5 Kitchen Gadgets Review – Testing 5 STAR RATED Kitchen Gadgets

5 Kitchen Gadgets Review. Sometimes it can be hard to shop for foodies who already stock their kitchen with the latest and greatest in appliances, tools, and utensils.

5 Kitchen Gadgets Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to my
kitchen and today we are going to be
testing out some Amazon kitchen products
Those are all really really highly rated
I got this concept from my reach loves
a website which is like my makeup and
beauty one but it’s testing out five
star branded makeup products we go
because no kitchen gadgets but these are
all products that are really really

Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

highly rated that I order off of Amazon
and we’re gonna test out and see if
they’re actually worth four ratings so
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further ado let’s get into this so
The first one we’re gonna be testing out is
this every single thing contraption
the thing that I’m gonna drop and hurt
myself so this is actually a dish drying
rack and you’re supposed to put it over

top of your sink so if you don’t have
a lot of counter space to work with this
is gonna kind of solve your problem and
then it’ll roll back up so you can kind
of put it under the sink or somewhere
where you can does it fit in my drawers
oh so close doesn’t fit my drawers wait
on an angle yes on an angle it fits in a
drawer but yeah it’s super highly-rated
figured we tested out how much weight
does it actually hold does it sit over

Super Highly-Rated Dishes on Amazon

my sink well and all that stuff alright
so I have this sitting on top of like
over top of my sink, it’s holding up on
both sides it’s nice and long and it’s
like fully I mean it’s definitely
foldable but like this part is very very
strong I put on some of the heavier pots
and pans that I have and it’s doing a
really good job so I think that if you
are strapped for space and you need
an extra place for your dishes to dry this
actually is working really really well
next up is a product that I feel like

Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Warmer

would be really good if you go to work
and you have like a warm lunch and this
is something that’s it kind of like it’s
it’s a mini crock-pot so basically
you’re supposed to put your lunch in
here and then you can plug it in at your
desk so even if it’s like cold he can
put it in plugin into your desk and
then it’s gonna heat up your food and so
you don’t have to bring it to preheat it if

that makes any sense so I have some
pasta here fresh out of the fridge we’re
gonna see how long it takes to heat all
the way through and if it actually does
a good job alright so I just plugged it
in right now and so I’m gonna set a
little timer and we are gonna see how
long it takes dita okay it has been in
here for five minutes so let’s take a

Best Kitchen Gadgets 2021

see how warm it is because it definitely
the outside is getting like I can feel a
little warmth it’s not too hot but like
it’s warm and the pasta is still cold so
let’s put it back on it try it again in
another like 10 minutes okay guys that
has been another 10 or 11 minutes so
let’s see if this is warmed all the way
through yet okay it’s a little bit
warmer but like still pieces of it are
still really cool so I feel like you
have to continue like stir this

OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Squeeze & Pour Silicone Measuring Cup

around that feels like way too much work
for what it is honestly just heat up the
food in advance and put it in a thermos
and call it today now I went to a
product by a brand called much so I have
a lot of ox on my house I have a high
hopes for this product it’s basically
like a measuring cup but it’s made of
silicone so it has all of the different
measurements on the side but then when
you pour it’s not gonna make a huge
mess and you’re supposed to be able to
use it like straight out of the

microwave and be able to hold it as well
so I have some leftover icing from last
week Zac you got to go and check out
that article I will look at at the end in
case you missed it but I figured I would
try it and heat it up in here and then
see if I can hold it if it’s not going
to get too hot or anything like that and
see how well it pours alright icing is
going in it is fully melted and it’s not
hot at all that’s awesome I’m just gonna
try pouring it and just see how accurate
it is how easy it is to pour and

It’s Super Easy To Use

everything like that oh my gosh that’s
awesome things to get excited about with
acid adult that is just it’s super easy
to use it’s nice to be able to use
something that silicone with heated
liquids or anything like that versus
like my plastic measuring cups, it’s kind
of an interesting concept with the fact
that like you can squish it and stuff
but like I like it

Gourmia GCH9295 Twin Vegetable Chopper & Blender

next up is the most made-for-tv thing I
have ever seen on Amazon that’s a lie
but it’s still pretty made for TV and
that is this chopping thing it’s like a
slap chop but it’s like a pull chop I
don’t know it’s like a
lawnmower for your onions basically
inside here I have onion on one side and
then I have you could basically do
anything else on the other side if you
wanted but I wanna see if it’s actually
gonna work first before I destroy all my
food so I just basically

like half an onion and put it into here
and I think I’m just supposed to like
pull this very aggressively or not
aggressive good no I have to stand for
this okay that was a little bit easier
oh it is chopping things okay Gorem yeah
the only thing is it’s not chopping
it very uniformly you can see in here
there are a bunch of pieces that are
still really large and some that are
smaller so if you’re trying to do this
for a recipe, I feel like this would be a
lot of work because you’d either have to
take out all the pieces that are large
or I’d have to keep chopping it super
small so that everything is small and
then you end up with like onion water
for half of it I always want these

Clip-on Strainer

things to work and it was so highly
rated that I wanted to try it but like
honestly, it’s just easier to chop it
You okay so this one just came in
today and it is a strainer that clips on
to the side of the pot but it looks
really really small so I’m currently
making pasta and we’re gonna see if this
is actually something that is usable to
me this feels like something that is
usable only in small proportions all
right done oh you want to do more than
this amount of pasta this isn’t gonna
work for you I’m thinking of doing
another one of these only with like
organizing or like cleaning products or

something like that leaves me a comment
down below if there are any particular
ones you guys want me to test out check
out the articles on the side in case you
have missed any and that is everything I
hope you guys are having an awesome ods
a weekend and Ill see you guys in my
The next article loves you all.


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