5 STAR RATED Gadgets from AMAZON | Testing, and Review

5 STAR RATED Gadgets. The most popular gadgets on Amazon right now. Amazon’s latest tech offerings in 2021 are officially beyond cool. From style devices to smart home systems, we rounded up the best gadgets out there. we provide all kinds of product reviews.

5 STAR RATED Gadgets

hello everyone and welcome back to my
makeup studio again we are here today to
Share with you guys that some five-star
rated Amazon products that are all
around getting like better sleep this
has been a struggle of mine off and on
usually either due to my anxiety or
nursing babies through the night and
there were a couple of different
products that I use or things that I did
that really helped me with my sleep but
as of lately in the last couple of weeks
or so I’ve been struggling again so

I went on Amazon found a bunch of stuff
that is supposed to help it better
restful sleep and I wanted to test it
out and see if any of it was any good
that is what we’re gonna do here today
give this article a thumbs up and let me
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five-star rated product categories that
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Dyson Fan

let’s get into this and we’re gonna
start out with the products that I
actually started with before getting
into and investigating researching these
different products and that is the Dyson
fan coincidentally this is also super
highly rated so I decided to include it
here she is guys this is one of my
favorite purchases this is Dyson cool
fan and I have this pointed directly at
the bed it has a little remote as well
this is what it sounds like it’s just
nice white noise like plays and plays in
the background you don’t I mean they
like to sleep when I’m cold I find it

White Noise Machine (kids’ rooms)

get a better sleep when I’m cold I know
the only one that’s like that right I
need to be chilly but I also need to be
under a pile of blankets at all times and
up to that point, I’d been using like a
white noise machines those are also
really good I’ll link the one that I use
in the kid’s rooms below for you guys but
behind me looks like a V but just having
that constant white noise it’s very
soothing I really like that it doesn’t
jump or change tone at all it’s just
very like constant and I’m not

Weighted Blanket

distracted by other noises that are
going on in the house or little Creek’s
you know just like typical stuff so
those worked really well for me but I
wanted to see what else was out there so
the next thing that I got was a weighted
blanket and a weighted blanket is
exactly as it says it’s a blanket that
is weighted it feels like sand and it’s
like created in these like little
pockets within the blanket to make it
feel heavier so that you are feeling a
lot more comforted and soothe that it
works really well for people who are
dealing with anxiety

many cases on in all cases the one that
I got was the really good quality like it’s
very well made I was able to wash it
with no problems, it does feel nice and
secure and well put together I also got
a smaller one because again it was very
expensive and I didn’t know how big I
wanted it Chris didn’t know if he wanted
it on his side or not so I decided I
would just get one for like mice out of
the bed and I have to tell you guys
there is an adjustment period like when
I first started using it and I would try
and like rotate around as I like

Myself Comfortable

moving around a lot I’m like a puppy dog
and I like me to like go around circles
basically to get comfortable tonight I
was like moving around in the morning
like why is my arm so sore it was
because I kept trying to lift up
the blanket moved it hurt me, yeah wow I’m
out of shape so like that was kind of
annoying because I like moving around to
just kind of get myself comfortable I
have like jittery legs too so I like I
like to move them around a lot so that
was a little bit annoying for me because

it was a lot smaller it was harder to
like snuggle underneath it but like
there was no way I was gonna get one for
a king-size bed that would have been so
ridiculously expensive and also super
heavy and like I don’t even know how I
would wash that so for me I would
probably only get one that’s like a nice
one that you can like cuddle with on the
couch or when you were feeling anxious
or maybe like right before bed but not
something that I would necessarily sleep

Oil Diffuser (new version)

with I don’t sleep with it anymore I use
it is more just for when I am feeling
anxious or when I want to be snuggled up
I will use it with my kids and will like
snuggle up in it and it’s nice and
comfortable but it’s not something that
I sleep with anymore so for me it was
good for anxiety not so great for sleep
next up is an essential oil diffuser I
hear about these a lot I’ve actually
used one in the past and I was just I
couldn’t get into it and I had never
used it though for trying to help me

Essential Oils

fall asleep oh my gosh is so late we’re
trying out another blend tonight and
we’re gonna see how this one goes in
a comparison I just wanted to use it cuz
they smell really nice well when I was
looking up a lot of the research online
from what I could find essential oils
are used for a lot of different things
right and so you can use it to feel more
calm less anxious I’m for helping with
sleep to feel more energized like the
different combinations of oils are going
to give you a different reaction look at it goes

changing colors lots of love I was gonna
say smoke it’s steam both fogging up my
phone right in the middle of filming for
racialist right now and I’m noticing a
the difference with the sweet orange scent
like the scent of it is so like positive
like I just I feel really good just
smelling it and it I just feel peaceful
and from what I could find online it
seems like it’s all very very personal

Combining Lavender

so what’s gonna work well for one person
isn’t necessarily gonna work well for
someone else though I did read in a lot
of different places that a blend of
essential oils is a lot better than a
singular oil by itself so for example
like combining lavender with chamomile
is better than just using lavender by
itself so I’ve been using this for
a couple of weeks now trying to test it
out test out different combinations of
oils the one that I have is over here
actually both the essential oils and the
diffuser are both by the brand Vicks

the thing I believe the one thing I don’t
love about it is that the little water
cup in here doesn’t come off from the
base you literally have to unplug it
every single time you want to refill it
which is kind of annoying but it does
have a really strong mist it does have
the essential oils go into the room and
diffuse into the room really easily and
I have like a big open floor plan
downstairs and I could smell it in all
parts of the house which is awesome also

Really Cheap Gadgets

side note if you have kids and these
colors I don’t know what it is they’re
like moths to a flame, my kids got a step
stool because I had it up on like the
little ledge got a step stool so they
could sit and they could watch it for
like 15 minutes it’s like a really cheap
a version of those fountains shows you know
I’m talking about the colors yeah
they love it but I have to say
of the different combinations and
different oils that I tried I loved

lavender is always a favorite I
really liked peppermint was
a big favorite of mine is lavender chamomile
peppermint as well as sweet orange those
were kind of my favorites that I’d been
playing around with I feel like it’s
very personal preference with the sense
but I’ve been using it downstairs during
the daytime just like a nice bright
lemony zesty peppermint tea sense as
well as at night I’m using more of the
calming lavenders and camomile’s in the
bedroom and it’s awesome like I really
like it I like the scent of it I don’t

Acupressure Mat

know how much it actually helps me
feel sleepy but I will say it does help
me during the daytime feeling energized
or calming me down, especially with like
two lavenders and stuff so I do like
that so calming yes sleepy no not so
much now we’re gonna get into the spiky
back mat this guy right here okay we’re
gonna try out this acupressure mat thing
and just see like what it’s actually
gonna feel like I’m kind of a little bit
scared don’t like lying

oh my gosh this is by the brand Anja or
in Anja Anja and is an acupressure mat
and they have 5000 of these little
plastic spikes all over in this like
little Lotus kind of pattern and so you
can lie down on it you can do yoga on it
you can stand on all sorts of different
things and it’s supposed to trigger
these different pressure points in your
back and it’s supposed to increase blood
circulation and then, therefore, help you
to feel calm and relaxed and also can

Muscle Issues

obviously, help with any muscle issues
that you might have so I’ve been trying
it out to the last couple of weeks in a
bunch of different ways I’ve been trying
it like the process that they say to use
this to use like a really thin shirt
when you’re first trying it out try it
out for five minutes
increase five minutes as you go and so
I’ve been doing all that I’ve been
trying to stand on it I’ve been trying
even to like sit and have my feet on it
cuz apparently that’s supposed to be
really energizing with like all the like

pressure points in your foot Wow if I’m
not a vision of beauty right now I’m
going to be taking this mat and I’m
going to be using this on my feet while
I’m editing it’s supposed to trigger
these different points that are supposed
to help facilitate a neutral state of
calmness so I’m gonna try this out I’ve
been using it on my back and it gets the
less and less uncomfortable which is
also great eating caramel popcorn it’s

probably not helping you fall asleep
faster but I don’t care it’s really good
I’ll show you a picture of my back with
all the spikes the redness on it and I
tried guys like this wasn’t like a
two-minute like I’m just gonna try this
oh it’s uh spikey I’m not gonna do it

Blue Light Blocking Glasses (similar)

like I really gave this a good shot and
just with bare skin I just I cannot get
into it for whatever reason that thin
piece of fabric is absolutely necessary
I’m gonna use this Matt I know it works
for a lot of people and a lot of people
swear by these mats
wish I could like it I wish I could like
it and then there is the blue light
filter glasses I’ve seen them everywhere
they’ve been really growing in

popularity as of recently these ones I
actually got it from a press kit but they
were block you shield got them what
fiction from tart my phone is a mode I’m
sure a lot of people’s phones do where
you turn it on at a certain time and then
your phone kind of changes the colors to
help you adjust to nighttime these help
me because I can use them while I’m
editing and just throughout the night
and it just helps me wind down and make

Biggest Impact

such a big difference for me love these
actually want to get another pair of cute
ones come on out right now
I see you desi so I use these at
nighttime when I’m editing and I will
have them on and it this like more so
than anything else that I have tried has
made the biggest impact on me in
feeling tired and being able to have
good restful sleep being able to have
these and I can just use them starting

at like you know eight o’clock at night
and I’ll wear them until I go to bed
this just makes me feel so sleepy and
when I forget to use them
I don’t sleep as well is this actually
really interesting for me and I feel
like every person is going to be a
little bit different so hopefully, I’m
able to provide a lot of information so
you guys could make a decision that
works best for you it was fun there are
a lot of things here that I’m glad

I tested out and have an opportunity to
kind of use in my everyday life now and
I found things that work really well for
me so give this article a thumbs up make
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and that’s everything I hope you guys
are having an awesome weekend
and Ill see you guys all in my next
article love you all.


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