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13 New Amazon Products You Need In Your Life. Amazon has announced 13 new products during the launch event in 2021. best home products for daily life use.

– Well, hello everyone.
Today I’m sharing mind-blowing products
that will blow your mind.
I’m very excited about this article.
None of it is sponsored,
these are just really cool
and innovative items that I’ve been loving,
and I thought I’d share them with you.
So, I’ll have everything linked down below

13 New Amazon Products

let’s get started with the first item.
It’s small but mighty.
It is this really cool bag re-sealer.
It’s so cool, like, I really like it.
So, anyway, it comes with this little hook that’s removable,
but it’s really handy, you just like,
hang it up in your pantry or maybe in a drawer
in your kitchen, whatever.
But it’s for all of those unused bags of chips, or pretzels,
or just snacks that we have,
and rather than finding a clip,
or maybe just like rolling up the bag,
which is usually what we all do
and then the snacks go stale,
this you can just grab and there are two ends to it.

The one end is this little heating element
and you just pinch it together
for like five seconds to heat it up,
and then you take the end
and you literally just swipe it across the top of
the snack bag and it completely reseal the bag.
It’s amazing.
And then, when you want to go you know,
eat the chips or the pretzels later,
you just open the baglike you normally would
and everything is super fresh.
At the other end of this little handy dandy machine
is a little like, a slicer.

So, if you do want to slice the bag open
you can do that too.
I don’t actually use that, that much,
but I mean, it’s definitely an option.
And then, this little handy hook,
you can just hang it back up.
I love it.

Best Amazon Room decor

Next because we have the boxing legend.
Let me tell you, it is legendary.
It’s really cool, so,
it is something you may have seen in department stores.
So, a lot of department store employees actually
use this thing to help with folding clothes
because not only does it save time,
it makes those clothes look so nice folded,
I mean, it’s like, aesthetically a dream.
So, it’s really, really affordable.
It was very cheap, it’s very compact too,
and you just open it all up and it’s really easy,
I’m telling you, maybe it seems overwhelming,
I’m telling you guys,

there are different methods in the instruction guide.
It’s just like, four steps.
Boom, boom, boom, you’re done.
But, you just basically layout the shirt face down
and then fold up the bottom,
you flip, flip, flip, and boom,
you have a beautifully folded shirt
that just looks so flat and so nice.
It looks great when you stack everything together.
You can also use pants and trousers with this.
You can use long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts,
it really works for everything.

Amazon Home improvement

And again, it just makes everything look so nice.
Next, we have the Aqua Notes,
which I’ve been saying about everything,
but this is so freaking cool.
So, this is a waterproof notepad
specifically made for your shower.
So, there are a few suction cups
on the back of the notepad and the pencil,
and the pencil easily writes on the paper
Again, waterproof, it can get wet and like,
who else comes up with their best ideas in the shower?
I mean, it happens to me all the time.
I also come up with things I need to do
like I make to-do lists with this thing.
Sometimes I’ll leave little notes for Josh
which I think is really cute.

I come up with so much inspiration in the shower.
That’s like, a total, like, that’s definitely a thing,
so I know I’m not the only one.
and I don’t know, I just really, really like this.
The next mind-blowing item is called Force of Nature.
Maybe you guys have heard of it before,
I hadn’t heard of it.
It is, you basically create a completely chemical-free,
fragrance-free, very, very healthy cleaning solution.
Like a multi-purpose cleaning disinfectant,
deodorizing like, it’s so safe.

Amazon Home Brands

All it’s made from is water, salt, and a kind of vinegar.
But it electrolyzes the solution
and it creates the cleaner for you.
And, you can use it on pets, kids, or any surface.
Like, a lot of times I like to use vinegar
which is really healthy, but it,
you can’t use that on certain stones,
and you kind of have to be careful because over time
you know you know all the things.

And then, like, regular cleaning products
are just really unhealthy.
So anyway, this has been so cool.
You just fill it up to the fill line, you plug it in,
you put one capsule of this like, salt vinegar solution
in there, and then it’s, I think you hit the button,
and then like, in nine minutes
it electrolyzes the whole thing,
you pour it directly into this spray bottle,
and you’re good to go.
Like, it’s so cool.

Amazon best sellers

So, I did reach out to them saying
I was going to do this article.
Again, this is not sponsored at all
but they gave me a code it’s SHEA40
and you’ll actually save40% on one of the bundles,
I think they have different bundle options?
So, that’s 40% off is like, a lot,
and I think it’s already very well-priced.
So, I’ll have them linked down below, again, not sponsored,
but I’ve really been liking it.
Next, we have this oil-absorbing
volcanic rock
roller for your face.

This is really great for me because I’m very, very oily.
I love how small this is, it’s actually by Revlon.
It’s under (price maybe change when you buy).
but it has this volcanic rock that’s like, you know,
probably sanded, and it’s very round,
and you can just go over your face.
You can keep it in your bag, or your purse,
you could also have one may be on your vanity,
and you just literally go over,
like I love doing it on my T-zone especially,
and it immediately absorbs all of the oil on your face.
It doesn’t mess up your makeup at all,
and it is washable.

Cool things to buy at Amazon

Like, I kind of go quite a while without washing it.
But if I notice it’s, you know,
probably sucked up a lot of oils,
or like you see some makeup residue, you just wash it off.
And, as I said, it’s reusable, but it works so well,
and it’s, I don’t know,
it’s just really cool.
Another beauty product that is so interesting,
and I was very skeptical about this because this is only (price maybe change when you buy)
on Amazon, but I had so many good reviews.
So I decided to give it a try.

It’s called the marshmallow whip maker.
But what you do is actually squirt
in your favorite facewash or a body wash and
like a small like little like pea-size amount.
And then you put some water in there just to the fill line
not too much water at all.
And then you pump this for, I don’t know,
like 10 seconds or so until it creates a
very smooth rich foam consistency.
And it’s so incredibly luxurious.

Amazon bestselling

So just a little bit
of your favorite cleanser goes such a long way
and you literally create like this most decadent
like face wash or body wash.
And it’s just so it’s so nice.
So I don’t use this every day or anything.
It’s more of just like a little treat
that I’ll do to myself
maybe like once a week on Sundays.
I like to kind of have like a little, you know
a facial thing happening, but yeah
for seven bucks totally worth it.
Okay. So I just finished filming this article.

but I had a secret little sneaky idea
for a giveaway for you guys.
Since some of, these things are from Amazon.
I thought I could do a giveaway over on my Instagram.
It’s just easy to communicate over there, like DMS.
So go follow me on Instagram, like this photo comment on it you’ll be entered into winning a $100 Amazon gift card
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Keep it hush on my Instagram though
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You guys reading this article.
So I don’t know.
I just love little secret fun giveaways.
Next up. We have a zipper polar.
Which ugh, again, mindblowing, so convenient.
I really needed this a long time ago.
Again, this is such a, you know, well priced,
a very affordable item that I feel like
every woman should have in her closet,
in her little stash of necessities.

All you do is just clip the zipper
in the back, like say, you’re trying to zip up
the back of your dress or whatever,
you just clip on the back.
And then this is such a nice long handle.
You just reached down below, pull up, and boom, you are good.
Yay! Next. We’re going to move on to a couple of things
in the kitchen, which this cereal dispenser is next.
And guys, I ordered this kind of on a whim.
I did not expect to love it as much as I do.
Oh my goodness.
It is so nice.
So it does come in other colors.
I got white.

Kitchen Products Reviews

I feel like it’s just nice for my kitchen.
I actually keep it in
the one pantry where we usually keep our cereal
and my kids are cereal obsessed.
But I do try to buy low-sugar, healthy cereal.
And what’s weird,
my kids, my kids are weird.
Like they like to mix their cereals.
And I, I kind of like have the higher sugar healthy version,
or then I have like the kind that has zero sugar at all.
And they kind of like to layer the cereals
in this dispenser.

Like one is Paxton’s and one is Hayes
and they can go in and it’s kind of like, you’re at a hotel.
You put the bowl underneath, you like turn the little handle
and then it comes out and they can get their own cereal.
It displays everything really nice.
It actually holds way more than I was thinking.
Like when I first saw the dispenser size,
I was like is that even going to hold that much?
It holds multiple boxes of cereal.
And obviously, you can, you know, put
one on one side and other cereal on the other side.
But again, my kids love mixing theirs.

Cool things to buy

But we’ve just loved this so much.
Next, we have these usable silicone lids.
I am not a kitchen person okay.
This stuff does not excite me ever.
But for some reason, I’ve really been liking these.
They’re really useful.
I think you should consider them
if you don’t have something like this already.
So it’s handy when you are just making anything
maybe in a bowl, a casserole dish
like a big mixer bowl, like whatever.

There are so many different sizes to these
and they stretch so well that you don’t even have to like
really think about what size you’re grabbing.
You just grab it, and stretch it over top.
It’s really hard.
So you can like stack them in your refrigerator.
And then when you’re ready to get out
whatever you want to, you know, actually eat or use,
you just open it up, you can kind of rinse these off
and then throw it back in your cabinet.
I can’t stand the plastic wrap it’s,
you have to keep buying it,

13 New Amazon Products

and it doesn’t even work that well.
But these have been great.
The last kitchen item,
and then we’re moving on to completely different things,
is this a knife sharpener?
This is only (price maybe change when you buy) on Amazon.
It has like 52,000, five-star reviews.
Like this is awesome.
And I feel like everyone needs it
because we all have knives.

And so many of us never take the time
to actually sharpen them.
And this is like a really
just nice thing to have in the drawer.
It’s very small too.
And it’s really grippy.
You just put it on your kitchen counter.
Again it grips it really well.
And there are two different sharpening sides.
One for more fine, and one for more course.

Amazon Product

So this does work for straight edge blades and
serrated blaze as well.
And it just refreshes, sharpens, your knives.
And when you use your knives
you’ll just be enjoying the process much more.
Oh, and you’re probably wondering what the heck this is
that was sitting behind me.
So this is actually a neck pillow.
It’s under (price maybe change when you buy).
I ended up only ordering it because
one of my friends really loved it, and was raving about it.
And Josh does struggle with neck and back issues.
You actually only use this for 10 minutes a day.
So it’s not something that you’re gonna like actually
sleep with through the night or anything.

This is only a 10-minute, a-day thing.
You can do it on the bed, you can do it on the floor.
But just the way that it’s angled
and the different pressure points
you just lay your head down on it
and it really stretches out
the neck muscles, and the, the vertebrae, like the bow.
Please don’t really know how it works.
I don’t know, but even when I do it and I lay down,
I can tell that it’s really stretching things out nicely.
And then over time
it kinda like realigns things.

Bestseller on Amazon Product list

It kind of just puts your, your neck
and your, your upper back kind of more
in the place that it’s supposed to be.
I know from sitting in front of the computer
just with gravity, the compression, you know
our neck is often a little bit
out of line and this really helps with that.
The next item, again, is mind-blowing.
I feel like everyone should go out and get this.
It’s only (price maybe change when you buy) but comes with 200 pieces.
And you might be wondering what it is.
Oh, is it candy?

No, it’s not candy.
I don’t eat candy, but it’s compressed towels.
Yes. So this is awesome for really anybody.
It’s great for traveling.
It’s also great for moms with kids.
I actually just keep some indifferent bags that I have.
Again, it’s also really, really nice for traveling.
But all you do is just open the little,
you know tiny little package and then you just get it wet
and it immediately expands into a nice sized towel
which you can use for washing your face,
washing your hands, refreshing yourself.

Office or Bedroom

But again, especially with kids, oh my gosh, this is awesome
with like the dirty lil’ hands and the face and whatnot.
But again, traveling it’s also really nice for that.
I just can’t believe it comes with 200 of them for only (the price maybe change when you buy).
Also, it is hypoallergenic and biodegradable.
So speaking of traveling, I did end up buying this
to use when we travel,
but I do think a lot of people use this in their home
whether it be an office or a bedroom.

But as you can see, it is a power strip surge protector
but it’s retractable with the cord.
So it has a really nice long cord.
And then when you’re done with it
you can just wind it back up and it just retracts the cord.
And it’s really lightweight, fairly small.
So it is really nice to travel with,
especially when you’re in hotel rooms
there are not enough plugs everywhere.
But again, this would also be great to have in your home.
And it has really, really good reviews.

It has different plugs.
It has different USB ports,
and different charging ports as well, like for your phone.
So that is everything.
I really hope you enjoyed these mind-blowing products
that to me, you don’t see them every day
but I think they’re really useful.
So again, I’ll have everything linked down below,
consider liking and sharing.


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