Baker Mayfield Traded to the Panthers

Breaking News, The Cleveland Browns have agreed to trade quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers for a conditional 2024 fifth-round draft pick.

Baker Mayfield Traded

What more can you tell us.
These talks between the
Sides have been happening for
Months now.
This is something around the
Draft a lot of folks might get
Done but in the end, it’s around
The fourth of July as we get set
To get ready for training camp
Where baker Mayfield will begin
To learn a playbook.
The former number one overall
Pick traded to the Carolina
Panthers for a conditional
Fifth-round pick.

I’m told the fifth-round pick
Can convert to a fourth round
Pick based on playing time.
Right now sam Darnold is on the roster.
At one point Ben Mcadoo said it
Winds up he will be the starter.
Now here comes baker Mayfield
And at the least we are
Expecting a quarterback
Competition between Mayfield and Darnold.
Two guys that drafted two picks
Apart in the top three.

Now on the same team as they
Try to resurrect their careers
And resurrect football and
Carolina as the Panthers try to
Put pieces together with matt
Rule as the head coach.
They have some pieces on the

They think they could have a
Solid passing game.
Who will throw the first
When i say the first football
Of the regular season, it will
Be thrown at home on September
11th against the Cleveland browns.
That’s the cherry on top.
The schedule makers had an eye
On this possibility and said
Let’s make that week one here
We are. It did happen July 6th and now

We are looking at baker
Mayfield with a chance to exact
Revenge against the browns.
A team that traded for Deshawn
Watson and clearly upset.


He still deserves a chance to be a starter in my opinion. Led none other than the Browns to their first playoff win in over 20 years. He played most of the season last year injured which made him look much worse than he is. Best of luck to him.


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