Apple Watch saved paralyzed mountain biker’s life

A mountain biker says an Apple Watch helped him get help after an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Apple Watch saved paralyzed

Ryan McConnaughey of Spring Valley, California, was a big fan of riding his mountain bike. He often went to the trails in Jamul. But on one ride he took every day in April, he was in an accident that would change his life.

McConnaughey told 10News San Diego about what happened and said that the accident happened about 40 minutes into the evening ride. “It was a very steep part. “My bike moved forward, and I fell over the handlebars and hit the ground on my head,” he said.

After his helmet-protected head hit the ground, the rider fell on his back and knew right away that something was wrong. “I couldn’t move anything below my neck,” he says.

“I was sure that I needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. My brain went into a kind of “survival mode,” he adds. When McConnaughey realized his iPhone was in his backpack and out of reach, he thought, “I’m wearing my watch.”

Apple Watch to track fitness

The rider mostly used the Apple Watch to track his fitness, but he also asked Siri to call a friend who knew where he was. McConaughey and his friend both called 911 to get help, and then the rider called his girlfriend’s voicemail.

I didn’t know what would happen next. I just wanted to say goodbye. ” During the three-minute message, he told her.

After being found and flown to the hospital by helicopter, he had several surgeries to fix the broken vertebrae in his neck. This made him a quadriplegic. McConnaughey has been back home for a while now. He spent months at a spinal cord rehabilitation center in Colorado.

Apple Watch saved paralyzed mountain biker’s

“That watch kept me from dying. There’s no question. No one would have been able to find me. I never thought I’d use my Apple Watch to make a phone call that could save my life. “McConnaughey comes to an end.

The story about McConnaughey is the latest one to say that the Apple Watch helped save lives. In January, an Apple Watch automatically called the police after a man took a hard fall off of an electric bike in Hermosa Beach. It called an ambulance for a man in Singapore who had been hit by a car and left the scene.


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