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hello everyone I’m here again to share
with you guys another article testing out
some new things that I found on Amazon
we are venturing down this road together
of products that Amazon recommended
specifically for me
Amazon creates this page that has
different categories of products that
are recommended for you based off of
past searches or props that you purchase
that they’re like hey if you like that

you’ll probably like this Emily got real
personal and judgy but that’s okay I
forgive you Amazon so I wanted to share
with you guys my sort of a testing out
of these different products over the
last week or so seeing what they’re all
about and see if their products
that I would actually incorporate into
my everyday life and they’re actually
worth the recommendation so give this
article a thumbs up and make sure you’re
subscribe so you don’t miss out on new
articles here every Saturday and without
further ado let’s dive into this the

Mini Desktop Crumb/Dust Collector

the first product seemed pretty
straightforward it is one of those
desktop dust or crumb vacuums so we are
in the office and I’m going to be
testing out this one of those like
little electronic dust collectors for
the desktop so you can use it either on
your desk you can use it wherever
basically wherever you have crumbs I
mean let’s be honest that’s like
basically all over my house first things

batteries cuz obviously it’s pretty
a cheap didn’t come with them alright
she’s ready so now I’m just going to
turn it on where’s the oh there is
I’m just I guess moving it around so it
cleans up this stuff feeling it against
my hand like I don’t feel a lot of
suction so it’s not gonna pick up
anything major let’s try it on my
kitchen table here
As you can see there is dust in there
so that’s good so it is picking up stuff
but I prefer the clothes that I got off
of Amazon, the Nano towels work
a lot better because you’re actually like

Cleaning the surfaces

cleaning the surfaces as well as getting
up all the dust so that would be my
preference over something like this
the suction wasn’t super strong that I
could use it to replace one of my
like my Dyson for example not that I
would expect a like $(?) things on to
replace my Dyson I can see it has like
very specific uses obviously like at a
restaurant for example and just getting
all those crumbs up and stuff but for me
in my everyday life, I would rather use a
the cloth I just don’t see myself reaching
for this product that much my kids did
like it though they were like zooming
that around and cleaning up stuff which
is great next up are some really

Clever Tongs

interesting looking tongs and not just
any tongs but they’re the ones that had this
like net like a look like one that like
a frog’s webbed foot this piece of
the silicone that is in between the tongue
arms and that creates like almost
like a little spoon so it’s like a tongs
and spoon combined so I thought I would
test it out in a bunch of different ways
and just kind of put it through the
tests in different capacities just to
see what it’s like here we have what is
called with clever tongs and they’re
clever because they have silicone in
between them, I guess so it came with two
different ones a smaller one and then a
bigger one so I figured because it’s

Silicone Scrubbing Dishwashing Gloves

At lunchtime I’m gonna have some leftover
spaghetti and I’m gonna see if I can
like a shovel that I also want to use
it for like flipping pancakes and stuff
and just kind of see how usable this is
like it feels like it’s good
construction its dishwasher safe it was
easy to clean as I cleaned it
obviously, before I’m gonna handle it
with food and yeah like it’s good like
silicone and everything I’m kind of
excited let’s give these go
alright let’s heat up some spaghetti

like I want to see if I can shovel it in
but I also want to like be able to stir
with it because I don’t want to keep
this and have like a spoon for stirring
and then this for shoveling okay that’s
just a pretty good job look at that like
I’m actually getting a lot of spaghetti
here like obviously spaghetti is super
messy so this isn’t the easiest thing
but it’s doing a good job so far so good
let’s try the smaller one a little baby
one also works really well okay so hello
we’re gonna be doing tacos tonight so
I’m going to try it with like all that
taco filling and see if I can fill our


tacos up with that and then tomorrow
the morning we’re trying pancakes because I
don’t want to do just one test like we
need to be thorough see you
for dinner okay Chris is gonna be trying
the tongs this time
pretty good right I had a good
experience with the tube but I didn’t
want to say anything till you try it
like if I’m trying to get a wallet
I kind of thought it would follow more but
it doesn’t as much as I thought yeah try
right is it different from beef we’ll

find out what do you think of the bigger
ones versus the smaller ones this one
just won’t pick up as much more as I
thought they would I feel like I have
less control I like the smaller ones better
interesting alright so for scooping they
are good okay now you’re gonna be
testing out the pancakes it’s the next
morning pancakes are necessary I don’t
even know what time it is 11:51
absolutely best time for pancakes the

Brunching Huge Pancake

it’s basically brunching right you’ve seen
them scoop but can they flip and
apparently, all they can flip is pancakes
yeah that’s what we’re gonna test
that’s a huge pancake is that even gonna
like fit it I don’t know that’s desi
alright so the pancake is ready to flip so I
need to attempt to throw
underneath here oh okay it needs to be a
certain size because these little things
on it like this isn’t actually going to flip
can i grab it let’s try grabbing it
nope absolutely not there we go try
the smaller pancake this time and see if
that works

oh that’s oh how am I supposed to flip
it doesn’t laugh at me you know like
everyone fails Philip so the tongs
themselves were very good quality like I
thought that the quality of them was
good like it didn’t feel like it was
gonna break it didn’t feel super cheap
or anything like that I loved the fact
that they had a bigger one a smaller one
for differing purposes does it flip no
no it doesn’t I can see myself reaching
for it in very specific situations like
the ground beef I thought that was great
it held more product to me than one
of my bigger serving spoons would so
like something like that I would use it
for but I wouldn’t go out of my way to
purchase it again if that makes sense if

Cleaning Product

you can see yourself using it and having
a lot of uses for it the quality is good
but like it’s not something that I would
personally, be using often now on to a
cleaning product because Amazon up until
this point has been very clear that I
need help cooking and cleaning a lot
Joji Amazon
it’s very judging but this was a brush
set from awesome and I love work so I like
the brand I use at a lot of
different capacities in my kitchen and
just organizing in general so when this
is recommended I was like well yeah it’s
gonna be great I’m gonna love it okay
good morning everyone

so has these like brushes here it has
this little silicone edge for like
inside drains and stuff and it can be
used on stovetops like sings bathtubs
all that kind of stuff so I figured we’d
like test it out I’m gonna clean off the
stove because I need to use it like I
just I honestly don’t know what
The silicon thing is actually gonna do it
looks like it’s like wiping a drain you
just see that but like couldn’t you do
that with a cloth and it would be just
as good, I don’t know what the silicon
does but lets Kuster that I tested it

It’s Pretty Dirty

with baking soda and vinegar and kind of
cleaning around on the stove as well as
in these like little parts on the side
of the stove with the little silicon
brush that’s really hard for me to get
with like cloth to the point where I
just like I mostly just give up which
isn’t great it’s pretty dirty but again
this is what it’s for deep cleaning
you’re not supposed to do deep cleaning
all the time right don’t make me feel
bad about this and I was skeptical about
that silicone thing on the end I was
like honestly what is that going to be

used for but like I used it it got a ton
of stuff lifted out of those little
corners and grooves that in most
capacities and like an everyday basis
you just kind of like skim over and you
get like the big areas but like it got
right in there I can see it having a lot
of uses but with the brushes I was kind
of wondering if it would be similar to
like a toothbrush that you could get for
like a dollar it kind of looks like that
right like there’s a brush at one end
and there’s like a pick at the other end
is this any different that’s something
you can pick it up from the dollar store

Quality Like The Durability

and have used this a couple of times
now I would say that the quality like
the durability of the bristles is going
to be better in the Aqsa product I like
that it has like a nice grip and handle
it’s not super flimsy or anything
like that so it’s not gonna break it’s
not going to do it just it feels
sturdier than a toothbrush would and the
silicone was actually nice I don’t think
you could find like a toothpick
like you know those little silicone ones
that would be similar to them wanting that
one and I found myself using that

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set

silicone and a lot but again it has very
specific purposes that it can be used
like you know I mean how often do
you deep clean your house once every
five years every year every month I
don’t know it wasn’t something that I
thought I needed but it turns out I
actually do so thank you Amazon for
showing everyone how dirty my stove was
now on to the silicone kitchen scrubby
glove things they looked really cool and
I was getting a lot of like mixed
reviews from people from obviously there
are a ton of these from a bunch of
different sellers, I bought the ones that

specifically added my recommendations
but from other sellers people were
saying that they are very slippery and
that you know they almost broke a lot of
their dishes and it just didn’t do a
really good job so I was watching out
for things like that so I thought I
would test them out see how well they
work but they can also be used because
they’re silicone for taking stuff out of
an oven they can be disinfected in
boiling water they can be used for like
grooming your pets like they have a
whole bunch of different uses so let’s

Cleaning my Dishes

see how they do with cleaning my dishes
first and honestly like I was washing
all my stuff with it and I found them to
do a good job I didn’t find them to be
like slippery or anything like that they
had a really good grip on them and I was
able to get into all those like areas
and really like cleaning everything however
there are some things that I would want
that would make these gloves like next
level good first of all on the back
unlike it could be the whole hand it
could just be like the knuckle area but
I want you to know the green side of

sponges like that kind of material I
want that on the knuckles so I can like
get into all the corners and like really
like get all the grime up you know like
that was one thing that I found to be
annoying I was getting tired of going
and also I would love to have like a
faux like a silicone nail that sounds so
weird what am I doing but like just to
like a chip off areas that you would try
and like get off with your nail anyway
like I feel like that would be super
helpful I do that with like this side of
um I have a brush like in the kitchen it
has like a little plastic piece that I

Nitty-Gritty Spots

use for like scraping up stuff if I need
to and I feel like that would have been
nice to have as well now that might get
on the way now that I think about
it may be on the thumb so as you know
you can then it’s not going to bump
into stuff as you’re trying to like
clean I don’t know I’m just I’m
brainstorming my mother-in-law really
likes them she said that they felt
really nice on her hands she liked being
able to use her hands to clean and
get into all those like little

nitty-gritty spots of like pots and pans
and stuff I don’t know honestly this
feels like such a negative article I feel
like I hated most of the stuff but I
don’t know if you guys know this but I’m
very tall and therefore have very long
fingers and like big hands so I felt
like I wasn’t like getting a lot of room
to like move around a pot
I don’t know what I’m doing here but you
know I mean and all I wanted to do was
like curl up my hand and like get into
the little corners and stuff because I
felt like I wasn’t able to move around

Recommended on Amazon

enough and maybe that’s just the fact
that big hands and I’m tall and maybe
it’s easier for people who have smaller
hands I don’t know but honestly I really
I would buy them and I would use them if
it had like a scrubby side on the
knuckle part I’m 100% buy them again so
makers on Amazon can you do that, please
that would be great
what is the products that you guys have
been recommended on Amazon tell me some
of the weirdest stuff that you’ve seen
in your recommendations and you’re like

why Amazon leave me a comment down
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hope you guys are having an awesome
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all in my next article love you all.


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