5 Cleaning Organizing GADGETS – Testing 5 STAR RATED from AMAZON

5 Cleaning Organizing GADGETS. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I tested a ton of 5 stars rated gadgets from Amazon to help with organizing and cleaning.. which’s ACTUALLY worth it.

5 Cleaning Organizing GADGETS

Hello everyone welcome back to another
round of testing out some five-star
rated products from Amazon this time
we’re doing stuff around like organizing
cleaning cuz it’s that time of year and
anytime March nape will come around I
just need to declutter everything so I
ordered a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been
testing it out over the last little

while filming for you guys sort of
my experience with everything and I’m
going to share with you guys the results
of everything, today so give this article a
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tested articles that I’ve done I will link
the playlist for you guys at the end of
the article and without further ado let’s
get into this so I want to start with
all of the products in be sort of

Cleaning Category Product

cleaning category and starting with this
crazy glove type thing this is a
microfiber glove that you can use both
wet and dry is use a lot on the Amazon
Web site for cleaning cars but according
to the sellers, it has a lot of different
uses you can use it dry on any sort of
the furniture it’s gonna pick up and attract
all that dust and grime and then it has
the green side which is more of what
they call like a scrubby side it’s not
like scruff or anything like that but it

is a little bit more it’s just easier to
get up anything that’s stuck on so I
decided I would test it out in a variety
of ways we are in full spring cleaning
mode over here and so I cleared off the
shelves in Julia’s closet and so I’m
gonna try and use sort of the I forget
what they called it like chenille keep
what I call should now but that’s not
right so I got like love on the kind of
feel a little bit like Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Glove

I’m just gonna go up and sweep and just
sort of go over this entire area and see
if I pick some stuff up like I’m not
seeing anything but like yes it’s more
in did it pick up stuff up here and like
if I go like this is it gonna fall off
Oh a little bit of the like bigger
pieces did fall off
so now that I’ve swept it I am kind of
curious so I have a little bit of
cleaning stuff on this paper towel I
just want to see if I’m going to pick up
a lot of extra dust like is this is this
actually cleaning you know alright so
far it’s impressing me I’ll to the rest
of the show

now honestly considering I have never
really dusted up there that’s really
embarrassing this was covered in stuff
like 25 minutes ago it did not pick up
much if any dust so like I mean it’s
doing a good job
obviously something a replacement for
fully cleaning but it did pick up a lot
of the dust on today too
of testing with this thing and I’m just
gonna go around we’re just gonna start
dusting just shows you all the really
dirty spots of my house how easy is it
for blinds oh it’s not too bad I
actually kind of like that does


make it go a lot quicker it’s not really
picking up the stuff over here or
there’s more dust that’s dropping I
don’t know but like you see what I’m
saying like it’s still there I feel like
I’m just like dusting it off instead of
it attaches to the glove let’s see if
this will do anything for my incredibly
depth do you see that little piece just
flipped right off of the glove look at
that dusting away but my computer is
disgusting I don’t know if anyone else
does this they just leave it and leave
it and lead of it until it looks like

this and the light you’re like oh maybe
I should clean it get into a little
gurus hey can I get some of the little
marks off with the other side not really
it’s still really smudgy it still needs
to be cleaned it’s a little less dusty
But so I think this was made for
the car I figured I should also probably try
dusting the inside of my car hello car
and all of your dust oh I see I see why
this is so great with cars like you can
really get into all the little like

Pretty Nice and Attracting

grooves and stuff that’s pretty nice I
feel like it’s not attracting all the
dust as much as it did at the beginning
and I haven’t been using it like a ton
like it should be able to hold more dust
then it is I just feel like I’m moving
the dust around you see it you can see
it’s like flying off that’s not that’s not
helpful at all where is static so let’s
try it let’s see how well it cleans
like that

so for me is this something that I would
personally use in my home probably not
for a couple of reasons number one is
when I was using it wet I found it very
difficult to like wring out all of the
water without like getting my other hand
involved and even still with doing that
I found it to be quite wet it was
holding on to a lot of water which is
really good for cleaning cars but not so
much for cleaning countertops, I don’t
really want my countertops to be a pool
of water so that was a little bit
annoying I didn’t find it to be any

Mom-Level Cleaning Nano Towels

better at attracting dust than any of my
other clothes I have stuff that I would
probably use first over this moving on
to some towels are called
nano towels and they had five stars not
four and a half, not four and three
quarters and over 2500 reviews like this
thing’s bananas yes they feel like
microfiber but they’re not made of
microfiber they’re made of what they
call nano Lin and what’s supposed to
make these clothes better than any other
cloth out there is that it’s going to

attract grime dirt grease anything with
just water you don’t need to use any
chemicals you don’t need to use any
paper towels it’s just a very
the environmentally friendly solution you
just throw them in the wash and then you
can keep reusing them they come in a
pack of four which i think is great you
get a large number of them so there are
a bunch of tests that I wanted to kind
of put, these through to see if they
would actually work number one is
obviously, cleaning does it do is

Different Types of Materials

supposed to do number two was actually
washing them because I know sometimes
with these different types of materials
they wash a little bit differently I
didn’t want it to get all matted and
then not be able to clean well the
second time so I actually looked up the
instructions and it said that you’re
supposed to wash it separately in warm
water and I was like what I can barely
wash my Lululemon pants separately so I
was reading through all the reviews and
a lot of people are saying they just

throw them in with the towels dried them
on low and everything was fine so I
wanted to test that angle alright let’s
try using this one wet and we’ll use it
to clean off my countertops today one
side is definitely a lot thicker and one
side is thinner so I’m hoping this will
help to like
take off things that are on the
countertop because that’s definitely
there I have been using these cloths for
a couple of days now and I don’t know
almost not my soap right into this thing

Sparkling and Spotless

I don’t know what it is about them but
they make my countertop shiny I
found these to clean so ridiculously
well and not just like any clean you
know when it sounds terrible you know
when you clean your kitchen and you’re
like it still doesn’t look clean and
then like your mom cleans the kitchen
and it’s like a thousand times cleaner
and like what did you do any differently

you literally have the same tools I do
like it was like a mom level of clean
like it was just sparkling and spotless
and didn’t have any I don’t know water
spots I don’t know what it was I clean
the outside of my stainless steel fridge
with it I cleaned my stovetop with it I
cleaned the outside of the micro like
every surface with these clothes and it
looks unbelievable

Dry Swiffer

then another thing I was noticing I
didn’t see it in the actual instructions
from the people who are selling the
product but I noticed it a lot in the
the comment section is that people were
using them on their dry Swiffer bar mop
things this is a bar mop parently and
using these cloths instead of the
disposable ones that you can buy and
attaching those so the dry Swiffer a
sort of an environmentally friendly

solution gonna lay it out I’m gonna have
it is more you know microfiber II side
down and it says that you can oh yeah oh
that’s perfectly okay so it seems
to be on we’ll see how securely and I’m
gonna go and sweat for my floors it’s
actually doing a really good job picking
up like larger pieces than I had
expected which is great because my house
is covered with like you know robe
Cheerios on the floor I still prefer my

Smaller Pieces

Dyson because I can pick up the larger
and smaller pieces like around my house
but I think this is a good alternative
if you like the dry Swiffer this seems
to be doing a really good job picking up
a whole bunch of stuff the only time I
wouldn’t use these as obviously when you
need to disinfect something so if you’re
using like raw meats or something like
that I would use an actual disinfectant
chemical to make sure that the surfaces
are nice and

Drillbrush GADGETS

clean so I wouldn’t use it for that
purpose but for everyday cleaning I
think they’re awesome I was so so
excited about them that’s how you know
you’re an adult everyone get excited
about towels next up is round two of
testing a power drills with cleaning
supplies these brushes are by the seller
drill brush they come in a pack of three
different brush heads so they have the
small one they have a flat the larger

one as well as they call the original
brush which is more of like a rounded
edge one and they also have different
bristles stiffness if you will so they
have a soft medium which is what I got and
they did different color coated so you
could color code them to different areas
for your house which I thought was
really smart so you’re not like cross
contaminating the bathroom ones with the
kitchen ones and you are that you would
need to get cleaned you can basically

Place to Clean

use this as an alternative for muscle
a power which we all know I am lacking
we’re going to start with the stovetop I
thought that would be a good place to
start because that looks absolutely
disgusting and then I thought we would
try the back of these pots and because I
find this to be a really hard place to
clean so I can use a little baking soda
and just really make this thing work

cleaning the pan is making an absolute
a disaster of mess but like wow it’s
actually getting it cleaned like I’m
gonna have to go back over it a couple
of times but it is actually taking off
that like rust around the outside so
that’s good the only thing is is that
it’s super messy so I would
recommend doing this in a sink instead
of out here where I now have to wreak
lean all of this wow that really cleaned
it guys you can see I only just half of

Little Scratch

it but that did not take a lot of effort
obviously, it’s looking a little scratch
but it’s also the backside of a pan
don’t really care it’s not very strong
or dedicated let’s see what it does in
the bathroom though next if you’re good
we test out my daughter’s sink here
where we brush the kid’s teeth and get
them all ready and this is usually
pretty disgusting so I figured let’s try
at the brushes on here on different
surfaces and we’re gonna try out my
daughter’s a bathtub because I hate
cleaning bathtubs they take forever to
clean and my kids
I don’t know this bathtub gets so dirty
so quickly so I feel like I’m constantly
needing to clean it and so if this makes
it’s faster which would be awesome

Mojito Spray

next, I want to try it on this grout it
is a long time to clean the grout
usually and I don’t like to do it so
let’s see if this is faster easier and
makes any sort of a difference okay so
here you can see the little white spot
there this is before and after didn’t
use much like a muscle to make that happen
which is really really good but you can
see the soap has kind of sprayed out
everywhere so I don’t want to do that

with me I usually use like a toilet full
bleach to like whiten the grout as well
and I wouldn’t use it with this
particular product because I feel like
it would spray everywhere and that can
be super dangerous so for me I would
only use these again like maybe three or
four times a year when I need to do a
really big deep clean when I need to
clean the back of my pants which it did
an awesome job for or I need to clean a
very specific area of like my tub or

Cleaning out a Shower

something and something’s just not
coming off I wouldn’t do this for daily
cleaning I just found it to be quite
cumbersome it takes away too long like
cleaning out a shower like who has time
for this okay let’s maybe you had a
really grimy shower what I also found
was missing is a really small thin brush
for like detail work around those like
little areas that I just couldn’t get
quite into there was um a little bit of
an edge underneath Julia’s sink

For example, I would have loved to have like
a little tiny brush to get in there and
just little places where rust tends to
form or anything like that I just
these just didn’t do that so for me
personally(?) bucks two to three times a
year doing it for like a very specific
deep clean I think they were absolutely
worth it will be doing the rest of my
pans I will be doing like the grout

Original Brush

which clearly needed to get done but I
do wish they had a smaller brush and I
found that the original brush like the
rounded one was super useless and was
just spraying dirt everywhere I just
didn’t like that I just really like the
flat edge runs and I think it’s worth it
next up is a plant-based wrinkle release
spray which I found to be really

interesting as four and a half stars it
was super highly rated and I don’t like
ironing so I thought that was perfect
cogito wrinkle release spray and I do
like myself a mojito so basically this
claims that if you spray it all over
your clothes
you kind of smooth it out and pulls the
bottom it’s going

Different Fabrics

to release and relax a lot if not all of
the wrinkles in your clothes you don’t
have to pull out the iron you don’t need
to throw it into the dryer again see
right here spray smooth hang and then
it’s supposed to take a wrinkle so
what I did is I pulled together a whole
bunch of different fabrics so blouses
some of choruses shirts t-shirts a bunch
of different things to test it out just
to see which fabrics it worked really
well for and which ones it didn’t

so for me, I found this to work best with
any sort of blousy material that is the
one that it worked best to like release
a lot of the wrinkles for t-shirts it
was fine you really had to spray it
a couple of times through though to get
most of those wrinkles out and then it
was like mostly wearable I would say if
you have a couple of wrinkles spots and
you just kind of want to like release

Still Wrinkles

them a little bit this will probably do
the job but if you have like a tangled
mess on the floor you might as well just
watch that it didn’t really work for my
the jacket I found there were still wrinkles
all the way through it and because it
has those giant pockets that are open at
the bottom and you can’t really smooth
those out in a very easy way without it
sort of laying flat it didn’t really
work well for that purpose so I’m gonna
have to iron that unfortunately so for
me it’s not something I’m going to be

The Steamer I Didn’t Show

reaching for all the time because I have
it am going to test it when I need to
use it but I much prefer I have like a
little handheld steamer like clothes
the steamer I find that to work a lot better
and I know that it’s gonna work versus
this it’s sort of like I had to spray it
and then just kind of wait and see now
onto organizing and I have two different
elements here both for the kitchen
because we are doing a bunch of

renovation work I’m going to be doing a
declutter declutter declutter wow that
sounds terrifying a deep clean and
declutter of the kitchen which I’ll
Share with you guys once I get around to
doing it but with both of these projects
coming up I wanted to get a head start
on it test out a bunch of different ways
and just see how I wanted to organize
the elements that I do have in my
kitchen and that I do use quite

Perfect Opportunity

regularly today we are going to be
organizing these disastrous drawers oh
I’ve been meaning to do this for a while
and this seems like a perfect
an opportunity so I got some drawer
dividers are really highly rated
and a lot of people really love them
plus they’re just really pretty
so we’re gonna test that out and see if
they actually do the job they stay put
and will keep me organized hold out some
kitchen towels that are clean so I’m

gonna put everything out on here and
then start organizing them depending on
what type and how often do we use them
turns out I need way more towels than I
initially thought Wow
might also do to clutter in the process
of doing this now I’m going to clean out
the drawers and like
Chris kind of picked and choose because he
does most of the cooking which items he
wants to keep and which ones he wants to
donate so this is what the drawer

Good Experience

divider looks like you can see it has a
a little bit of like a grippy thing at the
one end and then it adjusts like this on
like a spring I ought to say I had a
really good experience with them you can
see the before and after here they have
not budged they come with a set of four
per package which is great so you got a
lot of them they’re nice and sturdy they
don’t slide around in the drawer which
is awesome they’re nice and tall too
which is amazing so that if you have

Drawer Dividers

deeper drawers they’re actually gonna
hold some stuff in it I really like them
the drawer dividers awesome now on to
the Umbra pegboard system caught my
eye and I thought was really cool four
and a half stars again and it’s
something that you can use to either
organize pots and pans or lids or
Tupperware which is what I want to end
up using it for and you have all these
different pegs that you can poke into a

variety of different holes across the
system to create these nice little
nesting spots for your Tupperware so it
doesn’t slide all over the place or end
up as a big congealed mess which is what
mine do I’ll show you guys the before
they’re not that bad but I do want to
come up with a system that’s just gonna
make them more a nice long-term and I
thought this one looked really


interesting you can do you can see with
the Tupperware’s we did attempt some
organizing like you can see at the back
here like we really did try but just got
a little bit under control so I bought
this for the Tupperware is but then I
saw this and I was like oh well let’s
try it out for all of these pots and
pans do we’re gonna start pulling
everything out and sees how customizable

it is how strong each of these little
pegs are and I don’t know how just how
adaptable it is how usable it is
so I’ve cleaned up both the drawers now
I know they don’t they don’t look super
clean but they’re just stained and then
I have all the Tupperware here all the
different types of Tupperware that we
use and now it looks like there is
a little bit of assembly is required here so
they’re these little black things I
guess these are going to kind of keep


them in place and I think I’m gonna
first, apply it and see how it looks with
the pots and pans and then do the
Tupperware because I’m behind some
probably to keep it with all the
Tupperware all right well that makes my
decision much easier you can see that
they clearly used two sets of these
container organizers so this is just the
one set kind of put together without the
pegs and top on top but that in and of

itself would organize like you see what
I’m saying so I would need to make
this works just a heads up if this does
actually, work you will need more than
Do you think so I guess I want to see
how it works is with the lids because
that’s the part that I just liked the
most of our current organizations with
it so let’s put in some pegs and see if
they hold up the lids properly in these

Easier to Work

all right I’ve been fiddling with this
for a while and this is the one way I
found to actually work is offsetting the
pegs that make it easier to work
because when they’re all in a row all of
the handles kind of hook under each
other and it makes it really hard to get
them out it does look really pretty as
you can see on here it’s just it’s not
the easiest and it keeps knocking all
the other lives out of the way
and it’s just I don’t know it’s not the

Peg System GADGETS

a most practical use for these I think it
does look a lot prettier though I’ll
tell you that so let’s try it now for
the Tupperware
alright that was a lot of work so here’s
where we stand so I ordered another one
of these pegboards, I’ll show you guys a
a picture that I looked at before I bought
this so I was like oh those are
basically, my drawers are perfect it’ll fit
but they actually had two systems in it
not just one so for this I found that I

actually need more pegs than I currently
have available now if you look at
the picture they didn’t organize as many
different types as I’m attempting to so
it’s like five different sizes and they
have four okay it’s not that different
but for different lid sides versus two
different lid sizes like it do add up
Amazon says lookout here tomorrow so
the magic of editing and here we go
set number two all right I’ve been
fiddling with this for a while but used
to talk about the system so first of all


I want to talk about plastic versus
the glass for whatever reason I
think because it sits so nicely and it’s
in very defined forms I felt like I
don’t need to put pegs in they all kind
of sitting by themselves they’re glass and a
a little bit more careful with them these
guys though just proven my point go
everywhere so I like the fact that
they’re kind of in their own little
Corral’s that’s kind of nice but

honestly, this is just not a very usable
a system like I feel like if you have more
then two types of Tupperware like this
a person who is this person they don’t
need any organization system like this
is just not gonna work and I feel like
most humans have more than one type of
Tupperware and so you can see like even
I tried to organize the lids the way
that they did on the package here and
kind of organize them and separate them
by size but I feel like as soon as you

Found Super Annoying

start taking and you give them out
they’re all gonna start falling over and
falling out then you need something over
on this site to hold them in that way
like it’s just it’s not super usable
honestly, I wish I wish I like this I
just I wit I wanted to like it so bad
the pegs were really tough to get in and
out which I found super annoying and I
get why you don’t want them to slide in
and out all the time when you’re trying
to take things out but it was annoying
to try and play Tetris to kind of find a
way that would make it work what I would
have preferred

to have is have a couple of pegs but
then also have a couple of boards like
short little two or four boards so you
can kind of like plank a couple in as
well does anyone have just like one
Tupperware system because I need to find
you need to have a talk because what
are you doing with your life and why is
it so great what are some Amazon
products that you guys have been loving
leave me a comment down below I want to
know what you guys have been loving
whether it’s really highly rated or

5 Cleaning Organizing GADGETS

maybe it’s poorly rated and you just
love it any way I wanna know to make sure
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articles here every single Saturday except
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sick I’m very excited about all the
renovation work I have a bunch of new
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case you have missed any and that is
everything I hope you guys are having an
awesome weekend and I’ll see you
guys in my next article love you all.


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