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– Hello everyone!
Today, I’m teaming up with Nordstrom
to share 25 of the best, most popular,
top rated, the best selling items
from Nordstrom of all time.
Honestly, it’s just my opinion,
but honestly, everyone gonna agrees with me
because these items are so good.
I don’t know why though, I’ve never even done this article
because I’ve done it with other brands in the past,
but Nordstrom is my favorite store of all time.
So here we are.
So I have everything broken up into categories.
We’re going to start with clothes,
then move on to shoes, handbags, and accessories,
and then finish with beauty.
And I’ll have everything linked down below

25 Trending Products Amazon

according to the number that you see on the screen,
so it makes it super easy to shop
if you happen to be interested.
So let’s get started.
Number one, so as always,
I’m starting with what I’m wearing.
It’s this Treasure & Bond bodycon dress.
Nordstrom’s just known for it.
It’s just something that kind of always in stock.
A lot of these items
are just like, they’re just known
for being at Nordstrom, but this is one of them.
And people buy this dress year after year.
It’s just so comfortable.
It’s easy, but it’s so incredibly flattering.
It comes in many colors because people buy one
and then they love it so much and wear it so much.
They buy it in multiple colors.

So again, here it is.
It’s, there’s ruching along the sides.
It’s so flattering, easy.
The length is great.
You can dress it up, dress it down, highly recommend it.
Now, if you want a totally different dress
but still super cute, super wearable, easy,
consider this BP dress.
So BP is one of my favorite brands at Nordstrom.
Their quality is great
but their price point is very affordable, but it’s…
I’m telling you, it’s not cheap at all.
Like it feels real, real good.
So anyway, this is a really nice
kind of, it’s like a floral dress but it’s kind of just…
It’s cute.
It’s not too short.

Nordstrom rack return

I feel like it’s like a great summer option
but the price point is even better.
Another BP item to consider
is this black sweatshirt pullover
It’s like half a zipped colored sweatshirt
and it just…
The price point’s awesome,
but honestly, I feel like it looks kind of more expensive
then it really is.
It has just this elevated, but kind of sporty look to it.
And I do have it in a size small.
So when I link everything down below.
I’ll also include my sizing just for reference
in case that helps you.
I am five foot, five.

But yes, I love this.
Next, let’s talk about some good old basic tees.
Everyone needs some basic shirts in their wardrobe,
I’ve said that time and time again, and I have many.
But I’ve noticed that I consistently reach for certain ones,
halogen being like the best.
Like this particular material,
I don’t know what it is,
I’m sure it’s some type of blend
but it’s just so incredibly soft.
It’s just the softest material.
So anyway, this comes in many colors,
like black, white, neutral.
I have it in like a blush pink as well.
I mean just if you’re in the market,

Most Popular items on Amazon

like if you need to kind of update your basic tees,
buy these.
The next few items that I’ll be sharing
are all by the brand Zella which is also known
for being a Nordstrom people flock to it,
super high quality.
Everyone’s always happy with the items
that they purchase from Zella.
So I want to start with these Zella joggers
which I’ve had for years.
I’ve hiked in them, I’ve traveled in them.

I’ve worn around the house countless times.
Like, I wear these all the time.
They still look brand new.
So these are still available at Nordstrom.
They do come in other colors,
like black and this gray color
which I actually quite like.
But yes, it’s definitely something to consider,
but let’s next move on to the leggings and the biker shorts,
because that’s probably what Zella is most known for.
Okay, I had to get them out of my drawer.
So here we are.

Top selling items on Amazon 2021

Here are the black leggings
and then here are the biker shorts.
I, honestly, don’t even know which ones I like more.
I kind of just wear them equally.
Although, I have so many black leggings,
I mean, from tons of brands.
These are the ones I’ve had the longest out of any brand
and they still have held up the best.
They are super thick but like not too thick
but they’re just very smooth
and they kind of suck you in.

They have a very good reputation and that’s probably why.
And then again, the biker shorts,
if you’re into that kind of thing,
I don’t love it for the style.
I mean, they were super instyled there for a while,
but honestly, it’s just the comfort.
These are so comfortable.
And then duh!
While we’re talking about leggings,
I mean, these had to be in the article.
These are iconic to Nordstrom.

Best nordstrom anniversary sale items

They’re the Spanx faux leather leggings.
And if you’ve been following me for a while now,
you’re super sick of me recommending them,
but they’re just that good.
I ended a whole article online with 19 ways to style them.
You can dress them up, you can dress them down,
the middle of the road.
Like literally, I didn’t think I needed these but I did.
The next clothing set you should consider
is the Nordstrom moonlight PJs. Yes!
I don’t care what color you get or the pattern.

They’re constantly updating them, this long gone.
I’ve had this for so long
but it’s really just about the material.
This material, guys, so soft, so stretchy.
It’s magic. It’s magic material.
And so again, I’ll link them below.
There’s a lot of different styles,
colors, patterns to choose from.
It’s really just about the moonlight PJs
and whatever line that is because it’s darn good.
Next, we’re moving on to a new category.

Nordstrom return to nordstrom rack

We’ve got shoes, handbags, and accessories coming your way.
So we’re gonna start off with shoes,
some sneakers more specifically.
I’ve got two pairs to consider, but both are beige.
I feel like beige sneakers are really in right now,
and oftentimes it’s kind of hard to get your hands on them.
So the first one we have is by Steve Madden
and here they are.
So I love the color of them.
I love the style.
I love how they’re a little bit trendy
but they’re still kind of classic,

just like an easy wearable sneaker that’s cool.
It’s eye-catching because the side of them,
they do have some gem details,
so it does catch the light.
But the main side that you really see is more subtle.
But again, it’s really just the color that I love.
It’s the style.
They’re super comfortable too.
They are true to size and I just love wearing them.
Now, if you want just more of a classic athletic look,
definitely consider the best-selling Adidas
Swift Run sneakers.
These are so well known.

Best sellers in Amazon

Everyone loves them.
I do have them in the beige color.
Again, I just love this color for sneakers
but you can get them in, like, whatever color
of your heart desires.
I mean, they come out with new colors all the time
because people love these so much.
I think right now they actually might be on sale.
Don’t hold me to that, but I think they are.
Next, we have these SamEdelman sandal slides.
I’m obsessed with these.

Like, so is everybody else at Nordstrom.
I mean, these are very, very popular.
I cannot recommend them enough.
They are a little pricey.
Totally worth the money.
I wear these more than basically any shoe in my whole closet
at least during the spring and summertime.
They’re awesome.
You literally can wear them with anything. just keep them beside the door.
I slipped them on with dressier things.
I slip them on with like distress, cutoff shorts
like they just work at all times.

Best selling products on Amazon

So they have them in many colors
but I’m very partial to the camel, cognac color.
Next, we have the, again, Sam Edelman loafers.
I won’t spend too much time on these
just because I feel like I’ve covered them
for years at this point
but that just means they really are that good.
I have them in black and beige.
Again, so many colors to choose from,
but they’re just classic loafers.

Do not, well, I mean you can, but I just,
I’m not a huge fan of the Gucci loafers.
I know those are like super classic, very high-quality
but so are these.
These are a fraction of the price point
but they have lasted me for years
and they’re just an awesome essential everyday shoe
to have in your closet.
All right, so if you want
just like a really, really good pair of slippers
that is going to last you for many years,

Most bought items on Amazon

I definitely recommend these UGG slippers
which have just grown exponentially in popularity.
Like I think when UGGrelease these slippers,
they had no idea how popular
they were actually going to get.
They’re still going strong.
I’ve actually gotten many of my friends hooked on these
and they’re completely sold.
Like, they are just so good.
And I love how they keep your feet warm and cozy
but not enough, like your feet, don’t sweat in this.
I love this band in the back.

So it actually keeps them on your foot.
This is just something
that you’re not gonna know that you’re gonna love
until you try it.
So when I think about jewelry at Nordstrom,
Kendra Scott usually comes to mind.
So I am wearing a pair of earrings.
I actually have her bracelets.
I have a few necklaces of hers.
These are new earrings that I ordered
and I like how they always come beautifully packaged.
So her jewelry, I feel like makes a great gift,
especially because her jewelry designs are great
for like any age.

Amazon top selling

I see teens and 20-year-olds wear them, the 30s, 40s,
all the way up to like grandmas.
Like her designs are kind of inspired
by different gemstones
like this is a very neutral gemstone.
Everything comes in gold or silver tones.
I really like the neutral colors
but you can definitely get them with more pops of color.
Let’s talk about sunglasses.
I’ve said this time and time and time again
that these are the best sunglasses at Nordstrom.
They are by the brand Quay,

which I mean, they have so many different colors and styles
to choose from, but I’m here to say still.
These are the best.
So I love how they are kind of like an aviator style
but they start in the gradient.
So they start darker at the top and they moved to clear
but they’re in the 57millimeter size frame.
And so they just look so good on basically any face
because they’re slimming, they’re not too overpowering.
Oh my gosh, I love these.

Trending products on Amazon

Guys, if you’re a sunglasses person, which I’m actually not
but these are the only ones that I will wear
on a very consistent basis,
mainly, because they make me look pretty good.
Let’s talk bags.
So you can get so many different bags,
very high-end expensive designer bags
all the way to more just everyday affordable options.
But one of my most recent favorite purchases
has been this Tory Burch bag.
You can get so many different story Burch styles at Nordstrom
but this one is just, I mean, it’s pricey.

It is like a contemporary designer
but I just love how it does look
a little bit more elevated and dressy,
but you can definitely wear this
with any casual outfit as well.
It’s just one of those styles.
That’s very versatile.
It’s also versatile with the chain.
So the chain is this beautiful gold chain.
I love the Tory Burch logo on it.
It does open with a magnetic closure
and then the inside,

Items on Amazon

it is like a crossbody size,
but it’s a nice chunky square size that holds quite a bit.
And the magnetic closure is super strong.
So I’ve been loving this.
Okay, now, if you want a more affordable everyday bag option
and I’m starting this out in a completely different color
then what you might expect,
because I have, believe it or not,
shared this bag so many times but it’s a reversible tote.
So I feel like every time I share it,
I do have it on the black side,
which you will see here in the footage
of me flipping it inside and out.

So you really get two bags in one with this tote bag.
The quality is amazing.
I’ve had this for so long.
I wear it all the time.
Definitely recommend it.
And it does come in other color combos.
So if you’re not a fan of leopard or black,
you can get it in like black and like a camel color.
I think there’s even beige and a camel color
but definitely recommend this.
The price is awesome.
But again, you get two bags for one.

Most Popular Products on Amazon

Next, we’re moving into the beauty category
and I’m actually starting
with more expensive designer products.
And I’m not saying you need to spend tons of money
on designer, luxury makeup.
Like, no.
But there are certain things that I do like to splurge on.
I feel like it is worth the extra money
and some of these items, you really can’t find anywhere else
’cause they just don’t carry these brands.
So this is actually the Dior lip glow oil.
So to me, it is just so different
then some of the other lip products
that I’ve tried in the past.

It is more expensive.
To me, it’s worth the money
but I have it in the shade pink 001.
It’s not much of color though.
It is like a sheer pink
but honestly, it’s just the formulation.
It’s like an oil, so it’s not sticky
but it really makes your lips look super wet
and just like divine and luscious,
like it makes your lips look so nice
and I love wearing it on its own.
I like wearing it over top lipsticks and lip liners.

Top selling Amazon Products 2021

This is just totally worth the money, in my opinion.
The last designer makeup product I’m going to recommend,
and then we’re gonna get to something
a little bit more affordable,
is this Gucci mascara.
Okay, I know it’s ridiculous.
Like I never thought I would order a Gucci mascara
but I kept seeing how amazing Gucci makeup was,
and so I ordered this because it had really good reviews
and I am super sold on it.
Like it really is nice…
I honestly don’t know if it’s the formulation or the brush,
it’s like a good combo of both.

It just really separates my lashes,
makes them look really long and full.
Just like all the things you want a good mascara to do.
So if you feel like trying something new,
definitely give this a try.
I think you will like it.
But honestly, it’s just caused me to want to experiment
with some other Gucci products
which is honestly just annoying.
Next, we have Charlotte Tilbury makeup.
So it’s definitely less expensive than Gucci or Dior
but it’s more expensive than say like a drugstore.
But the quality is awesome.

Hot selling items on Amazon

I am consistently impressed with almost every product
I ever try by Charlotte Tilbury.
So I’ve just narrowed it down to just my favorite things.
First being this bronzer, what does it even call it?
It’s the airbrush bronzer.
I have it in shade three.
It’s just my favorite bronzer by far.
It’s so good.
Next, we have this eye shadow palette.
It’s small but mighty.
It’s just a really good slew of awesome shades.
There are matte shades and shimmery shades,
and they’re definitely on the warmer side.

I use it every day
but then also it’s great for travel because of the size.
And then let’s talk about their lipsticks.
So everyone talks about the Pillowtalk shade
which is apparently known for being like the best shade
for every skin tone.
And I do like it, I have it.
But honestly, I wear this color more.
It’s called Penelope Pink.
It’s more of a pinky neutral color or nude color.
So anyway, I just thought I’d throw it out there
because it’s my favorite.

25 Trending Products Amazon

Another best-selling product from Nordstrom,
Honestly, this is kind of a newer thing
but it’s just gaining way more popularity.
The reviews are really good.
It’s called Darkly and its actually an SPF 30 sunscreen,
but it’s a powder formulation.
So you open it like this, it comes with a brush,
you push it down a little bit
and you just brush it directly onto your face,
your shoulders, your neck.
It’s sheer. It’s not gonna give your color or anything.
But I’ve been using it
and I’ve actually been using it on my kids as well.

I actually just like keeping it right in my purse
and I can just grab it and put it right on my kid’s face
too, say, we’re at the park or we’re out and about.
And it’s just way easier than lotion
and it works really well.
The next few product recommendations
are all by the brand T3,
which is my favorite hot tools brand.
Not only because they just through the best
and they work the best, but they’re just really stylish.
Like they just look so darn good in my bathroom.
I love the white and the rose gold accents.
And this is my newest purchase.

Amazon popular items

This is the T3 Fit dryer.
So it’s really just like a small hairdryer,
but my goodness, is it powerful?
Yeah, it has a lot of different heat settings
and cooling settings, and different fan options.
It’s great for travel because of the size
but, really, I just like it in my bathroom.
It fits well into my drawer.
It’s not super bulky, but again, very powerful.
Next, we have the Lucea I-
(curling iron whooshes)
Wow. That just turned on.

I didn’t realize I had it plugged in. I do.
Anyway, this is the Lucea ID straightener
and this is the curl ID curling iron.
Now, these are very high-tech, really awesome.
Read the instructions because at first, I didn’t.
I didn’t realize how adaptive these are.
So basically what you do,
you turn it on and you can set your own hair setting.
So you insert or you select
like I’ll show you on the screen.
It’s really cool and futuristic
with a white light-up screen.

Best selling products for women’s

Anyway, you insert your, like the length of your hair
the texture of your hair,
and whether or not it’s been colored or not.
And then it really picks, like, the ideal settings
for your hair.
And obviously, you can change it to like manual mode
and really just do what you want.
But honestly, this is just great
for the health of your hair
and, again, it just works super well.
One last thing about this curling iron.
I love how it does have a clamp,

so you can use it more like a traditional curling iron,
but don’t forget you can also flip it upside down
and use it like a wand and wrap your hair around.
It works great that way too.
And that’s how I styled my hair today.
Next, we have Paula’s Choice exfoliant,
which again, very bestselling.
It’s a top-rated product.
People buy it on repeat.
As soon as they’re empty, they order another one.
And I decided to put it in this article
because as of very recently,
I’ve decided I need to start using it again.

Everything is awesome.

So I recommended this probably a year or so ago.
I had been using it very consistently.
My skin was really good.
And Im not like right now,
when you’ve seen me use it,
my skin’s not awful, but there’s definitely more texture
and a little bit more like spots on my face,
and this just really works to kind of resurface your skin.
So I ordered it again and Im going back on it.
Alrighty, so those are the 25 best top-rated
most popular items that you can find at Nordstrom.
Everything is awesome.
I’ll have it all linked down below as I mentioned
but if you enjoyed this consider giving it a thumbs up,
and liking and sharing.


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