Abby De La Rosa, who has 2 kids with Nick Cannon, says she knew what dating him entailed.

In an interview on the “Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram” podcast that came out Wednesday, Abby De La Rosa said she knew Nick Cannon wasn’t monogamous when they started dating.

She told host Shan Boodram, “I was very self-aware and knew exactly what I was getting into.” “I’ve always known what kind of life he led,” De La Rosa said, adding that she was seeing other people when they started dating. In June 2021, she and Cannon had twin boys who they named Zillion and Zion.

The next day, on Thursday, Cannon told the world that he and model Lanisha Cole had just given birth to their ninth child. Onyx Ice Cole Cannon is the first child that Cannon has had with Cole.

Abby De La Rosa, who has 2 kids with Nick Cannon,

Cannon has five other living children with different women. He has twins who are 11 years old with his ex-wife Mariah Carey; a 5-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter with model Brittany Bell; and a 6-week-old son with “Selling Sunset” star Bre Tiesi. With model Alyssa Scott, he also had a son named Zen. Zen died of brain cancer in 2021, which led Cannon to start a foundation for kids’ health in Zen’s honor.

In August, Cannon also showed a video of him and Bell posing for a photo shoot along with the news that they were going to have another child. “We all know each other,” said De La Rosa of Cannon’s other co-parents to Boodram.

De La Rosa said that she did not feel forced or brainwashed into dating the performer and producer, as many people on social media have suggested. “My truth and my reality give me strength,” she said. She said that other people might “dislike” her choices, but she said that she didn’t agree with them.”When people say things like, ‘He’s playing you,’ I think, Is he really? she said.

She said later in the podcast that being in a polyamorous relationship doesn’t mean you have low self-esteem.

She was ‘well aware of what dating him would involve

De La Rosa said that she and Cannon had known each other for years before they started going out together. She said that in the interviews he gave after his divorce from Carey, he talked about his way of life.

Cannon has made it clear that he doesn’t plan to get married again or get into a monogamous relationship after he and his ex-wife broke up. “In interview after interview, he says that I can’t have a normal, one-woman relationship,” she said.

“Our relationship was very freeing and fun. It was also very open. I took that to mean exactly what it says, “she said. De La Rosa, who is expecting her third child, said that she and Cannon don’t call each other “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” but she did call him her “primary partner” and “children’s father.”

She said that she is “monogamous by choice” right now, but that she would be open to other relationships in the future. She also hasn’t ruled out going back to only monogamous relationships in the future. She also knows that her romantic relationship with Cannon will end at some point. She said of Cannon, “I just know in my heart of hearts that this isn’t my forever person.”


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