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15 BEST Amazon Jeans & Bottoms that I have found!! All are highly top-rated & best-selling pieces…everything is available with Amazon Prime shipping too! I order A LOT from Amazon, so I thought putting together an Amazon ULTIMATE SHOPPING GUIDE in various categories might be helpful!! Everything is linked below according to the number listed.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my website.
Today I am continuing on with my Amazon series
of the best of the best in whatever category.
It was the 25 best Amazon sweaters and tops,
and you guys loved it.
Check it out, I featured, I mean, this was one of them.
This is like the best cozy cardigan in the world.
But today I am featuring the bottoms.

Amazon Jeans & Bottoms

So anything that you could put on the bottom half
of your body, I will be sharing.
And we have several categories.
We’ve got casual, we have dressy, we’ve got denim
and everything that will be linked down below corresponding
with the number that I have on the screen
and when I’m trying it on for you guys.
So this really is like a shopping guide.
This is not sponsored.

.Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)
1. Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)

I do go live with Amazon kind of on a weekly basis
so I’m constantly getting in new pieces.
There are things that I love, there are things that I hate,
but you know, Amazon is very overwhelming,
but you can really find some amazing things.
And so I just want to like dwindle things down
and kind of help you guys out a little bit,
but without further ado let’s get started.

.Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)
.Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)

Okay, so I wanted to start with these super cute joggers.
They’re actually a more recent purchase,
but they’ve quickly become one of my favorites.
I first wanna point out how incredibly soft they are.
They are so, so soft and they’re extremely flattering.
And like I said, just really comfortable.

Jean bell bottoms

I love how loose and stretchy they are
and they actually come up ab it higher on your stomach
and that way you can kind of wear them with cute tank tops
like the one I’m wearing.
Also that one is from Amazon,
which I can also link down below.

Polo Sweatpants
Polo Sweatpants

This is more of a classic pair of sweatpants, but again,
I am super impressed with the quality and the price
and the inside is especially soft
and I really like the graphic print down the leg.
These are very, very popular.

Leggings (S)
Leggings (S)

They are best-selling so they do go in and out of stock,
but there are tons of colors to choose from.
And then who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings?
And you know, I’m definitely a lover of the Zella leggings.
I’m always recommending that in my articles.
I get them at Nordstrom,
but everyone kept talking about this particular pair
of Amazon brand leggings.

Leggings (S)
Leggings (S)

Apple bottom jean

I think they’re called Core 10
and they’re half the price of Zella leggings.
And honestly, I think they’re just as good.
They have so many colors to choose from.
I already have so many black though,
so I went with this burgundy maroon color,
which is perfect for fall.
I think a nice gray color would be great too,
but I highly recommend these.

Biker Shorts (S)
Biker Shorts (S)

So next we have biker shorts and I was so torn
about this trend for the longest time.
But then once I gave them a try, there’s no going back.
Seriously, just give them a try.
Who cares if they’re popular or stylish or in or out,
it does not matter.
It’s just they’re so comfortable
and I think they’re perfect for around the house.

Biker Shorts
Biker Shorts
Nike cargo pant

I love pairing them with like big oversized sweatshirts.
I love the pocket along the side for your cell phone
and I think they’re great to exercise or workout in
and you can’t beat the price either.
You can even get a two-pack if you want
with like different colors.
So I went with black and gray,
but there are other color combos as well.

Leopard Shorts
Leopard Shorts

These leopard shorts were definitely an unexpected find
and I think they’re just so cute and they can be worn
in so many ways.
Obviously, they can be casual.
You know, I put them in this category
and wear them around the house
or you can really dress them up with like a black blouse
or some cute sandals or heels.

Leopard Shorts
Leopard Shorts
Wrangler bell bottoms

So you know, I also love the leopard print,
which I’m just like really picky about my leopard prints,
but this particular color and design just look perfect.
Alrighty, so we’re moving on to denim or jeans
and we’re obviously going to talk about
my favorite Levi jeans.
And if you’ve been following me for a while,
these next few will come as no surprise

 Levi Ribcage Jeans
Levi Ribcage Jeans

because they really are the best,
most classic pair of jeans that you can buy.
They are cult favorites, as they say.
So first up we have the Levi rib cage jeans,
and I love this style so much.
I have them in so many washes,
but basically, they are very high-waisted.
Hence the rib cage name.

 Levi Ribcage Jeans
Levi Ribcage Jeans

Plus size bell bottoms

They kind of come up to your rib cage,
but they’re also like a straight leg cut down your leg,
stopping right at the ankle and they are perfection.
Next, we have the Leviwedgie icon-fit jeans.
And again, as the name suggests, these are iconic jeans.
I’m not exactly sure why they went with wedgie
for a name because I promise you,

Levi Wedgie Icon Jeans
Levi Wedgie Icon Jeans

you will not get a wedgie, but they are still high wasted.
Just not nearly as high-waisted as the rib cage version,
but they are a classic fit.
They’re another pair that you’ll constantly be reaching for.
They look good with like literally any top or shoe.
I do wanna mention that there are so many colors
and washes to these jeans as well.
And you can just pick your favorite
or whatever’s missing in your closet.

Levi Wedgie Icon Jeans
Levi Wedgie Icon Jeans

The last pair of Levi jeans I wanted to share
are the Levi 311 shaping skinny jeans.
And these are a great option for any skinny jean lover.
I think they’re so flattering because they are actually
designed to slim your tummy and contour your curves,
like right around your thighs.
They’re called the shaping skinny jeans for a reason.
So I think they also lengthen your legs, which I love.
And then like the other pairs,

Levi Shaping Skinny Jeans
Levi Shaping Skinny Jeans

Free people bell bottoms

there are so many color sand washes to choose from.
And by the way, all Levi jeans fit true to size for me.
I know we talked a lot about classic Levi jeans,
but I also wanted to share a favorite pair of Levi shorts.
So these are the 501 high-rise shorts.
It’s actually one of their signature pairs.
It’s kind of the all American short style as they say,
and they are fitted through the hip and the thigh.
So they are short, but they’re not too short.
So they’re really comfortable.

Levi Shaping Skinny Jeans
Levi Shaping Skinny Jeans

They come down at just the right length
to make my legs look long and lean.
I feel like they make my thighs look really good
and this particular color is called lunar black.
The last pair of jeans I wanted to share
is totally different, but I love the way they look and fit.
And they’re actually jogger-style jeans with a drawstring.
So they have a super soft denim material.
And I especially love this style with like a good pair
of heels and like a dressier top,
or maybe an oversized sweater.
I feel like they’re just a perfect mix
of comfy, chic, and style.

Levi 501 Shorts
Levi 501 Shorts

High waisted bell bottom

Now we’re moving on to the dressy category
and there are just so many different types of bottoms
that I want to share with you.
I’m starting with my all-time favorite skirt.
You guys need this skirt, it’s seriously the best.
It is so flattering, it comes in so many colors.
I ordered this light coffee color
and wore it to my brother-in-law’s wedding a few weeks ago
and I got so many compliments.
Everyone was asking where it was from
and it was just funny that it was just from Amazon
and it was 20 bucks.

Levi 501 Shorts
Levi 501 Shorts

So of course I have it paired here
with my favorite lace Cammie, it’s also from Amazon.
I think it’s a perfect combo
and I can link that down below as well.
These next pants are like the paper bag pants style.
They’re best-selling on Amazon, which is what drew me in.
And I’ve actually had them for almost two years now
and I used to wear them all the time to my office job.
This is also called a coffee color, but they are,
like I said, very bestselling.

Baggy Jogger Jeans
Baggy Jogger Jeans
Girls bell bottoms

So now they have over 3different colors to choose from.
I feel like I should maybe order another pair.
I love the bow detail, I feel like it’s a really nice touch,
but it allows you to also have a really good fit
around your waist.
So I think this looks best with, you know,
a nice pretty blouse kind of tucked in.
And if you throw on a pair of heels or flats,
you’re good to go.
And oh my goodness, I love these Palazzo pants too.

Skirt (S)

They are obviously very flowy, but very versatile.
So some people like to wear these very dressy,
which is why I put them in this category,
but you can also wear them
as just like comfy lounge pants too.
So I wanted to point out that they’re actually
one size fits all, which kind of sounds weird, maybe crazy,
but they’re actually very stretchy and adjustable.
I also really like the texture.

White bell bottom

I think it’s so pretty and they’re under (?) bucks.
In this category, I also wanted to feature, you know,
a classic wearable pair of dress pants.
And I know some of us aren’t going into the workplace
as much as we used to, but you know, some still are.
And I feel like everyone just needs
a good pair of dress pants.
So this pair is fantastic, it has almost five-star reviews,
so many, so many good reviews.
It’s under (?) and it’s a great fit.

Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)
vBow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)

They’re not skin tight, but they are slimming down the leg
and you can easily wear flats with them, which I love.
So many dress pants dragons the floor all the time.
And you can also dress them up with heels.
I love this charcoal gray color,
but of course, you could order black
and that would be a great option too.
Alrighty, so we are ending with a bang
with this flashy sequin skirt, but you know,

Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)
Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)

Women’s bell bottom

I guess I just really like the skirt because I do think
it’s noticeable, but it’s not over the top, like at all.
It’s just another piece that can actually look
really professional depending on what top you wear with it,
or it’s great for an evening or night out as well.
Like it’s just a versatile skirt.

Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)
Bow-Tie Dress Pants (XS)

The sequins are different in the fact
that they do reflect the light, but they’re somewhat matted.
So it’s not completely shining in your face
like a disco ball.
I do really like how it’s stretchy.
It fits really well and I totally realize
that it might not be for everyone,
but I still think it’s a great addition to your wardrobe.
So that does it for this article.

Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants
Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants

I will have everything linked down below corresponding
to the number that you saw on the screen.
And I will also create a playlist featuring all of my Amazon
best of the best articles so that every thing is in one place.
So thank you again for Reading
and I’ll see you very soon in my next one, bye!

Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants
Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants


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Dress Pants (Size 0)
Dress Pants (Size 0)
Dress Pants (Size 0)
Sequin Skirt (S)
Sequin Skirt (S)
Sequin Skirt (S)
Sequin Skirt (S)

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