Anti-Piracy Software Denuvo Announced for Switch

The software is used in many PC games right now. The Nintendo Switch will soon have DRM and anti-cheat software called Denuvo.

Irdeto, the company that made Denuvo, said in a press release that its software will now protect Nintendo Switch games from being stolen.

Anti-Piracy Software Denuvo Announced

Irdeto writes that Nintendo consoles have had problems with piracy for a long time, and the Switch is no different. “Even if a PC game is protected against piracy, the Switch version can be emulated and played on PC as soon as it comes out.”

Denuvo will stop this emulation and make it so that anyone who wants to play a game will need a legal copy. 
Denuvo is a well-known piece of software that has been used in some of the biggest PC releases to stop piracy. But the software is also known to slow down games, and the fact that you have to be online all the time has made it unpopular in some gaming communities.

Piracy Software Denuvo

When Resident Evil Village came out for PC with Denuvo, a well-known example, hackers found that it made the game run slower. Later, Capcom put out a patch that made changes to the anti-piracy software at issue.

Irdeto wants to stop people from stealing Nintendo Switch games and putting them online so they can be played with emulators. A move that fits with Nintendo’s strong stance against piracy.

Nintendo has already sued websites that host pirated games and won millions of dollars in compensation and shut down the websites.

We don’t know when or for which games the anti-piracy software will be used, and we won’t know if it will slow down performance until it comes out.


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