and as far as
the length goes the overall length of the
legging you can see about an inch the
dupe is slightly longer okay so this was
very very long on me I mean Jim sharks
energy and seamless is always long on me
never minded oops oh I’m 5 foot 3 this
one’s freaking long on me guys thank you
so much for reading and again if you’re
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fitness because together we got this
thank you all so much for reading and
I’ll see you next time.


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