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Amazon Gym Shorts Review

what’s up you guys welcome back to the website
today we got an exciting article coming your way
we’re hitting up that series again hope
you didn’t forget about it the amazon
(price maybe change when you buy).
this time summer edition shorts
i don’t know i think amazon heard my
prayers when i kept begging
all summer long for camo seamless shorts
and i stumbled upon
camels in the shorts who knew sorry Jim
shark they beat you to it
you waited too long so we’re gonna be
checking everything out full review try
on hold

see if it’s worth it if it’s not so
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we got this okay
i haven’t been at the gym in a while so
got nothing there
and guys as always i will have my
measurements linked below as well as
everything you see here today
i am a size small and everything so
that’s my true to size
and that’s what i got in all of these
shorts today just so you know
and from what I’ve experienced they’re
all true to size

1. Bills camo seamless shorts

baby girl, we got not one not two not
three about four different shorts today
yeah you know we’re starting with my
favorite girl cam I’m seamless
i have to all right girl so
these babies from the brand ligne
were 17.99 18
bills camo seamless shorts off the bat
if you’ve been watching my channel for a
while you know my number one gym shark
the legging is and probably always will be
their camo is seamless so these shorts are
freaking practically identical
it’s insane the color is spot on that
sage green oh girl it is 85
polyester and 15 elastane
so you definitely have the wicking
capabilities and the stretch

it actually feels pretty identical like
I’m surprised at how accurate this feels
guys on amazon these actually do have a
perfect five-star rating
and wearing them they feel like the
actual camo seamless
so it’s not that high compression like
the vital but it’s not like a loose like
cheapy kind of feel so I’m pleasantly
surprised off the bat
these however are not like your standard just

Camo biker shorts

shorts they are long they’re like a biker
shorts have a seven
inch inseam so if you’re somebody like
me who doesn’t really i don’t
care for the short shorts riding up my
this does it man you wear it out and
about with some sneakers
a nice little loose jacket you’re good
to go it has a four a half
inch band so it’s nice and thick it’s
completely seamless
just like the regular cam well you do
have the subtle scrunch

i don’t know i think this subtle scrunch
doesn’t work as well as the original
gym shark i feel like it’s ever so
slightly not as pinchy
but it is like the same like two inches
the same exact size scrunch
so still makes the peach look pretty
nice though I’m not gonna lie
so the band is slightly loose on me
has a slight lip
but then again so does the dog for me
like it’s just not

Camo seamless shorts in different colors

completely like up against my waist it
has a little bit of room a little
give but it is squat proof
and no cable toe
yeah yay um these also do not roll
up I’m squatting in them non-stop and
they’re good to go i think because they
are a little bit longer like biker shorts
they’re just not rolling up so
yes yes I’m gonna see if there’s
different colors
because I’m obsessed they have a nice
gusset too so
i mean you are good to go the whole
inside here

is one big long gusset so you can
stretch around do whatever you like
yeah I think just that there’s no logo
there’s no gym shark logo so it throws
me off a little bit but other than that
I can imagine this is pretty much what
gym sharks biker shorts would look like
if they had a camo version
of that so um keep

2. Under Armour Women’s Play Up 3.0 Shorts

absolutely yeah okay guys next i have a
pair i wanted to mix it up got a pair of
looser fitting shorts your girl loves
loose fit shorts
i got to be a comfortable man or else why bother
under armor, this is their play up 3.0
that’s official this is in the color true

gray heather and white love that
contrast white and gray super modern super
minimal yeah so this will go with pretty much
anything it’ll actually go
perfect with this white sports bra so
yeah I’m gonna do that I’m gonna do that
this baby was 18.95 I actually think
this is the most expensive out of the
bunch but it’s because it’s freaking
under armor for crying out
wow so right off the bat this baby’s
like 100 polyester

Cloth material

i would imagine just the band is not
because this is super
elastic so it’s an elastic band and the
rest is polyester
therefore very very high wicking
but this does not stretch not even a
a little bit it’s just cloth material
laying upon you girl
so this best fit because you can’t
stretch and bum in it
if you need it to be stretchy this ain’t
gonna happen
but it’s still true to size there’s no
lining inside either
even though you do see as it looks
like there’s like another layer under here

it’s for a show it’s just stitched down
here there’s no
actual liner or anything no big you just
wear some spandex
but i actually did like kick my feet up
in the air to see if like
you know there are gaping like holes by
the crotchal region and it actually
isn’t it kind of like it fits in a way
where it’s snug-ish

Under Armour Women’s

where I don’t have to worry about that
so I would totally just go commando in these
TMI so after wearing this and walking
around my apartment, i can feel
the back like the seam in the back
kind of ever so slightly snugs up my um
so I feel it but it’s not enough to like
annoy me but I don’t know if I was like
walking around an amusement park for a
the whole day I don’t know if that would get

so keep that in mind I don’t know
um but it’s not enough for me to like
have to be pulling wedgies constantly
it’s just ever so slightly snug in fact
I’m the weirdo that kind of likes that
because it actually
It kind of makes the peach look pretty
decent for loose fit shorts i mean come
so these are a low rise they sit really
low and i do like having that variety
because sometimes i just you know want
to wear something just casually i don’t

High waisted shorts

about having high waisted so if i wore a
hoodie with this
on a summer night perfect it is a three
inch inseam
which isn’t a lot so you think it’s
really short but because it’s lost it
doesn’t feel as
short love that both sides actually have
pockets which are nice they are squat
proof like when i bend down it is a nice
opaque gray

but there’s no gusset or anything so
this is not something you want to do
some crazy intense yoga i would
go elsewhere this is kind of just more
or less like I’m going out for the day i
got some shopping to do
i have things to do and maybe go for a
run later this isn’t something i want to be
agile as in you know what I’m saying
so it serves its purpose though and for
under (price maybe change when you buy) for under armor girl

Pretty dope

okay these do have four and a half stars
and i can kind of see
because there’s a little bit that is
like but for the most part
they’re pretty dope all right girls so
next up

3. Butt Lifting Ruched Yoga Booty Running Short

we got some butt lifting
shorts with a massive scrunch butt
from the brand Emilia
amelia that’s what I’m gonna go with i
think that’s how you say it
so right off the bat, these are not
seamless and dang girl these are short i
didn’t expect them to be this freaking

so right off the bat I’m gonna be real
if i keep these they’re gonna be
what i put underneath loose shorts as
this is not my style but if you love
ultra-short like booty shorts
these are pretty nice these were
in the color like maroon, they are very
beautiful that’s a rich color
you have an elastic band in this thick

Bodybuilding gym Shorts

so you squat and you’re good like it is
not going anywhere these are squat proof
so you could totally wear them to the gym
if you go to a bodybuilding gym do it up
girl but with that being said like
these rolled up this is a big reason why
I’m like iffy with
short shorts they rolled right up into my
and uh i can’t have that man i just can’t
uh this scrunch is like one of those

real obnoxious ones look at that
whoa it kind of looks like a bow in a
way like a Christmas bow
um so it’s not subtle at all if you
walk around people are gonna go
dang she’s wearing a scrunched look at
that freaking thing
so yeah I’m gonna wear it under some new shorts
but you know girl it does do the job like it will
hug your booty and you will see everything

High-quality material

every curve is made of polyamide
and spandex and i don’t know the percent
i couldn’t find it
but for those who don’t know polyamide
is actually a really high-quality material
it’s biodegradable it’s made out of
trees i believe some kind of a tree
um actually gym shark’s newer releases a
lot of them have polyamide like
the adaptive animal is seamless
so i am familiar with that material and
you can feel it’s super stretchy because
it’s spandex
and uh it is wicking all of that so,

The quality on these is pretty supreme
actually especially for the price
so you got a nice thick band at three
and a half inches and the inseam is
two and a half inches so dang that’s
kind of similar it is freaking short for sure
i did get a slight camel toe only
because you do have that seam riding up here
and yeah these were four out of five
stars so

Particular style

yeah i mean i could see that like they
do definitely serve a purpose but this
is not
my particular style but i had to try
them because any scrunch butt
that i see available i gotta try it
my peach needs help let me be real with you

4. TSUTAYA Seamless High Waist Gym Shorts

all right guys last but not least we are
looking at
a seamless pair of shorts from the brand
satia look at this
freaking color first of all on the site
it’s saying green

but dude this looks pretty blue to me
i’m going with blue
it’s true blue this right off the bat
gave me total vital seamless
vibes but they’re different enough to
definitely like not even be a dupe
you definitely have a huge like contour
line around the boots hay which you know girl
i love booty contour but not like this
this actually made it as it cut
my booty in half
i got none in this

Seamless Shorts

but i love that it’s seamless and i do
love that nice high ribbed band
so these are 15.99 as beautiful as the color
is the band was so stinking loose on me
like way off
it’s not like no everything else fits
fine like i would definitely say these
are true to size
absolutely from here down, it’s just
the band was loose so i was like
dang it had some potential it is squat proof

so that’s good it doesn’t give me a
camel toe
so yay okay plus
um but it does roll up so again when you
get to these shorter shorts
just for me from my personal experience
it’s just more
there’s more of a chance of them rolling
right the freak up the inseam is three
and a half inches so it’s pretty short
and then you have four and a half
inch band so the again nice thick band
wish it was a little more compressive a
little tighter

Pretty true quality

um but everything else is pretty true to
size this baby’s 52
nylon 40 polyester and 8
spandex so you definitely have that stretch
and it is wicking so quality-wise it’s
good it doesn’t feel too
thin it doesn’t feel too like you’re
gonna poke your
finger through it so it’s definitely
there but just a couple of things i can’t
quite look past is the rolling up that
gets so freaking annoying because when
it rolls

up my like thighs they just kind of like
take over
and then i feel like I’m wearing
underwear so i mean
so this was four out of five stars for me
personally just my opinion I’d probably
give it more like a three
girl all right guys so that concludes
yet another month of amazon under (price maybe change when you buy)
shorts summer edition i would definitely

Under armor

like to rate these camo number one baby
under armor number two baby red gets
number three baby
and then four so pretty much the order that

i did everything in so we clearly got some
steals I personally would find major use in these
two okay camels obviously biker style yes, please
and loose fit shorts a girl can’t have
too many because I like to be
comfortable i like to just get
things are done and lose shorts man that is
what they are
made for yes alright guys

Amazon Gym Shorts Review

i hope you enjoyed this article and i hope
you found it helpful
definitely stay tuned because i got a
article for you baby your girl scored a gym shark
vital seamless shorts dupe on amazon
for under (price maybe change when you buy) so that
deserves its own article Im doing a
full comparison compare and contrast
all the details for you so stay tuned
thatll be up next, so definitely hit that subscribe
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and again follow your girl on ing for
all tangs fitness
because together we got this thank you
guys so much for watching and Ill catch
you in my next article.

♡MY MEASUREMENTS: SMALL in (almost) everything!

*Height: 5′ 3″
*Bust: 31″
*Waist: 25″
*Hips: 37″
*Inseam: 25″


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