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what’s up you guys welcome back to the
website today I’m coming at you with yet
another Amazon legging hole under (price maybe change when you buy)
because your girl she’s always looking
for steals and deals so we’re gonna be
testing a few of these beauties right
now trying it on doing the whole nine
yards seeing what’s worth it
which ones just from you best avoid girl
I did one of these articles a month or so
ago and you guys really liked it so I’m
thinking about making this a series so
comment down below

Amazon legging under-(price maybe change when you buy) thinking about
it let me know if you like that idea
so we have four different leggings from
four different brands that we’re gonna
be talking about today
oh girl they’re real pretty I’m not
gonna lie they give me some spring few
goods inside so I hope you guys like
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chit-chatting to do everything will be
linked down below in case you guys want
to take a closer look so legging number

Brand Gibeah LEGGINGS

one no this is from a brand Gibeah okay
well this isn’t their color contoured
gray this is a seamless legging for only
(price maybe change when you buy) seamless right off the back
this is high-waisted a ribbed high waist
it is extremely thin I can tell you
right here right now the material is so
super thin that light if you’re not
totally careful you could poke your
sharp nail through it you could
aesthetic wise it’s gorgeous I love this
contour it’s that dotted
or you got the booty contour lots of
movement with it I really dig those
kinds of leggings where it’s seamless
you just got a lot of movement it makes

you look super athletic I dig it
this isn’t a size medium okay and if you
guys watch my articles you would know I’m
a natural size small in most of active
wear but according to their size guide I
did size up to a medium I’m glad I did
it does fit well so keep that in mind to
check the size guides cuz this baby you
might want to size up and I will have my
measurements link down below for your
a reference I am 5 foot 3 and this
actually came to a really nice length so
I’ll give them that

Breathable and super-light LEGGINGS

thank you these are not compressive at
all they’re super lightweight
they’re like feathery light leggings if
you like that you like to feel very
breathable and super-light you don’t
need that heavy compression these are
great especially for not even (price maybe change when you buy) but
with that being said they are not [ __ ]
perfect so keep that in mind grow if you
plan on squatting at that gym you might
want to go at no one’s around on their
a website I will say claims to be 70
to 80 percent swap roof so they didn’t

lie they didn’t try to pass these off as
being squat proof so I appreciate that
but if you’re just looking for a basic
pair of leggings that are wicking they
they are still wicking and honestly
perfect for summertime when you’re
sweating up a storm out there I really
do appreciate this material it is nylon
and polyester and spandex so you got the
stretch you got the wicking capabilities
however, I don’t know if you will be able
to see a little bit of dampness because
this is such a light gray color but
nonetheless still has those capabilities
he does have the four-way gusset the
stretch so you can pretty much do what
you need in here you can use it for

Super high waist LEGGINGS

warming up yoga these are actually very
versatile in that sense just not high
impact I would say it does give me the
slight camel tell because they are so
thin but keep in mind guys like they’re
only (?) dollars not even so
that’s okay they went a little bit on
this material but if that works for you
then these are dope I would say nice
contour overall really nice fit these
for me is a super high waist like you can
even see where the band meets the gusset
is a lot of material in between so it

does come very high you’re just looking
for a nice inexpensive cheap pair of
leggings to just wear out and about or
do things in the comfort of your own
home type of workouts are dope
absolutely but if you’re looking for
something, where you’re gonna, is doing
crazy stuff in front of people really
your best look the other way okay girl
if you came here for some spring vibes I
got it going on for you this next
the legging is from the brand u G trade this
is in the color pink this came in at

Most expensive LEGGINGS

(price maybe change when you buy) the most expensive of the bunch
but guys it came in a packet – that’s
what’s up so even though these are the
most expensive out of the bunch for
getting – they’re technically only (price maybe change when you buy)
bucks each so are they the cheapest out
of the bunch
perfect so these are high waisted nice
ribbed detail throughout this is one big
giant rib if you like that kind of
the texture you love rib I love it I think
it’s awesome it’s dope this is it this
is the legging for you it is not a swap
the roof no siree but this is actually one
of my favorites that you’re gonna see
today because there is a little bit of a
contour like it seemed here running down
the middle of your boot it really

helps a gal out who doesn’t really have
the peach you know what I’m saying like
for me I can’t really get my booty to
hug the material like some girls a
they’re gifted with a nice plump peach
I’m just not it’s all good but this does
it’s for me and you even have the contour
of the band the ridge man
down like an arrow that is arrow-shaped so
really just give that like an illusion I
hope you like bigger peach it gives the
actual peach shape to your bum so I
really appreciate that and I have to say
this is honestly what really saved these
leggings are that in general, it is

Lightweight LEGGINGS

extremely stretchy the
materials not ultra-thin like the grey
ones you saw but it’s not super thick
either these are still perfect for
spring and summer it’s still lightweight
and breathable but it still has material
to be able to wick moisture according to
their size guide I did have the size up
to a medium if it’s very well there’s so
stretchy that I almost feel like I could
have gotten away with a small but I
didn’t want to take that risk anyway
because seeing as their amount of Square
proof for even being sized up I don’t

want to know how bad that would be this
does give me a slight camel toe nothing
crazy and it comes up to a nice length
okay these aren’t overly long for me for
a 5 foot 3 year this is excellent
excellent thank you so it does have a
nice four-way stretch gusset crotch
altogether this legging up even the
color like everything about it the the
ribbed texture the material just
everything is legit I love it this would
be a 100% recommendation if it was squat
proof like fully but because it’s not I
wouldn’t give it a 10 out of 10 but bro
this is so so so so so so so close and
a big reason is that it really does
really make the peach just no girl

High-waisted seamless LEGGINGS

that’s why we are all here we want our bum
to look good and I do want to note that
these were actually the highest rated
leggings out of the bunch at four and a
half stars so I’m not the only one who’s
really love this especially cuz I got
an extra one so if anything bad happens
to as long I got it back up alright guys
legging number three we got going on so
this is a high-waisted seamless at
(price maybe change when you buy)
(?) dollars it’s in the color pink
I only see much pink that’s just me

so this eye sized up according to their
guide to a medium and they fit fine
in fact, I really do believe I could have
gotten small and been okay with it
nevertheless yeah trust the guide
sometimes and just fit very well
A high waist is super high on me like
super high if I were to pull it up all
the way it goes right up to my toddies
literally, I don’t totally hate that I’ve
like high waist
clearly like I’m a highways kind of gal
so if you appreciate that highway it’s
go for a girl

Heavy ribbed moto LEGGINGS

moderate compression not really like
it’s again like too moderate he does
give me a little bit of the camel toe
you do have a gusset crotch on here love
the movement absolutely you have a ton
of things going on here you have
a little bit of that booty contour then
you have a little more of the darker
heavy ribbed moto type of contour down
here you have the long rib going down
all around the lower part of your leg
rib it’s just an overall beautiful
design and it does make my peach look
decent cuz you have that little slight
seen going down the back of your booty
like the pink ones

so I appreciate it and for me these were
squat roof so again this is just me I
tested it in natural light and for me
these were swamp proof that’s a really
good price for spa proof seamless
leggings it is made out of nylon and
spandex so it does have the wicking
capabilities and it is very very
stretchy and the length on this was
slightly long on me but nothing Craig I
would definitely try more of their gear
for sure especially for the price
looks like it’s legit if you’re looking
for a cheap pair of seamless leggings
that looks really nice and flattering
totally yeah

Amazon leggings

okay last legging we’re going to be
talking about today is actually from a
a brand that I personally love and it’s
from none other than running girl if you
remember my last Amazon leggings under
(price maybe change when you buy) you would know that I did the teal
original this that I have that teal that
fades into white love it as I love
that freaking legging this one’s in
Their ombre purplish so straight up
right here right now this is the only
legging out of the bunch that I have in
my proper size is small so it is

absolutely true to size I appreciate
that it’s super flattering the contours
are absolutely beautiful let’s not even
talk about how gorgeous the ombre is we
all know we all know is that girl the high
waist ribbed this is a 100% like a
seamless legging and it was only (?)
dollars and 85 cents so I mean I don’t
know how to do it but yeah this baby was
squat proof for me so that’s another
thumbs up it did not give me a camel toe

Compression LEGGINGS

this is a moderate compression not high
but it’s not light like the other ones
this is a moderate compression type of
legging if you are somebody looking for
a little more compression still a
gorgeous inexpensive legging and most
importantly seamless than running girl
and again you guys with that little like
raised contour on the booty crack
running girl has that so it kind of just
like has that little bit of grab to the
glutes girl if you’re anything like me
you appreciate it

because my glutes don’t do it by
themselves I work on that and this baby
is made out of nylon polyester and
spandex is so super stretchy wicking and
the polyester I like that material a lot
because it’s just like a nice higher
quality type of addition to a legging
the movement on this like just the
details, in general, are gorgeous running
a girl has my vote that’s just my personal
opinion all right I’ve had nothing but
great experiences with this brand
alright guys so that concludes yet
another Amazon legging haul under (price maybe change when you buy)
trying to save that money girl you feel

New activewear brands on Amazon LEGGINGS

so if you like this article definitely let
I know if you want to see more like
this like I said before you guys want to
see this as a series of constantly
trying new activewear brands on Amazon
all under (price maybe change when you buy) bucks let me know because I
really enjoy these articles and if my
chance there was something I didn’t
touch base on that you’re curious about
these leggings or anything on my down
below oh you know me help you out for
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thank you all so much for reading
see you in my next article.

Height: 5′ 3″
Bust: 31″
Waist: 25″
Hips: 37″


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