A Deep Dive into the BESV JGR 1.1 E-Gravel Bike

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The BESV JGR 1.1 e-gravel bike conquers any terrain with its powerful motor, integrated design, and high-quality components. Explore gravel paths comfortably with a carbon fork, ergonomic grips, and multiple assist modes. This e-bike is perfect for adventurous cyclists seeking comfort and extended range on their rides.


Gravel cycling is the adventurous spirit of cycling unleashed. It’s about exploring unpaved paths, conquering rolling hills, and experiencing the thrill of the unknown. But what if you could push your limits even further? Enter the BESV JGR 1.1, an e-gravel bike designed to conquer any terrain and redefine your gravel riding experience.

Unveiling the BESV JGR 1.1: Gravel E-Bike Perfection

The JGR 1.1 isn’t just another e-bike with a gravel frame slapped on. It’s the latest addition to BESV’s exciting new gravel series, a complete redesign built from the ground up for the adventurous cyclist.

The All-New BESV Gravel Series: Redefining Adventure

BESV recognized the growing demand for e-bikes that could handle the challenges of gravel terrain. The JGR 1.1 is their answer. It boasts a lightweight yet high-strength frame, designed to take on bumps, jumps, and everything in between. But don’t be fooled by its toughness; the JGR 1.1 is a looker too. BESV’s European design team has crafted a bike that seamlessly blends function with stunning aesthetics.

Blending Beauty and Brawn: The JGR 1.1’s Design Philosophy

The JGR 1.1’s beauty lies in its clean lines and integrated design. Cables are cleverly hidden within the frame, giving it a sleek, uncluttered look. This not only enhances the bike’s visual appeal but also improves aerodynamics and reduces the risk of snags on rough terrain.

Powering Your Ride: The JGR 1.1’s Technical Prowess

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the JGR 1.1: its technical prowess.

Seamless Integration: The Hidden Powerhouse Within

Unlike traditional e-bikes where the battery can be an eyesore, the JGR 1.1 boasts a neatly integrated in-tube battery. This 360Wh powerhouse provides ample power for your rides without compromising on the bike’s sleek design. The motor itself is a powerful rear hub motor, delivering a smooth and natural-feeling assist that propels you forward without taking away the joy of pedaling.


Smart and Smooth: The New HMI and BESV Smart Plus App

BESV hasn’t forgotten about user experience either. The JGR 1.1 features a new HMI (Human Machine Interface) unit elegantly integrated into the top tube. This allows you to easily power on the bike, check battery levels, adjust assist modes, and even charge your devices with the built-in USB Type-C port.

Taking things a step further, the JGR 1.1 is compatible with the new BESV Smart Plus App. This app allows you to track your rides, monitor performance metrics, and even customize your assist modes for a truly personalized riding experience.

Gearing Up for Gravel: The JGR’s Component Choice

The JGR 1.1 doesn’t just boast a powerful motor and sleek design; it’s also equipped with top-of-the-line components specifically chosen for gravel riding. Expect a reliable drivetrain from Shimano or SRAM, ensuring smooth gear changes even on the toughest climbs. Hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power in all weather conditions, crucial for maintaining control on loose gravel.

Taking Charge of Your Ride: Performance and Range

Finding Your Flow: The JGR 1.1’s Assist Modes

The JGR 1.1 features multiple assist modes, allowing you to tailor your ride to your needs and terrain. Choose from a low-power Eco mode for extending your range, a Standard mode for cruising comfortably, or a high-power Sport mode for tackling challenging climbs.

Conquering Distances: Battery Life and Range Expectations

The JGR 1.1’s 360Wh battery offers a range of up to 80 kilometers (approximately 50 miles) on a single charge. This range can vary depending on factors like terrain, rider weight, and assist mode usage. However, the JGR 1.1 is designed for efficiency, and with careful planning, you can conquer even longer distances. Remember, e-bikes are still bicycles, and pedaling assistance is meant to supplement your own effort, not replace it.

Crafted for Comfort and Control: The JGR 1.1’s Ride Experience

Taming the Toughest Trails: Suspension and Handling

The JGR 1.1 comes equipped with a comfortable carbon fiber fork that helps absorb bumps and vibrations, keeping you comfortable on long rides. The bike’s geometry is also designed for confident handling on gravel.

Crafted for Comfort and Control: The JGR 1.1’s Ride Experience

Stopping Power You Can Trust: Disc Brakes and Safety Features

The JGR 1.1 boasts powerful hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power in all weather conditions. Unlike traditional rim brakes, hydraulic disc brakes are less affected by mud or debris, ensuring you can maintain control even on the most challenging descents. Additionally, the JGR 1.1 comes equipped with reflective elements to enhance your visibility on low-light rides.

Comfort Counts: Gearing Up for Long Hauls

Gravel rides can be long and demanding. That’s why BESV has equipped the JGR 1.1 with comfort in mind. The bike features ergonomic grips and a comfortable saddle designed to minimize fatigue on extended journeys. Additionally, the JGR 1.1 has integrated mounting points for fenders and rear racks, allowing you to customize your bike for bikepacking adventures or everyday commuting.

Is the BESV JGR 1.1 Right for You? Exploring Who Should Ride This E-Gravel Bike

The BESV JGR 1.1 is perfect for cyclists who:

  • Crave adventure: If you’re looking to explore beyond the asphalt jungle and conquer new terrains, the JGR 1.1 is your perfect companion.
  • Appreciate comfort: The JGR 1.1 prioritizes comfort with features like a carbon fork and ergonomic touchpoints, making it ideal for long rides.
  • Want a little extra boost: The JGR 1.1’s powerful motor provides a natural-feeling assist, allowing you to tackle challenging climbs and extend your range.
  • Value aesthetics: With its sleek design and integrated features, the JGR 1.1 is a head-turner that combines functionality with beauty.

Owning the JGR 1.1: Maintenance and Support Considerations

The BESV JGR 1.1 is designed for easy maintenance. The high-quality components require minimal upkeep, and the integrated design keeps cables protected from dirt and debris. BESV also offers a comprehensive warranty and a wide network of authorized dealers for any service needs.

The Final Verdict: Conquering Your Gravel Dreams with the BESV JGR 1.1

The BESV JGR 1.1 is more than just an e-gravel bike; it’s an invitation to explore. With its powerful motor, comfortable design, and top-of-the-line components, the JGR 1.1 allows you to conquer any terrain and redefine your gravel riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist seeking a new challenge or an adventurer just starting your journey, the BESV JGR 1.1 is the perfect companion to take you further and help you conquer your gravel dreams.

FAQs About the BESV JGR 1.1

1. What is the range of the BESV JGR 1.1?

The JGR 1.1’s 360Wh battery offers a range of up to 80 kilometers (approximately 50 miles) on a single charge. This range can vary depending on factors like terrain, rider weight, and assist mode usage.

2. What type of motor does the JGR 1.1 have?

The JGR 1.1 features a powerful rear hub motor that delivers a smooth and natural-feeling assist.

3. What size tires does the JGR 1.1 come with?

The JGR 1.1 comes equipped with wide 700c x 40c tires, providing excellent grip and stability on gravel terrain.

4. Is the BESV JGR 1.1 easy to maintain?

Yes, the JGR 1.1 is designed for easy maintenance with high-quality components and an integrated design that protects cables.

5. Where can I learn more about the BESV JGR 1.1?

You can visit the BESV website or your local BESV dealer for more information on the JGR 1.1 and to schedule a test ride.

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