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Apple Watch Series 6 … your wrist. Measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary sensor and app. Take an ECG anytime, anywhere. See your fitness​.

Apple Watch 6

the apple watch everybody’s heard of it
it’s arguably the most recognized
smartwatch on the entire market
and it’s been six months now since the
apple watch six was released
so now it’s time for a long-term review
this article is all about the apple watch
six which i’ve been wearing for the past
six months

Apple watch 6
Apple watch 6

but after the excitement of the specs
and the flashy new features
so if you’re looking to buy one these
are most likely the things
you’re actually going to care about in
the long run so in this article we’re
talking about the apple watch in five
categories first i’ll be talking about
the experience things that i liked
things that i didn’t like and features
that i just didn’t use at all in the
past six months

secondly we’re going to talk about the
fitness tracking the accuracy and of
course some more advanced testing that
i’ve done with this watch
thirdly we’ll talk about new features on
the horizon so if you’re looking to buy
this watch
these are things that were almost
definitely not mentioned in original

Apple watch series 6

because these are new features apple
recently mentioned they’re going to be
releasing for this watch soon
fourthly we’re going to talk about the
competition so if you’re looking at this
watch is it worth it to get the apple
watch 6
or should you buy a different one that
might be more durable that might be
cheaper that might have

whatever other features we’re going to
talk about what the competition looks
like and tied in with that category 5
is what do i think is missing what can
be improved on this watch which kind of
answers the question of
should you buy this watch or is it worth
waiting for the apple watch seven which

Apple watch series 6
Apple watch series 6

might come out in the next five or six
months clearly we have a lot to talk
about in this article
for anyone new here if you’re interested
in articles like this please do click that

Apple ưatch series 6

let’s get into category number one this
is the experience with this watch so
i’ll admit there are a lot of features
that i thought i was going to really
like about this watch
that over time i just really didn’t care
about i either forgot they were there or
or just stopped using them or otherwise
became less interested in what those
features offered and so

on the flip side, there were plenty of
features that i didn’t expect to like
that i actually really did like on this watch
but starting off with the first of those
two the features that i ended up not

I watch 6

really at all the first one is actually
sleep tracking it’s something that
i love to see sleep tracking on watches
and honestly, i did use this at first but
i found that over time after really only
a couple of weeks i
entirely stopped checking that it’s
something that i don’t look at anymore
and in fact, i don’t even wear this watch
to bed anymore
for a couple of reasons, one of them is

this watch i found i mean sleep tracking
overtime you’re going to learn
what works for you you’re going to find
the right settings the right temperature
the right blankets whatever
and it’s going to be pretty much the
same every single night so
i don’t i stopped checking that now the
reason i didn’t wear it to bed anymore
is more of a drawback here and that is
the battery life unfortunately this only
lasts about a day and a half

New Apple watch

so i found that i mean we’ll talk about
the battery in a second but
really i just charge it overnight that’s
what i found is easiest i put it next to
my bed on a nightstand
and it charges overnight and in that way
i don’t i already don’t really care that
much about my sleep tracking
because i already know what works for me
and then the battery

New Apple watch
New Apple watch

gets recharged every day that’s really
what i found is the happy balance
for my own use now another feature that
i found
i really don’t ever use in fact i don’t
even like it
is the handwashing timer apple is
really advertising an auto hand washing

Series 6 apple watch

where it could kind of detect when
you’re washing your hands and start a
timer for you
i don’t know who’s using that i don’t
know who needs a timer to wash their
i found that when i wash my hands i mean
i’ve been doing this for
for 20 something years now i know how to
wash my hands i can i can count to
20 i can easily just know when my hands
are clean but

you know to each their own maybe
somebody really wants that feature
another feature that i kind of thought i
would like on here a little bit more
than i do
and i guess it’s fortunate that i don’t
need it and this is the ecg
now the ecg on here or ekg depending on
how you want to say that
it’s a feature that a lot of people
might really want if

Apple watch series 6 release date

you have known heart conditions and you
really want to keep a close tab on that
but for a lot of other people that don’t
have heart conditions
it’s not really going to be something
that at least i found that i never use
it i can’t tell you the last time i used
an ekg on here
it honestly might have been for my
the original review of this watch
and with that being said if you look at

the sleep tracking and the ecg
those two features are kind of one some
of the main reasons people wanted to
upgrade to the apple watch
6 versus the apple watch se and i think
a lot of people as i said before
might be fine just getting the apple
watch se i found that

i mean having an always-on display is
another thing i disabled on here is because
it does kill the battery a little bit
quicker and the response is very very
quick when i lift up my wrist so
that kind of ties over to another
feature that i do like on this watch
the lift to wake is among the best in
the industry a lot of watches you end up

Apple watch series 6 release date
Apple watch series 6 release date

Apple watch series 6 44mm

they take a second to turn on this one i
swear as soon as you get
even close to lifting it up it turns on
very very quickly
and i have no problem so i turn off
always on display here
and when you look at all of those the
apple watch sc

really could have been a better purchase
or i could have saved money and gotten
really the same experience and just as a
quick aside for anybody wondering which
watch this is the
apple watch 6 44 millimeter is the
lte version so some people are going to
ask that that just in case you want to
know but of course
if you didn’t get the lte version or if
you got the 40 millimeter
it really doesn’t matter you’re going to
be getting essentially the same

experience and everything in this article
still applies to that now of course with
the app store there are tons of apps and
so there are plenty of apps that i ended
up not using at all
that i did download on here so i really
don’t use the American Airlines app or
the Starbucks app or a lot of other apps
like that
but something i thought i was going to
like more than i do on this watch
is actually the noise detection this was
something i was excited when i

Apple watch series se

started using that it could kind of
detect when you’re in a louder
but i found that now i again never use
it i disabled the alerts from this
it ends up only alerting me when i
already know it’s loud like my ears tell
me when I’m in a loud environment
and i’m already wearing hearing
protection when I’m mowing the lawn or
using a chainsaw or doing anything
that is going to be louder if I’m at a concert

i already know and i am wearing hearing
protection maybe some people are less
careful about that and that could be a
good reminder
but again in the long run i really doubt
this is going to be something
that people are using that much but you
know that’s kind of
the summary of the apple watch it has so
many features

Apple watch series 6 watches

that can apply to absolutely anybody
that the majority of this watch
is going to be stuff that you probably
don’t even want but that’s what makes it
so versatile it’s an amazing watch
but at the same time it can be
excessively boring
in some ways which is a good thing
that’s what technology is meant to do
it’s meant to

Apple watch series 6 watches
Apple watch series 6 watches

kind of become invisible it’s supposed
to assist you when you need it and
disappear when you don’t
and so that kind of leans over to the
features that i do like about this watch
i really like the overall size the
design the weight of this watch
although i don’t get a lot of
compliments on the appearance of this watch
we’ll talk more about that in a second i
found that it

Apple series 6 watch

really i forget it’s on my wrist it’s
there when i need it and it’s very light
very comfortable when i’m running
i don’t find that it moves around too
much i don’t find that it’s
and it really seems to be doing a lot of
really really well and one of the big
things that i love about this watch
compared to a lot of others that i maybe
didn’t expect to like as much as i do
is the watch faces so there are so many
different watch faces choosing from

is true for a lot of different smart
watches out there but with
these on this watch here or really any
apple watch for that matter i find that
they’re far more functional so you can
see right here
this one tells me like the time of day
of course obviously
but it also tells me when the sun rises
when the sunset is nautical sunset
and all kinds of things like that so
it’s really useful
and along with the watch faces one of
the big benefits with this watch
by far over every other smartwatch out
there is the app selection
and i made an entire article of the best

Apple Watch 6 New

apps that i like using on my apple watch
but of course, it does come with a little
bit of a downside as you start to get
more and more apps on here
it starts to get harder and harder to
find them so if you look at their little
honeycomb design
of the app layout, i found that it works
reasonably well
if you consistently go back to the same
apps but as you get a lot of apps on

it starts to get harder to find them
they don’t have text below them and you
really have to recognize the icons
and you have to kind of remember where
they are in the honeycomb
to access them quickly so i wish it was
a little bit of a quicker way to open
the apps
or find some shortcuts for that and i’m
sure i mean there probably is a better
way to do that

but that’s just something to be aware of
if you start going app crazy which
i mean a lot of people end up doing i
went app crazy on here and i got a ton
of apps
it ends up getting a little bit harder
to find them and it ends up
just feeling slower when you need to
open them now the battery life on here
pretty comfortably gets me one and a
half days

Apple Watch 6 New
Apple Watch 6 New

Daily charging

it really never gets me two days but it
always gets me at least one day
so i found that what i end up doing is
charging it every single night
it’s kind of a setback there because a
lot of other watches don’t require
you know daily charging but it is kind
of nice to take it off your wrist and
let your wrist air out overnight and
like i said i don’t really use sleep
tracking as much anymore

and when it comes to fitness tracking it
took me a while to really nail down who
this watch is geared towards
and i think there’s a big spectrum here
so on one end the real extreme athletes
people training for marathons or
or some really advanced stuff this watch

won’t cut it if you’re casually training
for a triathlon that’s different but
a lot of people training for those more
intense things are going to be far more
interested in a garmin or a sunto or a
polar watch and they’re really going to
be better suited for you
now anybody on the other end who is
maybe you’re trying to cut some weight

Fantastic watch

you’re just not active enough yet and
you want something to really encourage
you and gamify
your activity again this watch can kind
of do that
but i think something like a fitbit
would do a much better job with
in my opinion, Fitbit has always done a
really good job of gamifying it and
encouraging you to work out more

this watch right here i mean the three
rings i found are kind of unusual
metrics they want you to stand more they
want you to obviously walk more
but i find that again fitbit does a
better job of that but everyone in the

so if you already are kind of active and
you want something to track your
all the way up to somebody mildly
training or casually training for
a triathlon this is going to do a
fantastic job

Fitness workouts watch

there are plenty of things i liked in
here for example there are a lot of
different fitness workouts you can
choose from
and they show you a lot of information
at the same time there’s also a lot of
analytics you can see in the apple
health app

or in any of the other fitness apps you
can use here because it integrates well
with strava and polar and
in a lot of other apps out there as well
one drawback though is that i find the
autopaws can get a little bit annoying
especially if you’re doing something

Fitness workouts watch

Yoga watch

working out or yoga or something like
that sometimes it likes to auto pause
when you’re just your heart rate’s not
that high or
your arm is not moving whatever the
workout might be if your arm’s not
the watch might think you’re not working
out now let’s talk a little bit more
about some new features on this watch
something that already exists is the
ability to unlock your phone with your

if you’re wearing a mask and you have
your apple watch on kind of a recent
feature they rolled out
really nice to have although here in the
states masks are no longer required for
who is vaccinated so hopefully masks are
going to kind of fade away as more
people get vaccinated elsewhere as well
but for now it is still really nice to
have that feature on here
so you don’t have to always type your
pin in now the second feature which is
even more exciting

Apple watch series 6 44mm

more fun to talk about but i can’t
guarantee exactly when it’s going to
come out
and this one’s called assistive touch so
apple’s rolling out the ability to
essentially use the accelerometers and
the heart rate and a lot of
sensors on this watch to detect what
your hand is doing
and that will be like an assistive touch
to use your watch

it’s really meant to be an accessibility
feature for anybody who has
any type of impaired mobility but at the
same time
you can imagine that this could be
useful for a lot of other gestures so
there’s like fist-clenching
and moving your wrist around and all
types of stuff that you can control the

essentially without ever touching it so
i think this is a really really cool
thing that apple’s bringing out
that again is pushing the apple watch
way ahead of a lot of other competition
who knows exactly when that’s going to
come out and on top of that i wouldn’t
be surprised if that’s

a way of them priming people for
eventually like some ar glasses or
something like that
again there’s a lot of power in that
technology and it’s really impressive
that apple’s

Interested in apple

even working on that and that brings us
to the next subject i mentioned that
that’s pushing apple ahead of the
competition but
it really depends on what you’re looking
for so the apple watch
i mean everybody knows about it a lot of
people want to buy one

but if you’re interested in apple watch
there might be other options that would
be better suited for you for example
there are of course cheaper ones
there are better looking watches better
for fitness tracking more durable
like there’s a lot of other watches out
there and of course i have a full article
about my top smart watches
on my Website right now but i’m coming
out with a brand new one in the next
couple days

Apple watch 6 release date

after the past six months, i’ve almost
never received even a single compliment
because everybody knows what the apple
a watch is no one’s gonna say wow i like
that watch what is it
because they know what it is where on
the flip side if i’m wearing something
like a hybrid watch
it’s far more likely people are going to
be interested the watches generally look

and there are plenty of benefits so
anybody looking into the style aspect of
you might be more interested in
something like a hybrid watch and that
brings us into the final category of
of what’s missing from this watch is
this peak smartwatch right now
or is it worth waiting a couple months
for the apple watch seven well
we don’t know exactly what’s going to be
on the apple watch 7 but some things
that i wish this watch had

Fingerprint sensor

one of them actually touches id i
really wish there was a way to use the
rotating crown on the right side as a
fingerprint sensor
so you can sign into this watch without
a pin so you can make app purchases
and a bunch of other potential
situations i think could be
really advantageous there on top of that
the obvious one is the battery life i
really wish we could get

more than two or three days of battery
life out of this i mean really what i
mean is more than one but
once you get past like three days i
think that’s optimal and i want to see
this watch
work in that direction another thing is
that the screen protection and the
design of this
is not especially great like it is a
durable watch to some extent like i’m
not really that worried about it

Alternate designs

but i wouldn’t go rock climbing with
this watch there’s a lot of things that
i’m very careful about
and you could buy a you could buy a like
a screen protector for this or a little
bezel to go around it like a case
but you know i’ll put some links below
if you guys are interested in those
but it’d be nice if apple had a couple
alternate designs of this maybe if they
had a round version maybe if they had a
version that

Alternate designs
Alternate designs

would have like a more protected edge
around the around the outside
those would all be nice things if apple
could release those but again this watch
for what it is
is a very functional and successful
watch and that kind of comes down to the
conclusion here of
watches smartwatches in particular are
really trying to figure
out their place in the world and watches
can be something for

Health reasons

of course style they could be something
for a phone replacement or a phone
they could be for fitness they could be
for health reasons
and apple essentially is really
targeting the phone peripheral and the
phone replacement although at the same

they do a lot of the other things as
well and when it comes to what they’re
trying to do
apple’s really crushing it and it’s hard
for me to imagine that the apple watch 7
is really going to be any different they
might put a newer processor in there
but this is already fast enough that i
don’t know if the new processor would

Apple Watch 6

make that much of a difference so when
it comes down to it should you buy the
apple watch 6
i would say for a lot of people you
would probably be more interested in the
apple watch

se but if you’re looking for the
features that the six offers
i wouldn’t even bother waiting for the
seven this watch is really a solid
solid watch you guys can leave your
comments below let me know what you
think about the apple watch six
again i’ve been using this for six
months now and this is really
my opinion of it i think it’s a really
great watch to use but if you guys
enjoyed this article do consider liking
and sharing.


The apple watch is arguably the most popular smartwatch on the entire market and it’s been 6 months since the apple watch 6 was released. So now, it’s time for a long-term review. This video is all about the Apple Watch 6, but after the excitement about the specs and flashy new features faded. So if you plan to buy one, these are the things you are more likely to care about in the long run. I am breaking this video down into 5 categories.

The Experience: What I like, dislike, and just plain don’t use
I never use
Auto hand washing timer and things like this sound interesting, but who needs a timer to wash their hands?
I don’t use the mask FaceID or unlock your Mac features
Sleep tracking
Boring, yet amazing
This is the 44mm LTE version
The battery gets a comfortable 1.5 days
Very comfortable
I never wear it to bed anymore
Hard to find apps sometimes. I like the interface, but I am not sure it is the best way to set up the apps
Sometimes it’s also hard to find apps because you need to recognize the icon. There is no text.
Watch face selection is phenomenal


Tons to choose from!
I made a whole video on this
Most things are useless, but that is what makes this a versatile watch. It works with everyone
Fitness Tracking
Exercises are decent, but not the best
Auto pause gets annoying when working out
I love that I can access music controls while working out
Strava is preferred
New features on the horizon

The Competition

This has a far superior app market
Better looking designs out there
Never get compliments on it as I do with other watches
Hybrid watches, solar watches, tough watches, long battery life, budget watches, fitness tracking bands
What’s Missing? Is this a peak smartwatch? (Is it worth waiting for the 7?)
TouchID would be nice for payments, but it is still good that I only need to sign in when I strap the watch on my wrist.
I wish there was a better way to unlock doors with my watch
The longer battery and/or solar
Screen protection or durability
Round design option.


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