According to a new book, Camilla ‘calls the shots’ for King Charles.

A new book says that Camilla, the Queen Consort, has an effect on some of King Charles III’s business decisions.

The Mail on Sunday published an excerpt from royal reporter Kate Nicholl’s upcoming book, “The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown,” which talks about everything from Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with Meghan Markle to how Meghan and Prince Harry’s break up affected Prince William.

In the excerpt, Nicholl also talked about how close King Charles and Camilla are and how the Queen Consort has helped King Charles with his work.

Nicholl said that the king works on his speeches for Camilla and talks to her about his ideas. She also said that there are times when Camilla makes the decisions.

In 2021, Charles’s closest aide, Michael Fawcett, was accused of offering a Saudi tycoon a knighthood in exchange for $2 million in donations to The Prince’s Foundation. Fawcett quit his job as CEO of the foundation after the accusations came out.

Camilla’s friend, who didn’t want to be named, told Nicholl that the Queen Consort, who is now Camilla, told her husband to fire Fawcett. “She said Michael had to go. She basically got rid of him, “Nicholl was told by a friend.

“She wasn’t really a fan of Fawcett, and she could see how bad this could be for Charles’s rule,” said the friend, who didn’t want to be named. In another part of the book that was published in Vanity Fair, Nicholl wrote that Camilla stood up to Prince Harry when he suggested that the royal family hire a mediator to help them get along.

“He actually suggested that they try to work things out with the help of a mediator,” Camilla’s friend told Nicholl. “This made Charles a little confused and Camilla sputter in her tea.” The same friend told Nicholl, “She told Harry it was silly and that they were a family and would work it out among themselves.”

Camilla will be crowned around the same time as King Charles, and even though her husband is king, she plans to keep her own home.


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