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Best Amazon Buys Products. Today I will be sharing with you the best amazon high-selling product reviews at affordable prices. 20 Best-Selling Products on Amazon Right Now. In today’s article, I am sharing my recent Amazon Best Buys. This article is not sponsored, I just love amazon, however disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Best Amazon Buys Products

Hi guys welcome back to my website and
to another amazon
best buys article today i have another 20
products that I have been totally loving
and that i happen to buy on amazon so i
can’t wait to show them to you
I’ve made a few of these articles in the
past and you guys always seem to love
so I’ll link my previous amazon best
buys in the description down below
if you like this kind of thing
definitely check them out because I’ve
shared some

amazing products in the past as well um
but yes I’m still addicted to buying stuff
on amazon, i say amazon you guys always say
i should say amazon but i struggled to
say that so let’s just go with amazon
um and get into it oh and if you’re new
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Wireless chargers for iPhones

the first product that i wanted to
show you guys is such a
a simple one that just makes my life that
little bit easier
this is a wireless charging pad so you
basically, plug it in it has a plug there
and we have one in the kitchen and one
at our bedside
and it’s just a little pad that you can

stick your phone on like this
and it charges your phone so it actually
charges my phone and my phone case so if I’m in the
kitchen cooking dinner or doing anything
or at night um i can just stick it onto
the pad and it will charge my phone and it’s
just that little bit easier
than actually plugging in the plug so
it’s not like a
necessity but it is such a nice
product to have i just find that my
phone always has a charge

Hand sanitizer bottles with bag clips

because if I’m around this pad I’ll just go like that
i also wanted to show you guys these
little hand sanitizer bottles that come
with a bag clip attached to them i
bought four of these bottles (the price maybe change when you buy)
pounds on
amazon and i thought that they were
perfect for back to school so what I’ve done

is just fill them up with hand sanitizer
and then i actually had some little labels
made with the boy’s names on them so now
they’re not only a hand sanitizer
they’re also like a label for their
school bag
and i thought if they’re attached to
their school bag then
they can’t actually lose their hand
sanitizer so I’ve got one for each of my children
and i’ve got one for my handbag as well

Jumper with Rainbow

i also have a couple of items of
clothing that i wanted to show you guys
the first one
is this rainbow jumper actually
came up as recommended for me
on amazon and i bought it and i really love it

it actually has like sparkly thread in
the rainbow which is really cool and
it’s really cozy and whenever i wear it
people ask me where it’s from
so yeah I’m pleasantly surprised
the only downside to this
is it took three to four weeks to come
so it wasn’t like a prime purchase, it did take some time but if you ordered
it now you could definitely still have
it for autumn weather

Dungarees Products

so yes that is the first one the next
item of clothing that i wanted to show
you were definitely prime
this came straight away and they are
um linen dungarees are super
not something i would normally wear but
i saw them

on there and thought that they looked
really comfy and they came
in either this blue um black or
brown but i decided to go for the blue
and they’re just super comfy for like
lounging around the house but they also

Lunch box Products

quite cute so yeah I’m really pleased
with them, i think they were (price maybe change when you buy)
the next best buy that i wanted to tell
you about is this lunch box this is
perfect for kids or
adults that don’t necessarily want to
eat sandwiches
it has this really cool compartment on
the top which is really easy to access
for kids and it has a spoon and a fork on it
there and then

inside there are three different sections so
you could have like a sandwich there you
could have yogurt here or you could have a salad
or anything like pasta um and yeah it
just works really well

Kettle Products

it’s easy for the kids to use or if you
don’t want the sectioned bit you can
also, take it out
and you’ve got one big section there and
yeah i just thought it was quite handy
so i wanted to show you guys that i also
wanted to show you guys our new kettle
we just got a new one because our last
one died but we did have it for 10 years and

Airfryer Products

it was also a Delonghi one so it’s
really good quality
i just thought it was quite stylish and
liked the way it looked
so i wanted to show you guys that the
The next product that i wanted to tell you about
is a kitchen gadget and it is our air fryer
so i bought this on my friend Kerry
weltdale’s recommendation
she had one we went to visit her and her
made the most amazing

kitchen gadget

chips in it so it’s basically it’s a
fryer that obviously doesn’t use
oil so it’s a lot healthier and we’ve
been using it so
much we’ve made chips in it but we’ve also made
like salmon and fish in it I’ve made
pastry in it
i’ve made chicken nuggets in it i’ve
done fish cakes in it like there’s so
much that you can use it for
i’ve nearly used it every single day
that i’ve had it

it is an investment i think it was a
(price maybe change when you buy) pounds but i’m using it so so much
i actually wish we’d had this when we
had our kitchen done up and we were
struggling to have a kitchen
because it’s basically like a mini oven
but it makes the food taste
really good and like crispy i find that
you know when you make sweet potato
fries they’re not as crispy as you

Electric foot file

always want them to be but in this
they really are so i love it if you’ve
been thinking about getting one
i would believe the hype is actually
really nice and my friend Carrie
i’ll link her website down below she’s
made so many articles about the
recipes that she makes in it and another
recommendation from Carrie
that i bought and i’ve been completely
loving is this

electric foot file it’s improved my feet
so much because i was suffering with
like cracked heels um during the summer
so it comes like this and at the top
here there is a little file
and if you can see that and you actually
get three different files

so there’s like really really rough and
then it gets smoother
um as your feet improve and you just
Press this button
and it like wears around and there are two speeds
it goes even faster um and you just do
that on your foot

and then you can moisturize your feet
and even in just like a few days it
improved them
so much so if you’re really suffering
with like dry feet
and like cracked heels um this has like
made them so much better
i also got this set of six glass
drinking bottles

Von shef glass bottles with straws

with straws from von chef on amazon
i thought they looked really cute they
just sit on the side
in our kitchen and they come with this
little like a wooden tray
and i think it looks nice i found that
i’m using them all the time for the kids
drinks i’m not using any of their
plastic cups anymore obviously my boys
are that bit older so they’re fine
with glass drinking bottles i have a

three-year-old or six-year-old and
nine-year-old so they’re okay with them
um but yeah i just thought they were
like really sweet and i’m using them
non-stop so i wanted to show you those
next up i wanted to show you one of my
kids favorite products that we’ve bought

Fondue set for kids

Amazon in recent months it is this
little fondue set
that is kid-friendly so when you heat up
the chocolate
in this little bowl here they can touch um
the top of the bowl and it doesn’t
actually, get hot so it’s quite
safe for the kids it’s also really
simple to use
it’s just like an on and off dial and
it’s also quite

small so it doesn’t take up loads of
space like in our kitchen cupboards
it also comes with the little sticks to
hold the strawberries or the
and we’ve just found that we’ve been
using it quite a lot we’ve literally melted

every type of chocolate just like dairy
milk Cadbury
um kinder like whatever we have we can
stick in here it doesn’t have to like be
fondue chocolate and the kids just love

Kameron smart scale Product

it so yeah it was really reasonable as
well i can’t remember off the top of my head
um see i’ll link it down below i also
got a new set of bathroom scales i just
went onto amazon and did a quick search
and this came up as amazon’s choice so i
wanted to get some smart scales
and these ones are called Cameron and
they were just (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
whereas other brands i was looking at
were around the
(price maybe change when you buy)-pound mark so really reasonable and
they link up to an app

on your phone, i think the app is called feel fit
and i won’t show you until the close-up
because it’s got my body fat percentage
and it also shows you your water
percentage of your bone mass
obviously your weight as well as your
protein percentage
muscle mass and all of that so I’m gonna
try and track it now that I’m working out

more regularly I’m gonna make an effort to like
track it um and yeah i just thought it
was a really good price
i also wanted to show you this little
product here i got
three of these for (price maybe change when you buy) pounds and
they’re basically little

Toothpaste squeezer

toothpaste squeezers so I’ve been using
them for the boys
toothpaste because i was getting sick of
them just looking really squished up
on the side of our bathroom and i
thought this makes it look really clean
and this also stands up on the side of
our bathroom so you just stick
the end of the toothpaste into here and then

you can twist round this little bit here
and it squeezes the toothpaste up so
you’re not like
missing um any of it and it just works
really well and it looks quite clean
in our bathroom so i wanted to show you
those and if you watch my cleaning
articles you will know that i recently
decluttered my

Hangers in pink or blue

entire wardrobe and i replaced all of
the random hangers
with these ones which i got on amazon
they are like the
velvet fluffy ones so that nothing slips
off of them
i got them in pink and blue as well and
it just looks really really clean
in my cupboard now and they just work
really well another one for back to school
is this iron-on hemming tape it’s called
wonder web
some of you guys might be familiar with
wonder web it’s so simple to use
you basically just like them up the

Wonder web for kids’ uniform

put this in and then iron it and it stays
up hemmed i use this a lot because my
boys have hand-me-downs
so it’s really handy for school trousers
and i bought two big rolls
and it came with this little measuring
tape as well so i wanted to show you
guys that

Wet brush for my hair

i also wanted to show you guys my
favorite brush I’m pretty sure I’ve
mentioned this on my website
before but it is the wet brush and i
bought two of them on amazon
i’m sure you can get them in other
places as well but i literally haven’t
been to the shops in like six months
um so i ordered two more and it’s still
my favorite it’s just so good if you
have thin hair

Cake Stand

that gets tangly or you have long hair
or kids with tangly hair
i just really really love using the wet brush
i also really love my cake stand it’s
made of marble and glass and matt bought
it is from me as a present
i really wanted to get a keg stand that
was flat to the counter
i feel like when it’s up high the kids
could just knock it over
and this one they can easily like take

Bed Guard for Jackson

the lid off and get a muffin out or
cakes or pastries and like i’m not
I worried they’re gonna knock it over
so i really love it it’s a really good
size i also wanted to show you guys
my three-year-old’s bed guard because i
showed it on Instagram and so many of
you were asking me where it’s from
so i got it on amazon and it works so

Gym bar – now price reduced

it’s made of memory foam and it just sits
on the side of his bed, it actually goes
under his
sheets but it just means that he doesn’t
like fall out of bed but it’s also really soft
and then if he does wake up and wants to
get out of bed and come to me
he can easily get over it or around it
i also wanted to tell you that my son
caleb’s gym bar
has now gone down in price I’ve shown it

on this website it’s just brilliant and
was so great for the lockdown
when we couldn’t go to the monkey bars
they were swinging on this bar in the garden
for ages and loved it and it’s actually
gone down
in price, it’s normally (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
and now it’s down to (price maybe change when you buy) pounds so it is
a bit bad that prices just
fluctuate during the summer months and
now that it’s autumn
it’s back down again to (price maybe change when you buy) pounds but i
thought i would mention it
in case you guys were thinking
about it and then didn’t get it because
of the price, it’s gone down a little bit now

Favorites Things I buy on Amazon

um but anyway that is everything i
wanted to show you guys today
i really hope you enjoyed this and liked
some of the products
let me know in the comments which one
was your favorite and if you have any
and yeah thank you so much for reading
and ill see you at my next one bye guys.


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