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Amazon Echo Buds 2 NEW. Meet the all-new Echo Buds. Small, light, and comfortable, Echo Buds are designed to feel great and sound even better, no matter what you’re listening to. The new Amazon Echo Buds 2 has ANC, Alexa, wireless charging, and a VERY competitive price. So how well do they actually perform, and where do they compromise?

Hey what’s up guys
so here they are the brand new amazon
echo buds 2.
and these honestly are a huge
improvement over
the first generation as you guys might
remember a couple of years ago
Amazon came out with the echo buds one
which honestly were kind of just
mediocre they had active noise reduction
instead of cancellation
uh they were a pretty big bulky design

Amazon Echo Buds 2

like i said these have some pretty major
improvements a smaller more compact
design very comfortable they have ipx4 water
and then active noise cancellation which
blocks out pretty much everything around
you and of course, they come with a lot
of features and functions
including of course amazon’s voice
assistant very well integrated with
these earbuds give you all types of

Amazon Echo Buds 2
Amazon Echo Buds 2

without even having to touch any buttons
at all but of course, we have a lot to
talk about in this article
i want to start off with the physical
aspects of it i want to talk about the
the fit the comfort the water resistance
anything like that
and then we’ll get into some microphone
testing some sound testing
and some other things like that but
starting off right off the bat

we got to talk about the price in order
to be competitive you need to have a
pretty low price
and these absolutely nailed it on that
front these have two different
variations one of them
with wireless charging is 140 which is
already pretty cheap
and if you don’t care about wireless
charging you can get essentially the
same package
just minus wireless charging and that is

Echo Earbuds

so very very cheap for active noise
canceling earbuds
As you know a big name like amazon on
there and that was honestly very
personally, i would be choosing the
wireless charging ones but on the back
you can see we have usb type c if you
want to charge that way
we have a button to turn on the battery
the indicator on the front it tells us what

the battery level is
more on the battery later on in the
article and of course we have that nice
little magnetic
closure on the top so the hinge feels
really nice it opens and closes very
satisfying click and when you open it up
the buds themselves

are pretty small pretty compact and they
remind me a lot of galaxy buds which is
honestly, a really good thing i love the
original galaxy buds
the galaxy buds plus one of my favorite
fitting earbuds
and these kinds of even stepping up a
a little bit more than that which is a
bold claim i know but i’ll explain why
in a second

Echo Earbuds
Echo Earbuds

Amazon echo earbuds

looking at the earbuds you’ll see that
we have a removable ear tip so there’s
four different ear tops
ear tips in the box and they have
different colors so it’s really easy to know
which one is the right size for you you
don’t have to like look and try to
figure out which one’s medium
you just look at the colors and then
next to that, we have a little wingtip
and there are three different wingtips
that comes in the box

and the best thing is you don’t even
need the wingtip if you don’t want it
now the original galaxy buds and the
you pretty much need to have a wingtip
on there otherwise, you have a weird
a ridge that digs into your ear
so i think that’s a great design here i
really like that you can have the
wingtip if you want

Alexa earbuds

you can remove it if you don’t want it
personally, i like the medium-sized
and the red ear tip I think it fits very
very comfortably it’s secure
and i’ve worn these for hours at a time
without any discomfort
these are also ipx4 water-resistant so
between the fit

and the water-resistance these should be
really ideal for running or working out
or running in the rain whatever it might
be you really shouldn’t have to worry
about these
and they should be a pretty good
companion for that i also really like
the voice assistant when I’m running
if i have my phone like on my armor
something in my pocket whatever
i like not having to take out my phone
in order

Echo Headphones

to change a song or ask a question or do
something like that and not having to
touch the touchpads
just talking to amazon Alex i’ll just
call her Alex so i don’t trigger yours
but talking to amazon Alex when i’m
running really makes it
it’s a good time to be hands-free and i
think that’s a great feature of these

Echo Headphones
Echo Headphones

and just as a quick aside i actually
have another pair of earbuds like
right right off camera here they’re
under embargo, you’re not allowed to know
about them yet
but they are really good if you guys
want to know about them definitely do
like and share this article.

Amazon Echo Buds Review

when it comes out in the next week or so
i should be releasing that article
really a solid pair of earbuds now of
course there are touchpads personally i
would prefer to use
the voice assistant whenever possible
but of course, if you’re walking through
like a grocery store, it’s kind of weird
if you’re talking to yourself so touch

are a good way to play pause skip uh or
turn on anc with the earbuds
although the touchpads on here are not
the most responsive if you tap
i find that there’s a little bit of a
lag there before you get any response
and then it kind of beeps and lets you
know that it responds but it just feels
kind of slow when it does that i know
the last thing i want to talk about the
design, unfortunately, is the battery
these really don’t do so well in that
department the battery life on these is
five hours per earbud

or 15 hours when you include the case
that’s really not great it’s actually
pretty bad and i found that i think i
might have a
battery drain issue on here i’m not
quite sure but i know that if i use
these if i charge them up and i use them
for a couple hours in a day
i put them in the case and then the next
day if i wait until like the afternoon
or something

Amazon buds

it’ll almost always be dead maybe
they’ll fix that with the software
update maybe it’s something that is specific to
this case but i will be updating you
guys on my Twitter if you guys want to

Amazon buds
Amazon buds

more about that depending on when you’re
Reading this article you can head on over
to my twitter and i will continue to
test this and update you guys
and let you know uh if that actually is
an issue or if the battery life
is actually just not that long next
let’s talk a little bit more about the
features and this is where these earbuds
really start to shine

of course they do have that amazon alex
voice assistant on there
they also have active noise cancellation
when you’re talking on a phone call they
have a side tone
which isn’t especially loud but it’s
enough that you can hear your voice and
you don’t end up yelling in a phone call
there is an ear tip fit test so when you
put them in it helps you decide if you
have the right tip by playing a sound
using the microphone on the outside and
it i mean most people can choose the
right fit but

Echo buds 2 release date

it’s still kind of a nice feature on
here to make sure you’re getting the
most out of your earbuds
there’s also mono mode this is a huge
one i love that you can use
just one earbud while the other one is
in the case there are plenty of
where i don’t want both earbuds uh then
i want the other one in the case maybe
if one’s dead or maybe if i’m trying to
hear people around me

unfortunately they don’t have
multi-connect so you can’t connect to
two devices at once
so that’s a small drawback right there
but they do have a find my buds feature
if you let amazon know every everything
about you your location 24 7
then you can find your earbuds
personally i don’t like

Amazon buds 2

having that many permissions for apps so
i ended up not using that feature
there’s also a workout tracking mode so
if you go into your app it’ll start
tracking workouts for you
using the amazon alex app i think that’s
a really nice thing to have
and that’s pretty much it as far as
features go if you get the amazon app

i have to say if you get the amazon
alexa app then you’re going to have
a lot of features here now with that
being said guys let’s talk a little bit
more about the microphone of course
being in phone calls video calls uh or
whatever it might be the microphones on
your earbuds are going to be
really important all right so this is a
sample of the audio quality on the echo
buds 2.

Amazon buds 2
Amazon buds 2
Echo buds review

please leave a comment and let me know
how this sounds to you again we’re
indoors right now this is a studio
honestly this is probably as good as
they could possibly sound
all right so this is a microphone test
in a louder environment there’s a lot of
cars and traffic behind me obviously
so you guys can leave a comment and let
me know if you can hear what i’m saying
there’s also a little bit of a breeze
out here

so i imagine this is going to be pretty
tough for these earbuds the echo buds 2
pretty clearly have a lot of features
and a pretty solid design but of course
sound quality is also very very
important for a pair of earbuds like

Sound Quality

so here’s my analysis of the sound
quality for the echo buds 2.
i found that first of all these are
limited to only spc and aac
which means if you’re listening to
spotify or apple music you’re not going
to notice any difference but if you have
your own lossless audio files
they are going to be compressed a little
bit to use those codecs
on top of that they’re not especially
loud or powerful

so kind of two things there one the
volume of these is not incredibly loud i
never listen at full volume anyway so
i have no problem with the volume here i
just turn it up a little bit louder
but if you’re somebody that has hearing
problems and you really crank the volume
up on your earbuds
then these might not be loud enough for
you the second thing is the power of

Sound Quality
Sound Quality

Less bass

by powerful i mean there’s not a whole
lot of bass and an even balance
overall the eq of these is a little bit
funky so i found that
there’s a little bit of less bass on
here the bass is
capable but it’s definitely not allowed
by by

the default on here instead you have a
lot more treble and so i find that
this kind of gives you the perceived
less powerful and honestly quieter as
sound uh where you don’t hear a lot of
the bass and i end up turning the volume
up to compensate for that
and then the highs end up hurting my
ears because they’re too loud
fortunately there is an eq in the amazon

Lower frequencies

uh there’s a little bit of lack of
clarity on the vocals and definitely a
lack of warmth in in lower frequencies
but you know once you improve the eq it
definitely helps out pretty
they they struggle a little bit with the
instrument separation
uh and so if you listen to something
like yonkers that’s that’s one that i
really test

uh like the subsonic bass frequencies or
at least the boomy bass frequencies
and this is where these earbuds really
struggle so if you go check out yonkers
that’s one where you will you’ll hear
the song of course but you’re not gonna
the full head shaking experience with
these earbuds


as far as lag goes i found that you’re
looking at somewhere about 450
but of course so many apps out there
compensate for this if you’re watching
you really won’t be noticing pretty much
any lag at all because it is going to

and that’s pretty much my full analysis
of the audio quality here
they’re definitely not geared towards
audio files or anybody listening to
a lot of detail and music if you care a
lot about that
these are not the earbuds for you but if
you’re just looking to listen to music
and you didn’t really understand what i
was saying

Noise cancellation

then these are going to be absolutely
fine anybody with the untrained ear
is going to love these earbuds and
they’re going to sound good to you now
as far as the active noise cancellation
that’s another really nice feature on
here you can switch between transparency
mode where you can hear

things around you not super loud but you
can kind of hear things around you
almost as if you didn’t have these in
and then active noise cancellation which
blocks out pretty much everything around
you now

Amazon echo buds 2 information

that has a combination one of them is
you’re going to have a really nice fit
and a really nice seal because of that
ear fit test
and that’s going to make sure that these
block out everything passively so a lot
of the higher frequencies get cut out
really really well with these and then
the lower frequencies

Amazon echo buds 2 information
Amazon echo buds 2 information

are blocked out with the active noise
cancellation which blocks at
which should reduce the sound from a
factor of 2 to 8x
depending on what the frequency is i
found that it’s not the best anc on the
market if you’re looking for
like the bose quietcomfort earbuds or
the airpods pro like those are gonna
have better active noise cancellation
but these still do a pretty decent job i
would probably put them about on par
with the galaxy buds pro

Amazon echo

with how well they block out sounds
definitely good enough for most
but it’s not gonna bring it down to zero
so overall guys that’s my analysis
that’s pretty much everything i wanted
to say actually about the amazon echo
buds too

overall a really solid pair of earbuds
really a utility pair is what they’re
meant to be where they have a lot of
features a lot of functionality
you have that voice assistant they’re
comfortable they’re they’re very
flexible meaning they can fit really
anybody’s ears
when you customize the wingtip and the
ear tip and so

Active noise

i think that these are a really easy
recommendation the people who would not
want these earbuds
would be anybody who cares a lot about a
long battery life anybody who really
needs the most powerful active noise

or anybody looking for the best sound
quality but anyone else if you’re just
going for a run or if you’re
commuting or or if you just want the
the functionality of a voice assistant on
your earbuds

these are a pretty solid recommendation
with that being said guys you guys can
leave a comment below
and let me know what you think about the
amazon echo buds 2.
is this something that you think you’d
be buying is there anything that you
wish you could see on these
and is there anything that you really
like about them.


Fit test: 4 tips and 3 wing tips (optional)
Good for workouts!
Water resistance: IPX4
Battery: 5/15 hrs but suspected battery drain/leak issue?

PRICE: (MAYBE CHANGE WHEN YOU BUY) wireless charging
COLORS: Black and White options
Customizable touchpads (a bit slow to respond)


Voice assistant integration
Sidetone while talking – sounds pretty good
Ear tip fit tes
Mono Mode!! YES!
Find my buds feature (but requires location ALWAYS)
Workout tracking
No multi-connect

Indoor test
Outdoor test


Not super powerful
Not especially full or warm. Rather dull at times
Overemphasis on highs
I keep turning the volume up to hear the bass, but then highs irritate
Lack of vocal clarity and warmth
Seems to be a dip of around 250Hz
Improved with EQ (I recommend Treb -3, Mid 0, Bass +1)
Definitely a bit funky without the EQ
Check out my Spotify playlist
Can’t Stop by Dave Matthews still sounds pretty decent
Struggles with Yonkers. Definitely not a skull shaker
Not a lot of instrument separation
Harvest Moon was pretty decent
LAG: 450ms
SBC and AAC only.


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