10 TOP-RATED TOYS on AMAZON. Our list of the best kids’ toys includes top-selling and lab-tested toys that are safe and fun. These were handpicked by editors and parenting. in today’s article, I am sharing with you 10 TOP-RATED Best Amazon Toys. The kids and I tried and tested all of them and give you an honest review. This article is not sponsored I just love amazon and have a problem however disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Hi guys welcome back to my website
In today’s article, we’re going to be testing
out the top-rated abs in toys and games
for kids, I’ve seen a few articles like
this to do with Amazon fashion but I
haven’t seen anyone doing toys so I
thought it would be really fun because
there’s nothing worse when you order a
toy for your child and they have no
interest in it so it’s great to get
recommendations from friends but also to
read the reviews on websites are like

this so we’ve been testing them out
all week I have tended to show you and my
criteria were they had to be within the
Amazon department for toys and games and
they had to have thousands of
reviews and their overall rating had to
be between 4.5 stars and 5 stars so all
of these have really really high ratings
half of them I have heard about before
half of them we’ve never played with so
it’s been great discovering these so I’m
gonna share with you all of the
items that I’m going to show in this
the article will of course be linked down below so if you want to
go ahead and find them the links will be
down there so the first one is one that


I hadn’t actually heard about it before but
a lot of my friends have it’s called a
double it is pounds (price maybe change when you buy) it has 3500
reviews and the overall rating was 4.8
stars so really really high reviews and
having played it I can see why it was
brilliant it’s a great game for
observation for reflexes for
concentration as well we played it with
the boys you basically get a bunch of
cards within this tin you flip over two
of them and there are lots of different
symbols on the cards and on any two
given cards, there will be only one match
so you flip over a pair of cards and
your children have to shout out which
item is the match and the one who shouts
out the quickest will win so my children
loved that they were really

concentrating and like focused as well
and I also love the size of this game it
would be ideal for travel or to throw
into your handbag and take to a
restaurant with you if you wanted to try
and keep them occupied so yeah it was
really really good it lasted a very long
time so I would totally agree with the 5
star rating
next to it is a personal favorite of my
boys it is a Tomi hide and squeaks eggs
I’ve actually talked about these in
multiple different baby essential and
toy articles in the past all of my
children have really loved these Tomi

Squeak Eggs

hide and squeak eggs they are (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds to buy and out of
two thousand seven hundred and eighty
two reviews it had an overall rating of
4.7 stars so really really high up there
considering it’s got nearly three
thousand reviews I don’t know what it is
about these eggs but children just love
them if you ever go to a playgroup
you’ll see that kids will be like
gravitating to these eggs they squeak
they’re colorful they have faces on them
and they have shapes on them as well and
they’re just brilliant Jackson still
loves them even now that he’s
getting older as well he’s able to match

up the shape on the bottom of the egg to the
shape with an egg carton so he’s still
going strong with these so yes I would
completely recommend them I have in the
past we just love them so if anyone has
a baby these are great from like five
months and up they can literally as soon
as they’re sitting up they can sit up
and play with these the next game is one
I hadn’t played with the boys before
it’s called pop-up pirate and as soon as
Mac saw it he got really nostalgic
because he said that he actually played
this as a child and loved it it is nine
pounds (price maybe change when you buy) and out of 1734

Amazon Toys

reviews it has a four and a half star
rating so pretty high it’s really fun
and basically get a barrel and a little
pirate and your children have to put in
their colored sword until the pirate
pops up it’s quite like tense because
people are nervous that it’s going to
pop up on them and even Jackson was into
this he was playing it he’s only two
years old and the whole family played so
right from Jackson being to us as

well and we had a great time playing it
so yes I would totally agree we really
enjoyed it the next one is a butterfly
garden and we’ve actually done this a
few times before with the kids it’s not
really a toy and it’s not really a game
but it is something that is amazing to
do with your children and it will really
teach them about the life cycle from
going from a caterpillar

Amazon Toys for Boys

turning into a butterfly so it’s (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds for the kids and out of 2,000
reviews it has 4.5 stars and I would
also agree that it is an incredibly
fun thing to do and you can also reuse
it in the future so basically in the kit
you get a big mesh container and then
you also get a voucher to order baby
caterpillars from the insect lore
website so you go on you order your
caterpillars they arrive and you put
them in the mesh then your children can
watch them day by day over the course of
about two weeks they will make their
cocoons and then like stay in their
cocoons and then literally hatch out

into butterflies and then you can
release them into the garden you can
keep them for a couple of days and like
look at them and stuff and then you can
all release them and it’s all very
exciting for the kids you can name them
you can it’s really really fun so I
would totally recommend it the next top
rated game is a personal favorite of our
families and that is you know if you’ve
seen any of my holiday articles in the
past you’ve probably seen us playing uno
it had about a thousand reviews on the

Amazon Baby Toys

Amazon website and the average review
was 4.6 stars and yeah I would give it 5
stars we really loved it and Caleb he’s
5 he’s been playing it for about a year
it teaches them colors and numbers it is
like a classic card game simple to play
but mom dad like any age grandparents
they will all love it and everyone can
get involved get some a little
competitive as well and it’s that kind
of a game that we play at night like after
dinner we’ll get uno out and like all
play it together as a family and we
really love it and it is only (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds 48 the next top rated game is

Bananagrams let me know if you’ve ever
played this before because we hadn’t but
it is like my new favorite game we
haven’t stopped playing it since we got
it it’s basically Scrabble within a
banana so it’s like a little pencil case
and it has all the Scrabble tiles within
it but there are no points on the tiles
the aim of the games to get rid of all
of your letters first but you don’t need
a pencil to keep score you don’t need a
board to play it on you can play it
absolutely anywhere so I just love

Girls toys Amazon

so good for travel and you can just
chuck it into your bag or again if
you’re going to a restaurant you won’t
like to do you can chuck it in your bag
and also it was really teaching Fraser
so much I think your child would have to
be like six or seven and up they will
have to be able to spell some words but
when Fraser and I played it he was
learning so much we kept checking words
in the dictionary if I wrote a word that
he didn’t know the answer to like I
wrote the word tardy and he had to look
up in the dictionary what it meant and

it meant late so he was learning so much
and it was just really really fun and so
yeah it’s basically Scrabble in a banana
and we loved it and out of 2001 over
2000 reviews the average review was 4.8
stars so I would agree with that the
next top-rated toy that I wanted to show
you is the SOG diving sticks this is
perfect to show you as well with summer
on its way so out of over 600 reviews

Toys Amazon Uk

it has an average review of 4.9 stars so
really really highly rated and I can
agree with that we’ve had this before
and we’ve actually repurchased them as
well the boys love to put on their
goggles throw them in the swimming pool
and dive down and get them they’re
really brightly colored and they have a
hole in them so when they pull them out
the boys say they’re having a wee and
they think it’s really funny

so yeah the boys love them we also have
these in like the circle version as well
so yeah the next top-rated Amazon toy
that I wanted to show you is the LEGO
DUPLO Train Set Jackson already had this
and he’s always loved it it is (price maybe change when you buy)
and out of over 350 reviews, it had an
average review of 4.9 stars so really
highly rated and you can get this for
your children from like a year plus so
it’s good for the little ones as well
it’s really brightly colored it comes
with a few little people and a cat and
also, my son really likes that some of

Amazon gifts for 10 year girl

the LEGO pieces are cars I think you get
four little cars and you basically build
up the Train and then they can drag it
along and it’s just a great start to
introducing them to Lego anyway there
were a few orchard toys that were really
highly rated I’ve actually talked about
the shopping list game before on this
website but the shopping list game has
over a thousand reviews and an average
review of 4.8 stars and
my children love it as well and this one
did really well as well as called crazy

it has about 300 reviews and an average
review of four-point nine stars so we
love them because the kids basically
have to match what they have on their
board so they kind of have to make a
meal or complete their shopping list so
it’s a great way to use their
memory because they have to remember
where things get put down and find them
again and yeah we’ve just loved playing
them the next top-rated toy that I
wanted to show you is called pass the
pigs again a great one for travel or to

Handbag simple game

stick into your handbag and it’s a
really simple game you basically get
these two little pigs here and you have
to throw them like dice and then
depending on how they land you get
different points if they both land on
their back you get 20 points if one
lands on its feet so you get five points
and you kind of have to tally up all of
the scores it was really good the only
worry for me with this one is that you
might lose the little pigs and some of
the parts of the game like you can
basically, keep going if you want to take
the risk but then I’ll see you risk

losing all of your points and I don’t
know like Matt said I was being silly
but I was like it kind of feels a little
bit like gambling like you’re teaching
them to take these risks so I wasn’t
sure about this one like the kids loved
it kept them involved for so very
long like they really did enjoy it but
you needed like a pencil and a score
card and I dunno but lots of people
loved it


it had 832 reviews and the average
the review was 4.7 stars the next top rated
toy is monopoly I actually grew up
playing this and now I can play it with
the kids my two oldest ones are eight
and five and they really enjoy it and as
I was making this article I looked up when
was nothing made and he was made in 1903
and it’s still going so strong the
reviews on Amazon are really good out of
350 reviews the average rating was 4.8
stars so it’s still going really well
teaches them about money and property
and it’s just fun for everyone’s play so

I thought I would show you that one
right so there you have it that is what
our family thought of some of Alison’s
top rated toys there were lots of other
highly rated ones on there so
if you liked this article let me know by
giving a thumbs up or comment below and
I would be happy to order another ten in
and test them out the boys have so much
fun doing this and yeah I hope you found
it interesting all of these would make
great birthday presents and Ill see you
in my next one bye guys.


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