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what’s up you guys welcome back to the
website so I got a question for y’all am
I the only one who loves fit fashion but
literally Nike X speakers this goes
for all areas of fashion like shoes and
it’s really hit or miss I’d only have
many at home
in fact, my dad has more shoes than I do
seen as it’s really healthy to get new
shoes especially if you wear the same
ones like myself over and over again

it’s just really you need that at that
support that new kind of support to keep
your foot health on point so I went onto
Amazon you know how our old girl and I
picked up a few pairs some really nice
brands brands that I personally love
adidas some Nike and fila actually I’ve
never tried Fila but it’s like the thing
now so I figure why not so we’re gonna
come at you with a little mini hole and
kind of share my thoughts on what I
think about these sneakers what they’re

Summer casual shoes

best for what kind of function workouts
they’re good for and you could squirt
the money let’s see about this shall we
but first guys if you have not already
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every day so let’s do this oh yeah baby
oh yeah holy girls so weird with shoes

I’m mad picky like I feel like
everything is uncomfortable so if I’m a
little picky during this whole you know
why all right girl I’m saying right now
I’m a picky B okay so you already know
girl from all my other articles that I’ve
been really loving Adidas lately so I
got a couple of items from them to see how how
they hold up because I have a pair of
sneakers right now that I’m obsessed
with again guys, you can get all

Men’s sneakers for summer

Snickers from Amazon if you got Prime I
got Prime it came in two days
heck yeah every single box came in all
messed up going online but they all look
half crushed oh well as long as the
shoes aren’t crushed are you ready
number one drumroll please Adidas these
are the Adidas edge bounce running shoes
right here right now I’m gonna say I
prefer running shoes when I’m looking
for sneakers which are rarely but when I
do I prefer them to be running shoes?
because they’re sleeker they have great
support and even though your girl she
don’t run like at all that just means

it’s just extra special in all other
areas of fitness whatever you do so
usually running shoes you can pretty
much do anything in so these babies
I picked they have so many different
colors but of course your girl she had
to pick that like cream tan khaki and
white color-neutral when I pick out
shoes I really do try to keep them
neutral so they’ll go with pretty much
any set that I wear so how to get these
ones I sized down because Adidas I know

White sneakers summer

it is they run a little bit big and I
don’t know why does anybody else feel
that way like Adidas specifically it’s
not really true to size but so I’m
usually, size of us six and I got these
in five and a half-hour, I just went
with half the size down and they fit
pretty well not a lot these babies I
think a hundred and (price maybe change when you buy) dollars for

they and I was expecting some real
good stuff going on these are just
normal lace-up sneakers the thing is is
for a hundred and (price maybe change when you buy) dollars and they
vary okay depending on color and stuff
and size believe your hauntlywood
not my fault they aren’t as comfortable
as I anticipated especially for
the price I’m not gonna lie come on addy
does come on now they are a little bit
readable you do have that mesh top right
here which I have a girl I’ve been

Summer casual shoes

loving that man many sneakers are coming
out with that completely breathable mesh
top awesome for summer bad for winter
you won’t freeze your Tootsie’s off I do
prefer my sneakers to be breathable
because I don’t know why you put ice my
feet sweat so bad but my armpits –
like I burned I don’t even sweat that
much but a lot of sweat comes out of my
feet and my armpits only very weird they
just to me are not the ultra comfort I
was looking for I like to slip my foot

into something feet, I like it to feel
like I’m wearing virtually nothing I
like it to feel like I’m kind of walking
on a cloud but yet it’s supportive these
we’re kind of just very plasticky feeling
in a way they for (price maybe change when you buy) dollars mm-hmm
they got a really nice grip bottom here
I’m sure they hold up well for running
but they just didn’t feel like they
hugged my foot right and this is a
strong statement coming from me because
Padilla’s you know recently have been my
favorite I’ve been really going for them
lately and yeah man it’s just they’re
just not

Sneakers 2021

they’re not horrible a lot of people
might actually really like this sneaker
but for me, they’re a little a little
kind of hard like the bottoms
everything’s kind of on the hard side I
believe it’s like actual soul here
inside is the roughness that’s where
a lot of the roughness is coming in and
even with a pair of socks, I wear really
thin socks and kind of they feel a
little scratchy but if you wear

thicker socks maybe it’ll be better but
other than that they are really adorable
sleek looking sneakers very cute you got
the logo on the side and on the little
tongue here whatever that’s called at
this home so aesthetically gorgeous just
a little too stiff on the sides and the
bottom for me but you know your girl
that’s it pinky okay guys so because

Adidas sneakers

it’s summertime my feet sweat a lot I
actually picked up a pair of Adidas
sandals these I sized down an entire
hole size five but that’s typically what
I am in sandals my feet they’re just
smaller in sandals they need more room
in sneakers guys, these are actually
called the 90s sandal okay so yes
they’re going 90s looking how about it
yeah I’m all about the retro these were

only (price maybe change when you buy) dollars they are so
amazing I love that they are velcro and
grow at first I’ll buy almost as velcro
is gonna hold up when I walk it held up
it held up really well it has an
adjustable backing I really love
a scandal that’s all-around supportive
around the back of my ankle because I
noticed that with a lot of regular shoes
like sandals that you slip your foot in

Back Adidas

I noticed that I’m using my calf muscles
a lot to like make sure they don’t fall
off my foot but these babies they ain’t
going anywhere so these are definitely
keepers I’m keeping these you have the
interesting like Adidas three-stripe all
around the front how freaking cute is
that and then you have the Adidas
written out on the back it’s got like a
plastic phony base to it but yet it’s
still grippy so I feel like you can wear

next to a pool and you’re not gonna
slide around you know what I’m talking
I’ll go when you buy those really cheap
sandals and you feel like you’re about
to slip and break your you know I think
they’re kind of cute we think what do
you think about these are different I
don’t want a single thing like this but
you know I’m grown-up and when I
absolutely love about these sandals guys
is that there’s molding in it like

Best summer sneaker

it’s a mold meant for your foot so you
got those like subtle areas that kind of
sink in it’s my freaking foot perfectly
they’re very comfortable and very secure
everything I want in a sandal and let’s
not forget aesthetically very pretty
cute and neutral colors so you got like
that’s Han a little bit of that like
the khaki color here the cream is that kind
of neutral so you can wear anything and

it’ll go with it absolutely you’re a
keeper (price maybe change when you buy) you might as well stop the
article right now are you ready for this
girl these are the Nike Air Max motion –
oh my god I know I just got done saying
that I like neutrals and I read name but
I don’t know if I have to explain myself
on this one this is so sleek I like
these kinds of shoes are just so
sporty and they just look like they’re
meant for quick movements like you’re

Workouts shoes

serious I would do hit workouts if I
actually did hit workouts they’d be done
in this, a lot of jumping exercises you
have the really nice support in these
babies and it’s pretty much mostly mesh
on the top here so you’re gonna breathe
really nicely Nike air maxes or one of
their most popular shoes and I’ve never
owned one before so putting these babies

on I could feel it right away like how
those Adidas didn’t give me that like
feeling like I’m wearing next to nothing
feel these did these made it feel so
like I felt so natural in these but yet
so supported so these I wouldn’t
definitely recommend these are I’m
keeping them up keeping them I don’t
care if I gotta find stuff to match it
I’m gonna make it happen

Coral color shoes

it kind of matches me right now I’d wear
it right here right now this gotta love
that kind of cotton candy ish look okay
you got this like hot neon II pinky
coral color
you got a baby sky-blue and then you got
that nice white breakup and the sleek
black Nike logo that just pops out at
you on the other side on the inside of
the Nike though they mix it up and put a
smaller logo made of the blue mesh it’s
like it’s popping through so I really

like how intricate and different they
made this they really made it like as if
it was just I really thought through
kind of sneaker I even like the design
on the bottom here how they broke up
this see what I mean as they thought
every detail of this shoe out half white
bottom like third half neon pink and
let’s not forget they are Air Max so
they’re meant to be pretty much jumped
in and moved around in you can actually
see that little plastic part where you
can see the shocks through it so this
heel right here is meant to absorb that

Most expensive sneakers 2021

the shock they nailed this and it fits
absolutely perfect size six true to size
this was a hundred and (price maybe change when you buy)
dollars so the most expensive out of the
bunch that I bought but it’s 1,000%
worth it in my opinion yes this is
quality worth the price my name is
second-guess it all right girl
so bout to go back in time a little bit
bring him back feel of some 90s by I’ve
been into that retro lately kind of
reliving my childhood is what my
mom used to there

something similar whoa so these are like
the chunky like bulky you know the
typical nineties moms need Christmas
I’ve been actually seeing them all over
lately, everyone’s bringing them back I
figured why not try I’m out I’ve never
ever tried this brand in my life so
right off the bat ordered my true size 6
it felt a bit stiff because it’s made
out of leather

Cute summer sneakers

there’s no innovative like breathable
mesh on this baby but you do have those
classic holes like the breathable little
holes remember when you’re a kid like
that’s all you’ve got
no mesh that wasn’t a thing back then
well this is pretty much the same way

it’s very stocky this shoe so when you
wear it for me anyway it feels bulky
which is you know how I expected it to
feel however if you see the tips of
these sneakers go super narrow me
naturally don’t alive but your girl’s
got a pretty wide foot

Summer shoes for teens

sometimes I even go for the wide
sizes and they fit perfectly because it
goes so narrow my toes are slightly
crushed if you have a real nice dainty
like foot and your toes just kind of
naturally narrow at the top yeah but no
they kind of crushing me a little bit
I’m thinking about sizing up in these
but I’m not sure because other than that
I really do believe this look these are
just everyday sneakers so you could
pretty much do a variety of things even

just out and about I was thinking
hanging out with family I’m just
thinking summertime they’re really nice
white you only got like the navy blue
and the red popping through but nice
white shoes that will go with anything
they’re just really super cute and you
can match it with anything and these
babies do have a really nice arch
in them so if you’re like me they don’t
lay flat and I feel like you could walk
in these for a good amount of time and
you’re not gonna hurt

Super trending right now sneakers

expect okay and if you’re a little bit
of a surety okay you’re trying to grow
a couple of inches yeah what I really love
about these sneakers is that it is
nothing but a grip central on the bottom
they’re like little spikes coming
through so you don’t you will you will
not know anywhere in this is like
if this sneaker was a car it would be

all-wheel drive baby, you will not slip
and slide straight up and there were
only (price maybe change when you buy) so yeah I would say they’re
worth it if they just didn’t crush my
toes and like I said these are super
trending right now
so I think I’m gonna size up half the
size or maybe you’re a full size but
other than that I love them they’re like
a nice staple piece to have in your
wardrobe all right guys so that was it
that was my Amazon sneaker haul hope you
guys enjoyed this article and found it

Thanks for Reading

men oh man we got some hits up in this
bunch and I am pretty excited about that
you gonna be seeing those new kicks on
the gram up comment down below which was
you’re favorite and let me know if you
tried have tried any of these or are
planning on it and let’s chitchat it up
thank you all so much for reading and
Ill catch you in the next article.


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