Apple Watch Ultra teardown confirms it’s rugged, but not easily repaired

The Apple Watch Ultra is made to last in the great outdoors, but if you drop it, you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. iFixit has done a video teardown of the Ultra that shows it isn’t much easier to fix than the regular versions.

Even though there are screws on the outside of the back, if you try to pry it open, you’ll damage a seal that keeps water out. And don’t even think about getting through the front. Without special tools, it would be hard not to break the screen.

Apple Watch Ultra

Also, it’s hard to get to the battery and other parts. The teardown also shows how the Apple Watch Ultra’s speaker array is much bigger than the one on the Series 8. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever use the siren feature that those speakers are for, it should improve the quality of your calls and other apps that use sound. This isn’t the improvement in being easy to fix yourself that you saw in the base iPhone 14. If you fall hard while hiking,

you’ll need to take this to a professional repair shop. Even so, iFixit is hopeful that the Watch Ultra is a step toward more Apple wristwear that can be fixed. Even though it’s not clear if future smartwatches will make this change, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did. Politicians are putting more and more pressure on the tech industry to make devices that are easier to fix.


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