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25 cool things to buy on Amazon. MOST-LOVED items by Amazon customers! These items are best-sellers, must-haves, favorites, and very high-top rated!! 4-5 star reviews! Everything is also very affordable! I hope you enjoy it.

– Well, hello everyone.
Today I’m sharing 25 most-lovedAmazon customer products.
So I did an article kind of similar to this pretty recently.
I’ll link it right up here, it was really popular.
It seemed like you guys really enjoyed it,
I loved filming it.
So we’re back here again for kind of round two.
These items are completely different,
but we’re covering things in fashion,
home decor, organization,
just all kinds of things that people love.
Very popular, very highly-rated items.
So as I go along, I will number everything

25 cool things to buy on Amazon Reviews

it will be linked by that number.
So it’s really easy to find if you do happen
to be interested in anything.
So, let’s get started.
Okay, so the very first item
that I’m sharing is this stainless steel
French press coffee maker which I only ordered purely
because it’s one of the most-loved items on all of Amazon.
Everyone loves this thing, it’s under (maybe change when you buy).
And so another reason I wanted to order it
and kind of test it out for you guys is
that I do have that Breville espresso machine.

It’s like almost (maybe change when you buy)and I’m telling, like,
when I ordered that thing,it was like 400 something.
It’s gone up in price like crazy.
So I just wanted to give you guys kind of a different option
if you’re a coffee lover like me, this is amazing.
Like truly for under ( maybe change when you buy)bucks, this is awesome.
So as you can see, I’m almost done with this cup
but basically, you just fill it up
with water and coffee grounds.
It’s like a French press.

You fill it up with coffee grounds and water
and then you let it sit.
You stir it, you wait like four minutes
and then you press it down and then you pour it out.
And it’s awesome coffee,
definitely way better than classic drip.
It’s also really cute and chic.
And honestly, if you’re a coffee lover
and you’re interested in this,I definitely recommend it.
Oh, and if you are wondering what shirt I am wearing,
I often get questions about shirts I’m wearing in articles.
This is also from Amazon.
And I actually like it way more than I was expecting.
It’s really well-priced

Amazon home products

but this particular color and pattern
it’s kind of like springy and summery and beachy.
And I really like it.
So I’ll link that down below as well.
Okay so this next item, guys,
I honestly cannot recommend it enough.
This is phenomenal, I love this thing.
It is a humidifier/diffuser, but it’s just so big.
The reservoir for it is massive.
I actually use the huge water bottle that I use to drink
like a lot of water each day
to fill it up because it is just such a big reservoir
which is awesome because it literally lasts the entire day.

I don’t constantly have to be refilling it.
It really spouts out so much moisture
into the air which is great.
And I do like to add essential oils to it
which you can do and it’s just great.
You probably have seen the B roll of me using this.
I wanted to show you
how much it really puts out into the air
and it just works so well.
But I did move it to this different nightstand just
because there was a window there
and I thought it would be better lighting.
And I realized I have my pompous grass there.
Probably not great for the natural pompous grass.
I wouldn’t normally put it side by side
but I just wanted you to get a good look at this item.
And like I said it’s so, so much easier than all
of the other diffusers out there, at least that I have.

I don’t know, I’m going on and on.
I love this thing and it’s under maybe change when you buy.
So almost every single thing
in this article I’ve purchased myself to use
or to test out and a lot of things I send back.
I’m like, “This is bad,I don’t like this.”
But this scale was actually sent to me by Amazon to review.
So I actually already have a FitTrack scale
which sometimes I even promote
like I really do like my FitTrack scale.
If you follow me on Instagram,
you may have seen me talk about it and show it.

Amazon home decor

But this is (?) bucks, so this is a lot cheaper than that.
And to me, it does literally the exact same thing.
So if you’re not familiar
with this scale or this type of scale,
you step onto it and see how there are these pads here
and it actually measures13 different measurements
in your body that you can
then track your progress in an app.
And it works just as well
and it shows, obviously, your weight.
It shows percentages of your body fat,
and your hydration levels.

Like it’s really interesting what this measures
and it’s so cool that it can then track
in the app and then you can really see your progress
whether it be for losing weight
or even just getting healthy or building muscle.
So a lot of people love these.
And, as I said, I really do like my FitTrack
but you can’t beat the price.
This is under maybe change when you buy.
Okay, this next thing is really cool and something
I didn’t know that I need, okay, I don’t need this
but I just really enjoy having it.

Best home decor on amazon

So it’s a bedside caddy which sounds weird,
but it’s for anybody that doesn’t love the clutter
that accumulates on your nightstand beside your bed.
So, I mean, it happens to all of us
whether it be water bottles, remotes, maybe notebooks
if you journal or books that you read or magazines.
Literally like there’s just so much stuff that accumulates
on the nightstands beside our bed.
So this, you actually just stick into your bed
like into the mattress and then it kind of hangs
over the side and there’s a spot
for water bottles, books, magazines,

maybe like your Bible or devotions
or notebook, just so many things.
And then it’s kind of hidden under your covers.
It also comes in several different shades
to match your decor and it also comes with two
so you can have one on either side of your bed.
Another organizational thing that I have recently found
and recently loved, again, I ordered it
because everyone apparently loves this
but it’s drawer organizers, which I have a few already.

Best room decor on amazon

They were a lot more expensive
but there are still some drawers
that is kind of completely empty
and I just really enjoy having organizers
for my underwear, my socks, my bras.
Also my husband, Josh, his drawers are just terrible
so I ordered these to see
what they would be like and I’m sold.
So they are really cool and compact.
So they come kind of flat like this
and you open them and you just zip the bottom.
It makes them super sturdy and they all kind of
like fit together, but have different-sized sections.

So for example, this one opens up and it’s more square
which would be great for maybe ties or socks
or it could be your underwear.
Let me show you the largest one.
It opens like this and then like this
and also lots of different colors, as always.
And this one is a lot more squares,
but again you can just kind of fit them
into your drawers, however, you like.
Oh and I didn’t even show you this one.
It’s kind of like horizontal sections
which I think would be great for all of my bras.

Best household items on amazon

I’m now planning on ordering more for myself,
my husband and also my kids.
Oh and this next thing I also just really love.
I pulled it out of my bathroom.
I took all the products out
to bring them up here and show you guys
but it is like a product display organizer holder thing.
It’s made of bamboo, the quality is so nice.
It spins, it just looks so nice compared
to those clear, acrylic ones I usually see.
And don’t get me wrong,
I do like some of the clear products, I don’t know.
Like, I don’t know.

I have a few of those that like holding
some makeup brushes and whatnot.
And I don’t mind them but sometimes
I feel like they look a little bit cheap, it just depends.
But this, to me, looks so much more elevated.
It looks really stylish.
Like I actually like it in my bathroom
and it also is really functional because it does spin.
I feel like my products look really nice.
There are actually some cutouts up here
which I think is great for makeup brushes
and things that stand up.

You can also put things up here
but overall it’s just way better looking
than so many of the other versions that are out there.
Okay, so the next items
are these coordinating pillow covers.
So what I’ve kind of learned
through the years, and you guys probably already know this,
but it’s really best to just buy some pillows
that you like in the correct size
and then as styles change or you kind of want
to kind of want to like upgrade your space,
you just buy new pillow covers.

Amazon home décor best sellers

You don’t need to go out
and buy all new pillows every single time.
So I saw these and I just loved
how neutral they were.
This is kind of like a Chevroncolor or style or pattern.
This is more like a camel faux leather feel.
I just love the feel of it and the color.
This is more of like a chevron and this is striped.
So it just all works really well together
and, as I said, when this is out of style,
I can take the covers off, donate them,
and then order new covers that are kind of more
of the style that I’m then going for at that time.

Okay, so let’s get into some fashion items
because we all know that really where my heart is at.
And I have some really good things to show you.
So first up we have this cami and it was only?
So I wasn’t like, I don’t know.
I liked the style of it
but I just love it way more in person.
I love the detail of it.
It’s kind of like this cut-out detail.
It’s just so pretty, so feminine-looking,
and I love this button detail down the front.
I think it looks so nice by itself,
especially for spring and summer.
But you could also add a cardigan or a jacket.
It’s just really nice

Amazon home decorating items

like a lot nicer than some of my other camis.
Okay, so next up we have two pairs of sunglasses.
I couldn’t decide which ones were better.
So I’m just gonna show both
and I will link both under the same number
but you honestly cannot beat the style
of these and the price.
So I think this one’s like? bucks.
This one, this more retro,I think was? bucks.
But I really liked them both.
And, as you might not know,

if you’re new here I’m really not a fan of sunglasses.
I wear them more for style
and I know so many people are sunglasses obsessed?
So that’s again why sometimes I do order them
to kind of test them out
to kind of recommend good ones to you guys.
So I love these.
These are more like aviators, but yeah, love this style.
And these are a little bit more retro.
Also, love the style, but definitely one to consider.

Amazon kitchen items

Okay, this next fashion product is a total game-changer.
This is like life-changing levels.
So it is these shoelaces that are kind of like rubber
but they still look like they’re shoelace material
and they totally change the look
of your shoes to be that sleek look like here.
I did it on one shoe and left it on the other.
So here, as you can see,

these are kind of like converse-style shoes
but there’s like the floppyshoelaces that you have to tie.
A lot of people tie their shoelaces
in a way to kind of make it more sleek and straight
and then they like have to tuck
the ends in and it’s really uncomfortable.
That’s what I’ve done for years.
But these, you actually just loop through each side
so that it’s very sleek.

Cool things to buy on amazon

It’s really stretchy as well so you just slip your foot on.
But again, it’s not uncomfortable
with the shoelaces sticking out or under your foot.
And it gives that nice, sleek look.
So I think this is awesome.
Like awesome and great for kids too.
You don’t have to worry about tying shoelaces.
Like, I don’t know, like whoever invented this, good job.
So since we were just talking about shoes,
I thought I would move into these sneakers
that I recently ordered.
Again, because they came highly reviewed
and loved and they’re (?).
And so many times people are trying to find sneakers
in this shade because they’re very neutral.

They’re easy to wear with a lot
of different outfits and I love these.
They are so lightweight.
They’re very, very comfortable.
Honestly, more comfortable than the,
I think it’s a Nike pair that I have
that looks kind of similar to this.
I like these better.
So, as I said, if you can get them in black,
you can get them in white.
You could get them in other colors,
but oftentimes people are looking for this shade
and I think this is a great option.
Okay, now I’m gonna move into sandals
and I’m gonna show you kind
of my two favorite go-to pairs of sandals.
Both are from Amazon.

Bestseller Amazon

Again, I’ll just link both under this number.
One is definitely a lot more
expensive than the other.
So I’m gonna start off with these which I love.
These are by Sam Edelman.
I did actually order them from Amazon.
It’s one of their most popular styles
and the quality of these and the next pair
that I’m about to show, just great.
But these are like just under a ?,
so they’re definitely pretty expensive
but I just love the style of them.
And the color, I feel like they are sandals
that you can really dress up
and look very sophisticated and elevated

but then also dress down and be very, very casual.
They just slip on, they’re just great.
Like I will be wearing these all spring
and summer even into next year.
I can tell these are just like a go-to staple for me
but then the next pair I wore these the whole time I was
at the beach very recently and they held up great.
So these are by Amazon Essentials.
I think they’re like bucks.

Best things to buy on amazon

They also do come in like a camel color
if that’s your thing.
I ended up ordering them in black just for some variety.
And I can tell I will also be wearing these all summer long.
The quality, they’re so gushy and comfortable.
I wore these in the sand,I wore them by the pool.
They got really wet and sandy and they look brand new.
So just for like under (?) bucks, again.
If you like this style, I think you’ll really like it.
Speaking of me being at the beach
I thought I would pull this.
I literally just pulled this out of my suitcase
because we just got home from the beach like a day ago.
So this probably does need to be washed
but, oh my, I love it.

I will insert a photo.
I did a little photo shoot at the beach.
This is such a pretty dress.
I wore it twice while we were there.
I ordered it in this color which I’m so thankful for.
don’t normally order red,
but oh my goodness this is such a pretty dress
and it’s so flattering
because of the way you time it around your waist,
you can really look nice.
So the B roll is from me before we went on the trip.
And then, as I said, I wore it throughout the trip
and I love it even more than I was expecting.
So you can definitely get some other colors
in maybe blue or teal would be really nice.
But the red is stunning.

Top-selling items

The next item that is also loved by so many
which caused me to order it
for our short little beach vacation is this rattan bag.
So yeah, I wore it a lot.
I think it’s so fresh and summery and springy
it looks like you should be wearing it with sunshine.
It’s like the perfect time to order it
if you happen to really like it.
And it holds a lot.

So to open it, you just unsnap the top
and then it opens like that kind of like an accordion.
And as you can see,
it has this really pretty floral interior.
And then to close it, you just snap the top.
The strap is adjustable and, yeah, it looks really nice.
This next thing is really cool.
Like way better than that, there was one that was like
so popular on Amazon I think.
Maybe it was by Conair, I’m not sure.
And I did have it.

Top selling items on amazon

It did work, but I ended up just kind of stopping.
I just didn’t use it anymore.
This though, oh my.
Like, I am very impressed with this.
It’s by Hot Tools
and it is kind of like a hairdryer, but also a brush.
And it gets really hot, not too hot,
but like it does get hot and a lot of air comes out of it.
So you do use it when your hair is wet
and you kind of brush through your hair
and it gives you so much volume
it really actually makes your hair smooth
or just full of life.

Like, it really actually works.
One of my friends recommended this
and I saw her do it on Instagram, like on her stories.
And I was just like, “Oh my god.”
It was so impressive, soI ended up ordering it.
I didn’t realize how popular it actually is
because it actually works.
So yeah, I wanted to share this as well.
Next, we have these makeup brushes
which it doesn’t look so great in this orange bag
but when you open them up,
the quality of these bamboo makeup brushes is so impressive
for the total price of all of these being like (?) bucks.
So let me just hold on.
I put them all in this bag to show you.
Kabuki brushes, there’s blush brushes, foundation brushes,
eye shadow brushes, pencil brushes.

Best amazon products

Things for your eyebrows, eyeliner.
Like I just, I cannot.
I honestly cannot get over how soft
and high-quality these feel.
I’m not saying that they’re gonna last you a lifetime.
These were like (?) bucks, but the way this feels
if you’re in the market for some new makeup brushes.
Maybe you want to replace them, give these a try.
I think you’ll be really impressed.
Next, we have a product that you guys have been
recommending to me for years.

And I actually have known about this for a while
because my mom loves to use this and this is Color Wow.
So the purpose of this, it kind of like an eye shadow,
but it’s not eye shadow.
It is specifically for root coverup.
So I use this for a few different reasons.
First of all, I definitely get grays.
I’ve had grays since I was in high school
and I really don’t like to color my hair that often.
It’s just kind of annoying.
But this, the way it’s formulated,
it really covers up your gray hairs.
Even if it’s not gray hairs,

Useful things to buy on Amazon

it is also like to say you’re dyeing your hair
maybe a darker color and you’re more naturally blonde
or gray or whatever, you can really just cover
up your roots just to extend how long you need
to go in between dying your hair.
But also you can fill in your hairline.
Like, say you have maybe just thin hair or hair loss.
I did that for years,
then I started using a hair serum that really helped too.
That’s Vegamour, but this, yeah,
this is great along your hairlines
even when you have your hair pulled back.

There are just a lot of ways that you can use this.
And of course, it comes in many different shades
for whatever hair color you have.
This next product is called the dry, what are they called?
Drying lotion, it’s by Mario Badescu.
This is great for anybody that has blemishes
like acne, pimples, zits,
things on your face that don’t look good.
You take a Q-tip and it like all clear at the top
and then there’s like this pink, like thicker stuff
at the bottom and you just dip the Q-tip in
and then you spot treat before bed
and it really sucks out and dries out whatever’s going

The most expensive item on amazon

on in your face and you sleep overnight
and then you wash it off in the morning
and it completely drastically cuts the time
of you having that blemish
or the zit or the pimple or whatever.
Like it literally just like dries it out
to almost be not there, like it’s crazy.
So yeah, so many people love this.
My skin honestly has been a lot better lately
but still, when I do have spots, this works wonders.
Next, we have these reusable sandwich bags

which they’re kind of made of like a silicone material
and they’re just awesome for snacks, sandwiches,
freezing fruits and vegetables in the freezer, and leftovers.
Like there’s so much you can do with this.
I have two different sizes.
This is technical, I think, the sandwich size
but I ended up ordering it because we can use it
for packing lunches and that kind of stuff.
But we can also use it for even just snacks,
like dry cereal and obviously, it’s just way better
for the environment, less wasteful
with just buying plastic bags.

Home Products

This one though is great because it’s just a lot bigger
and I actually freeze bananas for smoothies and my acai bowls and it also stands up.
or like I said, it’s just a lot bigger.
So yeah, I really like these a lot.
Speaking of the kitchen and my acai bowls,
if you follow me on Insta, guys,
I am obsessed with my acai bowls.
I make one literally almost every single day.
And I am not somebody that ever, ever, ever buys cookbooks.
I actually hate cooking, but this is one
of the first cookbooks that I just fell in love with.
Like when I would look at it online
and I’m so happy I ordered it.

It’s actually, well, it’s called “Plant Over Processed”.
So this is all about not eating processed foods
but all just full of like the earthy thing.
So this is by actually another content creator.
Her name is Earthy Andy on Instagram
and I love following her.
She lives in Hawaii and she just really eats
kind of like plant-based but seriously,
the recipes in this book are phenomenal.
So I got it from Amazon, it’s so well-priced.
You could also get an ebook version
or, yeah, but I actually just wanted a hardcover
and the price was really good and, yeah.

Good ideas

It gives you just really good ideas.
This next item is one of those things,
it’s probably not the most fun thing to buy
but once you get it, you’ll be like,
“Wow, I’m so glad I have this.”
So it is a battery organizer
which I can not be the only one.
We have so many different batteries
indifferent sizes and they’re just in different drawers
or they’re just scattered all in one drawer
and it’s just very unorganized.

So now we have this and there’s a spot
for almost every size battery in a lot of spots
and what’s so cool about it is it also comes
with this battery checker.
So you can actually just stick a battery in here
and it will tell you if it’s completely full
or if it’s medium or it’s just time to replace it.
So no longer do you kind of have to guess
whether or not a battery is done or if it’s like used up.
You can just test it here
and then you can just also have a spot
to keep all of your batteries
in one spot, all neatly organized.
Next, we have these pet gloves.

Amazon returns

They’re like brushing gloves
and, wow, I should’ve cleaned them before I started.
But yeah, basically you just wear them like gloves
and then you pet your cat or your dog
and give them affection, they really love it.
It’s actually a really enjoyable experience.
But you’re brushing them at the same time.
And, as I said, this is full of cat hair.
I should have cleaned it before I started.
If you have a pet, maybe consider it.

So speaking of pet dander and allergies
and things floating around in our air,
if you’re interested in an air purifier,
I really like this one.
We’ve had this for months now and we love it.
So this one is actually my son’s.
So he keeps it in his room.
He actually just really likes it
because it has a subtle white noise sound to it.
But I like it being in there because it is an air purifier
and it has three different levels.

“What was the thing?

It’s like a four-system filtration thing inside.
It also has a UV light inside
which is also a way to boost filtration, I guess.
I think you can even turn it on like a nightlight.
You don’t have to, but yeah,
he loves it and it has really good reviews.
It’s under? bucks.
These next two things might have been
in my previous article that was similar to this.
But I don’t care, I’m putting it in this one
because I love it so much and I consistently get emails,
people message me, like DMon Instagram saying,

“What was the thing?
“‘Cause I don’t know, I want to order it.”
And so people love this, so it is this blanket.
Oh my goodness, so this comes in many colors.
You don’t have to get this color
but I personally think this color is just beautiful.
It’s so warm and inviting.
It’s like a kind of natural color.
It will look so good in so many homes and decor areas
but obviously, you could get gray and beige and purple.
It’s just super-soft, you can’t beat the price.
I love the tassel, and the texture of it.
It’s warm, it’s cozy, buttery, and soft.
Highly recommend it if you’re a blanket lover like me.
And then these bath towels, oh guys.
These bath towels, I love them.

Cool things

They are bath towels like no other bath towels.
They are like a microfiber material
kind of like a blanket material.
They are so soft.
They just suck the moisture right off your skin
but so much softer on your skin at the same time.
Like it’s so cuddly and they’re beautiful.
They also have a little hook thing on the side.
So you can like to hang them up easily.
You don’t have to use it, you can just hang it up normally.
But still, if you are interested in some new bath towels,
order these, they’re like (maybe change when you buy) for two.
Test them out, I’m telling you, you’re gonna order more.
So that is everything, I hope you enjoyed this article.
I had a lot of fun filming it.
I’ll have everything linked
down below.
Consider giving it a thumbs up,


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