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what’s up guys welcome back to the website
so today’s exciting because I’m not only
coming at you with an Amazon active word
legging review slash hole but they’re
also, leggings that are under (price maybe change when you buy)
dollars who does not like that given our
current situation I know a lot of you
guys are doing online shopping so is
your girl best believe it so I thought I
would do a little review Tryon kind of
find out some hits some misses what to
avoid and what’s worth your purchase so

I have five different leggings hereof
different styles fit different uses
okay I tried to get a little variety
going on here and again they’re all
under (price maybe change when you buy) they’ll all be linked down
below in case, you want to take a closer
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guys first and foremost let’s start with
probably like my favorite out of all
these aesthetic wise I think you know

Women’s active leggings

oh so these are from the brand a gross I
hope I’m pronouncing that correctly they
were rated 4 out of 5 stars and
girlfriend this has all the vintage
vibes that your girl loves almost looks
like you wanna go play baseball in it I
love the mustard color they do have
other ones but this freakin mustard
the color you got to like the stripes around
here coming up thy high the overall
design of this and this is super trendy

I see it all over Instagram but from
different brands so this is kind of like
a dupe of the ones you may see on social
media super nice you got the high waist
ribband, I wish the rib band was
the little bit I like a thick I like oh you
know and I need that it’s got the
a compression type of rib waistband love
that it does come up to a nice length
it’s not super high but it is
still high waisted and then you have
like the lighter mustard color
and it goes into that dark like golden

Ultracor legging

color the white stripes and it’s really
interesting with this design because you
have rib in the white stripes so it’s
a little bit of that compression right
around your freaking thighs like
somebody squeezing your thighs so if you
like compression there that’s what’s up
these are seamless it has a gusset
crotch so you can stretch four ways
overall super high quality durable
leggings I’m gonna go ahead and say this

right here right now these are too small
for me okay I’ll have my measurements
linked below for reference but this is
not true to size I’m gonna have to
return these in size up to a medium
unusually small and everything only
downfall right about now these babies
don’t give your region know that
camel toe nobody likes that and these
babies are good for that they don’t do
they don’t give you that at least for
me they ain’t giving me it the length
for me, I’m five three is slightly long
but it’s doable okay it wasn’t like
those leggings that just like run on

Cheap workout leggings

forever and you’re just like what am I
gonna do with all this extra material
another thing that I don’t like about
these leggings though are that they’re
not squat proof unfortunately so
If that’s not a big deal to you then go for
these because these are super

they’re like wicking they’re kind of
like a thicker material they have that
a little bit of thickness so it’s like
that slight compression in certain areas
I would definitely like Rhonda’s knees I
would do all sorts of things up in here
with these, if they were in the right size
but nonetheless, if I size up and I’m not
gonna be doing serious squats in front
of people’s faces, these are ago they’re
ago that’s probably why they got 4 out
of 5 stars alright a little tweaking

Plus size leggings workout

here there and these me the perfect
ladies and guys these were only (price maybe change when you buy)
I’m gonna get a few pairs okay guys next
one up here alright it’s from the brand Hef
I’m about to get real with you and you
might not like it but girl oh girl I got
so much to say about these like they
came in with a big old hole right in the
crotchal region right where it counts
yeah like it’s so bad it’s like torn up
it looks like somebody like poked a
pencil through it and then gave it to me

they are definitely like not true to
the size they’re way too small for me like I
could barely get them past my hips to
even try to film overlapping footage for
they are seamless they’re high-waisted
and ribbed this is like a nice navy blue
color and there’s other colors
as well there were (price maybe change when you buy) and they have
a three and a half star review but I
mean I couldn’t wear them really the
whole the upsetting big gaping hole and

Set active leggings

another thing that actually threw me off
is there’s no like tag inside not even a
printed one so I sat here for a solid
like two minutes trying to figure out
which was the front and which one was
the backside it wasn’t until I looked
very closely and saw the ever so
subtly contoured under bootie that’s
what it was my only like hint or else I
wouldn’t know I front to back here it’s
got the tummy control again it is

seamless it’s a shame that there’s so
many downfalls because it is a gorgeous
legging you have a lot of movement down
the side you have my favorite part is
like the holes okay you got like
deconstructed holes all over so you got
that peekaboo all up in these leggings
you want to show a little bit of sexy
skin these could have been legit I would
love to see these leggings in a larger
size and see how they perform but they


were just too stinking tight I couldn’t
even give it a shot it was so tight that
even the gusset crotch was just like
spreading like it was like the earth was
breaking apart it was just like it was
this bad the length was just too long
for me okay so I had a lot of bunched up
the material I have a feeling like this had
potential I mean the stretches here it
feels like a wicking type of material
but overall like even the feel of it
it’s not like a soft type of material

it’s kind of got that roughness to it
anyway so I almost don’t feel like it
would be that comfortable, to begin with
but for (price maybe change when you buy) it’s crazy how much of
the difference in quality from the ones just
before that was neat we were like 18 just
a few dollars it’s like it’s nuts
but that’s why I’m here you know
what I’m saying girl stopped you from
making some silly purchases like I
did basically okay guys we’re moving on
to I’m gonna go ahead and say my
favorite we got this gorgeous seamless
ombre in deep teal from the brand
running girl it was 1885 and let me just
freaking say something right now girl I
mean I know I haven’t owned these for a
mad long but they’re amazing they’re
like heaven they’re heaven leggings they

Old navy active legging

are a high waisted seamless ribbed band
gorgeous ombre I mean really it fades to
like a heavenly white you have the
amazing like movement here you got that
design all up and down these babies you
got booty contour girl all right where
you got those little dark spots
and make it look like your booties just
hanging down like it’s voluptuous the
ribbed detail down this side this is
just full of movement and I feel really
athletic wearing them it is true to size
for sure you do have the tummy control

but the rest of it isn’t like this heavy
compression doesn’t get a twist is not
heavy compression very very comfortable
super stretch wicking material I have
really honestly nothing bad to say and
believe it or not, I mean as hard as it
is these come to a perfect frickin light
so they are like the ideal leggings I
love them they don’t have the camel toe
because they do have the gusset crotch
so you got that like spread of a room in
between your legs so you don’t have like
a freaking annoying seam just like
riding on up there for the world to see
so these are

Activewear leggings

god these are beautiful for Frigg I’m
gonna get one in every single strawberry
color girl you’re gonna see you’re gonna
see it all over my social me
you could see one in every color
these babies got 4 out of 5 stars and
I’m trying to figure out why I think
maybe because it’s not heavy
compression no no they are squat proof
so I don’t know they’re definitely squat
proof but I would give a 5 out of 5
that’s just me running girl you um did
the damn thing for under (?) US Steel
okay guys so the next one we got going on

here is from the brand Kiwi Rada 1699
they’re in the color light grey and girl
they’re a scrunchie they’re a scrunch
but okay I was trying to find a nice
scrunch like under 20 so I went with
these and well we got some pros and cons
here the pros are it is high waisted
it’s got a nice decent band that comes up to
a nice height is cool the scrunch is okay
you know scrunch is a scrunch man
contours the booty real nice hugs it
is a solid opaque color there is no
contour other than this scrunch here
there are zero contours zero the things I
don’t I’m not a fan of are it is
extremely long for me

Tie-dye workout set

the scrunch is a little overly dramatic
I like a subtle scrunch I don’t want it
to be like a scrunch punch you in the
face scrunch
I like it that subtle like almost
peekaboo like if she weren’t a scrunch
or is that just her natural curves doing
no work not uh not an obvious like I
need help something I really really
don’t like these leggings though
is there’s no gusset crotch at all you
see that girl that’s one big fat seam
running down your middle which you know

what that equates to right girl camel
toe nation yeah the bend here this is
not seamless at all totally wish it was
it would have probably looked a lot more
flattering because you got a lot of
labor wrinkles like I noticed this this
almost is like costumey material like
for Halloween
almost to the point where you got some
wrinkles going on under your tush not
totally flattering and this waistband
right here actually has a physical you


can see as the outline of a physical
elastic band in here okay so it’s not
just material you have a like a rubber
an elastic band that’s cool because I know
when I squat it’ll keep it up it’s not
gonna flop down it is very secure when
you squat which is awesome but at the
same time you can see it through the
leggings so it’s not smooth you see the
outline of the band and I feel like if
you were to wash these maybe you know in
the washing machine that it might roll

up and just get annoying I could be
wrong it’s smooth and soft but it didn’t
feel like a second skin like I said it
had those wrinkles and like that costume
you feel it almost felt like a little
well it’s how that like kind of plastic
you feel to them, okay but it’s not the
end of the world they still were
relatively comfortable I’m not gonna lie
so for a basic scrunch if you’re just
looking for a basic scrunch they do the
job but you know girl I’m really picky

High waisted active leggings

but for me to really love a legging like
you need to have some good traits so
these were a three and a half star I
think that’s about accurate okay I would
probably rate it about that and these
are a very squat proof okay they’re very
very opaque so you squatting these
babies, you’ll be just fine

these were 1699 so it’s not terrible you
know what I mean that’s reasonable 17
bucks per scrunch but okay guys last
legging we’re gonna be talking about
today it’s from the brand
as this is for my yoga girls the ones
we like to stretch it out who like the
second-skin feel they like the soft
textures that buttery feel a little bit
you know this is like their teal legging
I obviously got it because of the color

up in here, this baby was 1698 it’s got
four stars I probably rate it about that
as well you have the high waist it is
not seamless you have seams you have two
pockets love that yes these were very
very long on me, you have like the seam
contoured AMLO’s leg but that’s about it
no other contour is nothing crazy mostly
just solid color it came out to a nice
all right but the band was a good good
chunky like size and then you have this
kind of I don’t know why it works for me

High rise active leggings

when brands have like the seems so
low on the bum because it kind of just
gives that illusion of you have in a
tiny bump so if you want to look like
you have a big bum these might not be in
your favor if you just don’t care and
you need something to walk around in do
yoga you’re not about caring about
that at all these are really great for
the price they actually remind me a lot
of like yoga Licious and brands you
would buy in stores like that these are
spot proof so if you’re in a yoga pose

you’re a good girl someone’s behind you
you’re good these are were very true to
the size they fit pretty well the one thing
I didn’t really vibe with was when
you’re just like standing straight on
you got a few wrinkles in the
front it didn’t come like it didn’t hug
you’re at the hips here so it kind of had
like a slight little unflattering

Light blue workout leggings

like vibe to it up there but other than
that it’s not the end of the world
there’s still really great quality for
early (?) dollars alright guys
that was it those were five amazon
leggings all different brands and styles
collars fit you name it’s all under (price maybe change when you buy)
I hope you enjoyed this article and found
it is useful if you’ve tried any of these
brands yourself definitely comment down
below I want to hear your thoughts I’m

definitely going to be doing more articles
like this because Amazon man you can
find it all Im loving it it’s really
accessible to everybody so it’s nice to
be able to like have these reviews to
see if you’re spending your money
putting it in the right spot or not okay
so Im here for you girl together we got
this bully of it and guys if you enjoyed
this article definitely hit that subscribe
button so you dont miss a new article just like
this lots more things on all things
Fitness coming your way thank you all so
so much for reading and I’ll see you in
my next article.

Height: 5′ 3″
Bust: 31″
Waist: 25″
Hips: 37″


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