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Amazon Yoga Activewear Leggings

what’s up you guys welcome back to the
channel so today I thought I would share
with you guys some Amazon yoga-based
athleisure brands that your girl she
loves these are perfect for leisure
wearing out and about doing yoga
calisthenics your girl does a lot of
that especially lately quarantine you
know you feel me we got some chit chat
and do and be trying on these leggings
for you and who knows maybe you will
find your next favorite Amazon brand you
just don’t know so let’s get
into it but if you’re not already
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1. Yoga Licious brand LEGGINGS

alright nice and comfortable here we go
these leggings are all found on Amazon
and they are all true to size I will
have all of my measurements linked down
below for reference in case you need it
so the first brand I want to talk to you
guys I have been loving for quite
a few years right now the first time
your girl has tried yoga Licious was
actually from TJ Maxx and I fell in love
all right they got that buttery soft
vibe so you know delicious is super
underrated in my opinion these babies
are only like (price maybe change when you buy) they’re a lightweight

they are wicking so you can like
perspire in here you’re good they do
give a camel toe because every legging
you see since they are a kind of yoga
based on athleisure they do have scenes no
doubt and you know what comes with that
girlfriend so even though you get the
slight camel toe in these leggings I
need this in my life I I can’t have
super high impact leggings all around
the clock so your girl needs leggings
like this these babies are in the color
coralberry very pretty

Beautiful color Yoga Licious Leggings

the very beautiful color they come in so
many guys not only do come in a ton
of different colors, they come in like
7/8 this is not a 7/8 legging alright
but they do have 7/8 leggings for short
girls like me 5 foot 3 years
they also have leggings depending
on your preference, they have ones with
pockets ones without pockets when
purchasing yoga Licious leggings always
look at the material because they do
have different types it’s not just like
their one type of legging and a bunch of
colors they have different types with
different material for different gals
this one’s just made of polyester and
spandex is super simple just how I like it
so that polyester you do have that
wicking capability to it overall these
are like the second skin yoga leggings
if you enjoy that feeling they’re high

I really recommend these and I’ve been
sporting yoga Licious for a few years
now and I believe they’re just entirely
underrated girl, you can shop on their
website or Amazon so super easy to get
these are squat proof I’m very happy I
would hope so because if you are in a
yoga class and you’d be doing those
crazy downward dog moves
you’re gonna want yourself squat poop
leggings sell yoga list just came
through on this one, you do have like a
small gusset so there is that four-way
stretch very very stretchy like I said I
would even wear this kind of just

White light color leggings

lounging around you know by the family over
I want to be comfy casual but not look
like a total bum walk my dog if I had a
dog yeah yes yoga Licious yoga queen iki
if you have not heard a queen girl
this is their white space dye legging
and it’s only 1899 girl so under (price maybe change when you buy) and
bro I like sported this so much last
year if you look at my old Instagram
photos I was wearing this non-stop it
gives me the ability to wear like
white light color leggings without
actually wearing that light white that
gets filthy dirty you feel me I have the
matching sports bra with this and I’m just


obsessed with this set altogether it’s
beautiful it high-waisted you have
little hidden pockets in the band so
that’s cool
four-way stretch it’s like camel though
you know a little bit long nothing crazy
but Queenie key is just one of those
higher qualities I feel this is still
lightweight but it’s definitely thicker
then the yoga Licious you just saw
definitely has the wicking capabilities
for sure you can feel it this is made
out of polyester and spandex okay so you

got this super stretch and you have the
wicking capabilities this legging is
squat proof and I’ve got nothing but
compliments on this from family members
For everybody, this is a low to
moderate impact nothing high at all none
of these are actually high-impact
again yoga and athleisure we’re only a
girl I have quite a few of Queenie’s key
sets and each one I have been more than
pleased with I have no complaints about
the price you can’t go wrong with this
a brand is actually newer to me compared
to the other pieces you just saw and it
is from a long fit beautiful Amazon

Hidden pockets gym shark LEGGINGS

brand oh you have a little bit of that
thicker material like I said again
wicking stretchy this is in the color
space green so again like the Queenie
key has that breakup of color this is
like an aqua color with like little neon
green mixed within this is really nice
when it comes to spring and summer vibes
girl is high-waisted like the other
leggings you saw you have hidden pockets
in the bed and you even have not one but
two side pockets so when I’m going on
walks with Bay yes absolutely

I love your gym shark but it was tiny
a place for you and half your stuff just
doesn’t have pockets very long okay
that’s the one thing I will say on my 5
foot 3 bums that these come really
freaking long on me I guess that’s why
they call them a long fit
now if you want to subscribe just now I
get it I do well yeah they are squat
proof super opaque again a little bit on
the thicker side so overall high durable
quality I can tell these babies are
gonna last me a very long time and these
babies are only (price maybe change when you buy) for a long but that’s a steal

3. 90 degrees by reflex brand LEGGINGS

that is a steal and a deal if I ever saw
one okay guy so the last brand I’ll be
talking about is 90 degrees by reflex
they are in fact owned by the parent
company reflex which also owns a yoga
Licious just so you know so they’re very
very similar sometimes I get their
leggings is super confused but nevertheless
they’re slightly different from my personal
opinion I like yoga Licious more but
ninety-degree is still really great you
can find them at t.j.maxx and finding

out that they’re on Amazon changed my
the world these are just in basic black high
waisted leggings squat proof stretchy
like the others, however, compared to the
yoga Licious legging you just saw these
are not that buttery soft second skin
this has a slightly different material
almost a little rougher not as
soft so these leggings are high waist
and they do have a hidden pocket in the
band okay a lot of these leggings these
yoga based leggings have those hidden
pockets or pockets right on the side and
I’ll tell you you never realize how bad
you need those pockets till you walkout
that door they have quite the variety as
well just like yoga licious these are

Particular leggings

the thickest out of the bunch that I
just showed you so if you’re somebody
who kind of needs a little more tummy
control I would suggest this brand like
90 degrees these particular leggings to
be used for that they do claim to have a
tummy control on these leggings so these
babies are a little bit more pricey than
the ones you just saw these are (price maybe change when you buy)
so just under (price maybe change when you buy) but it is because it
has like that thicker material and
a little bit more of the compressive feel
you’d only get your money’s worth with

so guys those were my four go to Amazon
brands for yoga and athleisure wear
they are in my personal opinion high
quality super affordable like really
nice staple pieces to have in your
legging drawer you know when you need it
for certain occasions but definitely hit
that subscribe button and the
notification bell because your girl just
did a seamless Amazon haul so thats
coming up next so I hope you guys
enjoyed this article and I hope you found

Thankx for Reading

it helps if you do have any questions
that I did not touch base on don’t
hesitate to ask okay Ive been riding and
dying with these brands lately so I can
help you out through also don’t forget
follow me on Instagram for all things
Fitness baby because together we got
thank you guys so much for reading
and Ill see you in my next article.

*MY MEASUREMENTS*: Height: 5′ 3″ Bust: 31″ Waist: 25″ Hips: 37″


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