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– Well, hello everyone.
I am so excited about this article
because it’s another “AmazonMost Loved Items” article
but this one completely focused on home.
So we’ve got home decor, home organization,
and just a lot of good things for your house.
And they’re all completely top-rated, really good reviews.
And I’ll have it all linked down below.

25 Amazon Home improvement

if you happen to be interested in anything.
This isn’t sponsored by Amazon, okay?
I’m ordering things and testing things a lot.
So, let’s just jump into the very first thing
which has to do with my bed,
because I don’t know about you,
it might just be me,
but I’ve recently gotten really into
kind of decorating my bedroom.
Kind of like making my bed a decor piece
in my master bedroom.

So, I have been loving these Euro pillows.
You guys might already have Euro pillows.
It’s what you see in hotels.
I just want my bed to look like a hotel.
So, consider these Euro pillows.
I bought the actual pillow size, the 26 by 26.
And then I also purchased some pillow covers.
You can get them in many, many colors.
I just went with white.

My bed is kind of going through a white theme right now.
But they are so affordable.
The quality’s great.
Everyone loves them.
We have a King size bed so I did go with three.
If you have a smaller bed, you could get away with two
but still, it’s like instant magic to your bed.
Next up, we have this marble serving tray
which you don’t have to use it to like serve food,
although you could do that.

Amazon home decor

I actually use it to decorate with,
and I think it’s great on coffee tables and Ottomans.
you could put this on a shelf.
And there’s just something about containing things.
You could put this in a bathroom.
But anyway we put it on our ottoman
and we kind of put like remotes,
we’ll put like a coffee table, book, a vase.

There’s something about putting things
in like a contained space that just makes it look stylish.
It’s like a weird little hack
and it really doesn’t make any sense, but I love this.
It does come in other colors and patterns
but I’m partial to marble.
Okay, so continuing on with a marble pattern.
Now, these things do come in other colors
if it’s not your thing.

But I’ve been loving this coaster set.
It’s super inexpensive.
But it’s actually, it is lightweight.
It’s kind of like a faux leather material.
I have another set that I actually just got rid of
because it was ceramic.
It just was clangy
and like, I just felt like
I was gonna break it all the time and scratch things.
So, this is very lightweight.

Amazon wall decoration

I love the pattern and I keep one in my living room
on the side table and then also on my nightstand.
And then I also picked up these jewelry trays
which are again, arein that marble pattern.
And I think these just look so expensive
even though they’re totally not.
They are accented with this really nice gold detail
around the edges.
And I just lay my jewelry in it.

I keep them in my bathroom usually.
You can also put this by the sink,
maybe in the kitchen,
if you’re doing dishes
and want to take off your jewelry.
It’d also be great on a shelf.
It would be great on a nightstand.
The possibilities are endless
but they’re just so pretty.

Amazon home products

I also suggest maybe getting some coffee table books.
You probably saw that in the footage, I think maybe.
You’ll see this coming up soon as well,
but these are my newest coffee table books,
and they’re just so pretty.
But also they really do give you lots of inspiration.
So the first one, which is more on the smaller side

this is called “How to Make A House .”
And there’s actually practical design advice in here.
And it’s very just like,”do this, do this, do this.”
So not only does it actually just look nice on a shelf,
but you can actually reference it and learn some things.
And then this, oh my gosh, these, I probably like even more.
This one is called “Live Beautiful”,
and this one is called “Made For Living.”
And they’re just beautiful hardcover books.

Home decor items on amazon

They were not too expensive at all.
And again, the inspiration and color photos like
Oh my gosh, it’s seriously stunning.
But they just literally look nice in your home.
Like “Made For Living”,”Life Is Beautiful”.
Ah, I just love them.
So in that footage
you may have seen these three miniature vases,
I’ll call them.
And I just love them so much.

I feel like they’re the perfect height for a lot of options.
Like they could be ona table, like on books,
it could be on shelving.
They’re just great.
And they look really expensive,
even though, again, they’re not.
They’re a little bit weathered they’re like light beige,
but nothing crazy.
And that leads me to these stems, like these flower stems
which I ordered and I’m like hit or miss with faux flowers.
Sometimes I think they just look really freaking fake.
And the other times I just think they look really cute.
So, these I really, really like
and they come in a lot of colors.

Amazon home furniture

I just went with cream just to be kind of neutral
but they also have like light pink
and light purple, some pastels.
And they’re beautiful.
So I can use these in different areas
because they do come with quite a few stems.
But even here, I think it’s just really cute to add
like three of them to like the middle vase.
And I just…
Oh my gosh, like look at that.
It just looks, it looks so nice.

Oh, and since we just talked about these faux flower stems,
I want to quickly talk about the pompous grass
which I’ve definitely put in other articles before
but it seems to be very intriguing to people
because I get asked about it a lot
and it’s definitely one of my favorites
like home decor pieces in my house.
So it’s just from Amazon.
I think people think I order it from like a boutique
or like a specialty store nearby,
and no, it’s just from Amazon.
They usually come in a pack of three or four
so I will link them for you.

So let’s get into some real plants
which I don’t order real plants from Amazon
but I do order my plant stands from there.
So you’re seeing one here.
It’s kind of just a light wicker material.
I just really like it.
And every time I walk by
like in my living room, I appreciate it.
So, I thought I had mentioned that
I feel like a lot of people are kind of getting into,
having some real plants in their home
and bringing oxygen and fresh air into their house.
Now let’s talk about just some throw pillows.
I think I mentioned this in another article,
a four-pack of just like,

Best amazon home decor

neutral black and white and cognac brown pillow covers.
So I love these,
but I have since actually ordered,
just the camel color.
Like, I don’t know what it is about this color.
I mean, I wear it with shoes and clothes and bags.
Like I love this color.
And so I loved it so much
I decided to just order like four of them
in a pillow cover casing.
And this one is just so soft,
there is just…

I feel like the color compliments every other color.
I think that’s why I love it so much.
But yeah, this is really, really high quality.
It comes in a two-pack, but I ordered four.
Now let’s get into some Lazy Susans,
I feel like we all need some lazy Susans in our life.
And I have shared this one before,
but it’s just one of my favorite things
I’ve never purchased on Amazon.
It’s so pretty with the products.
So I did bring it up here again,

but you’re seeing what it really looks like in my bathroom.
And we buy all these makeup and beauty products
that have like nice packaging
and this is like a way to display it all
and then actually use it ’cause you see it.
It’s so nice. This thing is so nice.
So much better than the clear versions
that to me kind of look inexpensive.
So, anyway, love this, highly recommend this.
You could also use it in your kitchen
for spices or something.

Best amazon home products

But that does lead me to a clear version,
which I personally think is great
for kind of hiding in cabinetry.
Maybe under your kitchen sink with your cleaning products
or it could be in your kitchen for spices.
It could be literally for anything
but this one is just really well-priced.
It is clear.
There is a little containing section,
you can like leave-in or out.
But yeah, I feel like this just makes your life
a lot more organized and a lot easier.
So in that footage, you probably saw this cleaning product,
which is Folex. And I’m just putting this in the article

because this is a home essential.
If you haven’t tried Folex before,
you need to order it.
It even says, “40 years of success.”
Like it’s legit,
just like the best stain removing product I’ve ever tried.
So we do have a white couch.
It has held up pretty darn good.
But if I get any stain anywhere on the carpet, couch,
like this just gets it out pretty much instantly.
Yeah, instant carpet spot remover.
So anyway, I get mine on Amazon
and just thought I’d mention it.
Oh my gosh, and speaking of making your life just easier,
less cluttered,

Best Home Decor on amazon

I didn’t know I needed this.
“And what is it?” You ask.
It’s collapsible laundry baskets. Life-changing.
Laundry baskets they’re just…They’re freaking massive.
They’re just massive.
They take up so much space when you’re not using them,
they’re taking up space.
So I love these.
Comes with two of them.

You can get them in a lot of color combinations
but you’ll see me here in the article popping this in and out
or like collapsing them essentially.
And when you’re done, you can just slide them into,
like beside your washing machine
or maybe like in a drawer,
like they just take…
They’re little and confined.
And then when you need them, let’s see if I can do it.
You just pop it out.

Amazon living room decor

And then boom, it’s like a full-size laundry basket.
Oh, and if you’re wondering where I got this dress,
it’s from Amazon too.
And again, another home or on the go product
that will make your life easier.
So this is a Bluetooth keyboard.
Comes in black and like just other colors.
I just went with the cutesy pink color,
but this is a high-quality Bluetooth keyboard
that is great for your phone or your iPad.
And you might be wondering why that’s beneficial
but at least for me,

like I do a lot of emails on my phone,
typing up documents, that kind of thing,
and it’s just really annoying.
It’s really annoying to just be like typing on my phone
or even an iPad.
So I just connect this via Bluetooth,
and then I can respond to emails on my phone.
It’s also compact and sturdy
that I can just throw it in my bag.
And if I’m sitting at a doctor’s office or waiting in my car
I can kind of like working on things really quickly and easily.
And it’s just so much more productive this way.

Amazon home improvement

And I also want to say this is so much better
than those flimsy, dinky,iPad, wireless keyboards
that people buy and attached to their iPads.
Those are just so not great, I’ve had them
and this is so much better.
So since we are finally getting back into traveling,
I wanted to share this travel toiletry bag
which just blows all of the other ones that I have
out of the water.
Is that right? Yeah.
The other ones are just smaller.

This is still a good size
but it holds way more than you would expect,
and I will show you.
So, it comes in a lot of colors
but the zippers are super smooth, you like just opening it up.
And then it like expands like, Oh my it expands.
And it holds full-size products.
Obviously, if you’re traveling
maybe you don’t want to take full-sized products
but you can put whatever you want in here.
It could be your makeup,

Amazon home brands

your shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush…
Like literally just all of your toiletry things.
And then there’s a hook here
and you can just hang it like on the back of a door,
like in the hotel room.
Like wherever you just hang it up
and then you have like…
You see everything, like full access to everything.
It contains it.
It’s wipeable.
It’s just is so…

I don’t know. I just really, really like it.
So anyway, then you just fold it back up.
Boom. It’s nice and compact and square,
so it’s going to fit into your suitcase really well.
And then there is like a little outer compartment as well.
Next, we have another box to contain things.
I bought this bamboo box
to put on the back of my toilet seat in my bathroom,
and I got a lot of questions on Instagram.
So I thought I would share it.

Amazon best sellers

It’s just a really pretty wooden box.
So it doesn’t have to go on the toilet,
you could put it in other places.
But then this one fits like toilet paper really nicely.
And then I just have this faux plant.
I’ll show you the plants in a second,
it comes in a pack of three.
But I thought I would just share this.
It’s just another decor piece in my house
that I really like.
And then these are the three faux plants
that I was talking about.

I don’t know what…
These are like Amazon’s choices.
They’re like, best-selling on Amazon
like a lot of these things, that’s the point of the article.
But yeah, everyone loves these
and I think they look really nice.
I kind of even like
the vase that they’re in.
And I just scatter them
like this one’s in the bathroom.
This one is, where is this one?
I think it’s just in my kitchen.

Bestseller on amazon

Yeah, it’s in the kitchen on that one shelf.
It doesn’t even matter. They’re just cute.
And I like ’em.
Oh my gosh, so I am so excited about this next thing.
I feel like you guys will be too.
Everyone needs this.
It just makes your life easier.
It’s a dishwasher sign.
And it tells your family and yourself
if the dishes are in fact clean or dirty.
And then…

Oh my gosh, I just really, really like it.
It is magnetic. You just stick it on.
It also comes with adhesives
in case your dishwasher isn’t magnetic.
But yeah, it really is incredibly helpful.
So while we’re in the kitchen,
I wanted to briefly touch upon this French press,
French coffee press,
that was such a hit the last time.
I can’t even tell you
how many people have purchased this from Amazon
and are thrilled with it.

Bestsellers amazon

So if you’re a coffee-lover,
definitely recommend this.
It’s cool looking.
Like I love the way it looks
but it also makes fabulous coffee.
So, definitely recommend this.
But that leads me to what I really wanted to talk about
which is this glass tea kettle or teapot.
So if you are a tea lover,

you probably already do like loose leaf tea
or maybe you haven’t tried loose leaf tea
because it is kind of complicated.
This just is nice.
I love it ’cause I am a huge tea fan, especially at night.
And you just put the loose leaf tea
in this like metal canister
and then have the hot water in there
and you let it steam for three to five minutes,
depending on what you are making.

Amazon home brands best sellers

And then boom, you have like a whole kettle of tea.
And I feel like with the bags,
it just, first of all, doesn’t taste as good
but then also you get like one cup.
This you can like just use it all night.
It’s just so nice.
I just really like it.
And it’s super pretty.
And since we’re talking about tea and coffee,
let’s not forget about this milk frother,

which I have had for quite some time.
I don’t know if I’ve ever shared it before.
Maybe you guys already even have this
because it is again, very popular,
but it froths milk instantly.
And oh my goodness, it’s like magic.
Like I was shocked the first time I used this.
So you’ve probably seen me do it.
It literally likes triples or quadruples
the frothiness of the milk
and you can pour it into your coffee, tea, whatever,
but this works amazing.

Cool things to buy on amazon

And then two other kitchen gadgets
that I recently picked up that has just been really nice,
are our can opener,
has been like bad and it’s big and bulky,
and it like half the time doesn’t work.
So I picked up this very compact can opener.
It attaches to the can, it spins.
It actually kind of cuts the side of the can
rather than the top.
So it’s really easy.

It’s so much smaller and yeah, it’s just way better.
So if you’re in the…
Maybe yours is really old,
this is super cheap but awesome.
And then here is a measuring spoon.
We have so many measuring spoons.
Like two were lost which is why I ended up ordering this.
But this is so much better
because you just shift this little tab here
to get whatever measuring amount you want.
And then basically,

Humble Request

it just eliminates all of the extra spoons
that kind of is supposed to be together.
This is just everything in one.
Okay, so that is everything.
That is all of the homesites and home decor
and products and organizations that everyone loves.
I think you will too.
I’ll have it all linked down below.
If you enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up,
consider like and sharing,
and I will see you very soon.


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