AirPods Pro swipe volume control Fingertips and more

The AirPods Pro 2 is a big improvement over the first version. One simple but useful change is that you can now swipe on the earbuds to change the volume. But the ability isn’t always easy to figure out at first. Here’s how to change the volume on AirPods Pro by swiping, along with some tips on where to put your finger.

The second generation of Apple’s popular noise-canceling headphones has a lot of new features. This includes features like noise cancellation that is twice as good, adaptive transparency, an upgraded charging case with Find My Tracking, a speaker, a lanyard loop, and swipe volume control, in addition to the force sensor controls that are already there.

Check out our full guides to learn more about how to customize the AirPods Pro force sensors and how they compare to the rest of the AirPods line: 
How to swipe to change the volume on AirPods Pro 
Note: You can only swipe to change the volume on AirPods Pro 2.

AirPods Pro swipe volume control

Use your AirPods Pro 2 to listen to something. 
By default, the swipe volume control is on. 
Reach up on either AirPod Pro bud with your pointer finger and swipe up or down on the force sensor. 

Don’t swipe on the outside edge of the stem; instead, swipe on the pill-shaped indentation (force sensor) near the front of the stem. 
Place your pointer finger so that it touches the edge of your ear closest to your face. The AirPods Pro stem should also be touching that edge. 
Putting your thumb on the bottom of the stem can help keep it steady while you swipe with your pointer finger. 
You’ll hear a small click to show that the volume has been changed.


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